Short Hair Can Also Become A Fairy In Hanfu! Short Hair Soft Girl Look Over

Short hair can also become a fairy in Hanfu! Short hair soft girl look over

How to make ancient hairstyles with short hair, short hair can also become a little fairy in Hanfu! There are always little fairies asking how to take care of short hair in Hanfu. Today, the editor of Yier wigs will share with you a short hair hairstyle tutorial. Everyone knows that it is difficult to achieve short hair with only hair. Generally, it is achieved by braiding or braided hair. Of course, it is also very cute for skilled people to tie short hair into a small bun. Next, let’s learn about the short hair Hanfu hairstyle with the editor~ My favorite friends, please collect them~

Now Hanfu is very popular with short wigs and women’s short hair , even with all kinds of ancient hairstyles. What about girls with short hair wearing Hanfu? What ancient hairstyles are suitable for short hair? The most suitable ancient hairstyle for short hair is braided hair, followed by hair ties If you have short hair, you can only wear a wig.

Antique Headband Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair:

The short and medium hairstyle is indeed a bit difficult to tie, but the effect of tying it is also very good. This is a kind of short and medium hairstyle with two small rings. This hairstyle looks good and is very energetic. .

1. First, tie it step by step according to the method of the ancient hairstyle. First, comb the hair, and then tie the hair into two small ponytail hairstyles.

Then the two ponytail hairstyles are braided into beautiful ponytail hairstyles, so that two very beautiful ponytail hairstyles are formed. This is the second step of the ancient style hairstyle. At this time, we will You can style this antique hairstyle for short and medium hair.

2. At this time, we grab these two small braids and make a curved hair, so as to form a beautiful little wreath, so that we can wear ancient hairstyles, such ancient hairstyles look like a retro ‘s plate is released.

3. In order to make this short and medium hair style more beautiful, we also need to use some red things to decorate it. At this time, the hair we see is the most beautiful and best-looking ancient style hairstyle. classical.

Short hair ancient style braid tutorial:

Step 1: Comb your hair straight and then part it in the middle.

Step 2: Separate the hair before and after the ears to use. How to separate can be adjusted according to your face shape and the amount of hair, and then clip the hair behind the ears with clips.

Step 3: Braid the hair in front of the ears into a three-strand braid. Start braiding with a small section of hair on the top of the head, braid the hair next to it while braiding it down, and then use a rubber band to finish the end, leaving two small sections of hair in front to cover your face. The same is done on the other side.

Step 4: Divide the back hair into two equal parts. In the same way, weave the back hair into a big three-strand braid. Remember to put the small braid at the front into the big braid together, and then use a rubber band to end it. The thing to pay attention to here is not to let the short hair stick out. If it sticks out, it can be smoothed with gel water.

Step 5: Bend the ends of the hair inwards and secure in the large braid. Here you can use a U-shaped clip or a small steel clip to fix it. You can first clip the clip into the rubber band, then bend the big braid inward, and use the clip to clip into the hair close to the scalp. It’s the same for the left and right. For short hair, the ends of the hair are easy to come out. At this time, you can use some hair clips with flowers to decorate, so that you can hide the ends of the hair that come out.

Playful style: Girls with short and medium hair generally take the cute and playful style. Combing ancient hairstyles can also achieve a playful effect. Comb the short hair above the two ears, and coil it into a shape you like, then fix it, and a short hair style hairstyle is ready.

Some short-haired beauties have too short hair to be braided for wigs . Don’t worry, there are also ancient styles of short hair that you can do. That is, after combing the hair smoothly, part the hair in the middle, choose a good-looking antique hairpin, then pin one side of the hair behind the ear, and match your carefully selected antique hairpin above the ear to achieve it easily. Isn’t it easy? Go ahead and try it.

If you can, add a little bit of antique hair accessories, and the retro style will stand out even more. The second is to completely decorate with hair accessories, so as to achieve the effect of a retro antique hairstyle. First you fix all your hair behind your ears with clips, and then match with various hair accessories.

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