Seven Dangers That Wearing A Wig Does Not Have, Have You Been Recruited? !

Seven dangers that wearing a wig does not have, have you been recruited? !


Although wearing a wig can solve hair problems conveniently and quickly, the harm of wearing a wig should not be underestimated! Some people think that wearing a wig does not involve the body, so there is no harm in wearing a wig. In fact, this view is wrong! In order to let everyone have a reasonable understanding of how to wear wigs , the following will explain the seven hazards of wearing wigs! 1. The wig is too tight, which can easily cause scalp discomfort and cause scalp swelling caused by external force! 2. The wig is not clean and hygienic enough, otherwise the material will easily cause allergic reactions on the scalp. Unclean wigs are easy to cause skin allergies. If the wigs have been carried for a few days, they need to be cleaned and dusted. 3. How to wear a wig with a purchased wig ? Use clean water to wash away industrial raw materials and chemicals, otherwise it will infect the scalp and harm the human body! 4. Dyed wigs are harmful to the human body. The formaldehyde content of the national standard wigs should be lower than 75 grams per kilogram. Under reducing conditions, the decomposition of aromatic amines is not allowed in the raw materials, and aromatic amines may cause cancer. This is the most dangerous part of wearing a wig! 5. Wigs are flammable. At present, most of the wigs sold in the market are low-temperature silk, and low-temperature silk is flammable, so wigs need to be fireproof, and protein silk wigs are flame-retardant. 6. Wearing a wig will put pressure on the original scalp, and long-term tying of the hair will make the naturally growing hair sick! 7. The biggest danger of wearing a wig is that it will cause hair loss! If the method of wearing a wig is inappropriate, it will pull the original hair and cover the scalp, it is easy to cause external hair loss! We all know that wearing a wig can change our hairstyle at will. Some choices in appearance are also a fashion match in theory. Some wigs have the effect that real hair can’t achieve, or the cost of real hair is too high to get that effect. , As for whether you like it or not, it depends on your preferences. For example, many celebrities rely on wearing wigs to achieve many styles, and they will not feel very fake. It is most important to bring your own. As for the harm of wearing wigs, we should not underestimate the dangers of wearing wigs. Wigs should not be worn frequently, because they are all covered with hair nets, and the scalp will be uncomfortable if sweating. Another point to note is that some people may be allergic to chemical fibers, and such people try to avoid wearing wigs. In a word, wearing a wig can satisfy our pursuit of beauty in appearance, but from the perspective of health, the harm of wearing a wig cannot be ignored, so everyone chooses whether to wear a wig according to their own situation, and through appropriate adjustment, as much as possible to eliminate The dangers of wearing wigs.


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