[Question Of The Day] Yamabuki Sakura Junxiu’s Story——, Junxiu

[Question of the Day] Yamabuki Sakura Junxiu’s Story——, Junxiu

Yamabuki Sakura took it over, took a look at the back cover and the spine of the book, and smiled: “Mr. Feo also went to buy the book written by the parallel world himself?”

The book is not plastic-covered, and the bright red ribbon of the bookmark is exposed near the back cover. Apparently it has already been seen. Yamabuki Sakura then asked, “What story does this book tell? Is it interesting?”

She doesn’t read much literature books, but she still finds it interesting to see the names of people around her appear in the author column.

Facing her question, Fyodor replied with a smile: “Well, it’s a very interesting book.”


“It’s a story about a poor young man with an interesting wig who killed the loan shark and the loan shark’s sister, and finally surrendered himself under the persuasion of a prostitute and was exiled to Siberia.”

Looking at the young man’s elegant and handsome face, Yamabuki Sakura was silent for a while: “Is it interesting?”

“It’s fun.”

Yamabuki Sakura: “…Well then.”


as long as you are happy.

While talking, the two walked towards the back of the amusement park along the road signs left by the park. The “Adventure Ticket” that Yamabuki Sakura got is said to be a new project that will be launched soon, and the winning tourists are specially invited to experience it first.

Exactly what type of project it is, you can actually tell a little from the experience ticket: dark, fuzzy color blocks and old texture, the text uses bright red special effects, and the sticky blood seems to flow down the hand.

【Thriller for two hours! Escape from the abandoned playground]


It should be an escape room with a larger venue. Yamabuki Sakura, like all adolescent girls, has a hate-and-love attitude towards cool talk and daring. She has been on this escape type variety show once or twice, but in order to avoid accidents , almost all of the interesting wigs have a script.

Yamabuki Sakura was both nervous and excited about the experience. To be on the safe side, she confirmed to the slender young man: “You are afraid of ghosts, I mean, are you a firm materialist?”

“Why do you ask that?” The young man didn’t answer, but threw the question back: “Shouldn’t you know the structure of the world best? If so, why are you still afraid of something that doesn’t exist?”

Does he make sense?

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