Several Different Fashion Bangs For Round, Square, Diamond-shaped Faces

Several different fashion bangs for round, square, diamond-shaped faces

If you want to improve your personal temperament, in addition to clothing and makeup, you can’t do without the additions to your hairstyle. And the importance of bangs to hairstyles may be known to everyone. Fake bangs and bangs can modify the facial lines, highlight the three-dimensional sense of the five senses, create a variety of temperament, etc. Small bangs can play a great role in enhancing the appearance.

I want to try a new bangs hairstyle, but I don’t know if my face shape is suitable for fake bangs and bangs . Many good-looking hairstyles can only be avoided!

Don’t worry, the following wigs have listed several different fashion bangs, suitable for different face shapes such as round face, square face, diamond face, etc. Let’s see which one suits you~

1. Eight character bangs

Girls with round faces and wide cheekbones can try this type of bangs. The length of the bangs is at the chin position and the shape is slightly curled outward. It can not only modify the face shape, instantly make the face thinner, but also highlight the contours of the facial features and reduce the appearance of the facial features. Age effect is full!


2. Dragon beard bangs

The thick and thick bangs are a bit out of place in summer. It is the choice of most girls to tie up their hair to stay cool in the summer. The long-bearded bangs that not only modify the face shape but also are easy to take care of, whether it is tied with a ponytail or tied with a ball head, almost all face shapes are Can hold it!


3. Air bangs

As a treasure bang for modifying the hairline, air bangs are loved by many girls for their fluffy and light shape. It does not require much face shape, and girls with a high hairline and a wide forehead can easily control it.

Fourth, partial bangs

The soul of partial bangs lies in the division of proportions. The ratio of 2:8 and 3:7 is generally difficult to make mistakes. In addition, if the bangs are curled outwards, it is not easy to frame the face, which is more suitable for girls with square and round faces. If you have less hair, you can also use a hair pad to raise your hair.


Five, eyebrow bangs

The airy bangs on the eyebrows do not have the heavy feeling of traditional bangs. They are young and energetic and can cover the big forehead. They may be more suitable for girls with three-dimensional facial features and long faces. In addition, the more messy bangs will appear more natural!

Okay~ The above are a few bangs styles that wigs have checked for you. If you like it, go and try it! If you don’t want to cut bangs, you can also use fake bangs to change the shape~

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