MSMK Is Comparable To Plastic Surgery! The Bald Girl Will Be Very Happy After Reading It!

MSMK is comparable to plastic surgery! The bald girl will be very happy after reading it!


Comparable to cosmetic surgery!

Hey girls~

I’m dada, the substitute editor for today’s edition. A few days ago, I had nothing to do to revisit the variety show “Miss”. I really watch Changxin often! Among them, one of the topics that got female artists to increase intimacy turned out to be – wigs .

Figure: Variety Show “Miss Season 3”

But in fact, wigs are not a secret among female stars, and they are shown without fear in front of the camera.

Figure: Variety show “The Great Wall”

After all, “bald head” is our 21st century community with a shared future for mankind.

U1S1, the wig that female stars are keen on is really easy to use, it can increase the volume of hair, increase the top of the skull, and can also change various styles!

Figure: Variety Show “Miss Season 3”

Of course, wigs also have to be “real”, and a good wig is a wig that doesn’t feel inconsistent! Today, I will share with you some practical wigs I found, as low as a few dollars, absolutely the benefits of bald girls!

But before I start sharing, let me tell you which wigs are the best, cheapest and most cost-effective. After that, everyone will have a good way to buy wigs!


Where to buy wigs with the best value for money

That is of course Xuchang, Henan, the capital of wigs! Eighty percent of the world’s wigs come from here. Since the last century, Xuchang’s wigs have been sold overseas, and the quality is very guaranteed! But it is impossible for non-locals to buy directly in Xuchang. What should I do? 1688 wave to you, this is the app

This is the wholesale version of Taobao owned by Jack Ma. The goods in it are all directly supplied by the factory. We can buy wigs shipped directly from the Xuchang factory at a wholesale price that exceeds the purchase price!

The wigs I share this time are also made from the Xuchang factory in 1688. They are super cheap and super comfortable and natural to wear!

Not much to say, I will share them with you immediately, the bald girl will be very happy after reading it!

Reminder: The attached Taobao password is 1688, remember to download one first, copy the password, open it and you can buy it!


1 6 8 8

Have a high skull top in a second

10cm straight hair piece


For those with fine and soft hair, the hair is easy to stick to the scalp as soon as the hair is slightly oily, or Jimei with a low top of the skull, this 10cm straight hair piece must be tried.

Compared with the popular sponge pad wig picture women , this kind of straight hair piece, the clip design is inside, super invisible, and also has hair that can be faked, even if it is blown away by the wind, it is not afraid of revealing the stuffing!

Just put it on the root of the hair, it will not only increase the volume of the hair root, but also make the hair root have a feeling of “standing up”.


It is also very simple to operate

1⃣️Open the BB clip

2⃣️After parting the hair on one side, clip the hair piece a little bit below the hairline, and then pull the hair back to cover it.

It comes in a variety of color options:

Brown-black is suitable for friends like me who have never dyed their hair and are a little brown in the sun;

Natural black is suitable for Jimei who has dark hair or has dyed black hair

Dark brown color is dark red, similar to chestnut color, suitable for girls with brown hair color

Light brown color with yellowish color, suitable for people who have dyed flax hair color

No matter whether you have dyed your hair or not, as long as the hair is easy to stick to the scalp and the top of the skull is low, you can buy it and try it!

Password: ¥¥

(copy password, open)


1 6 8 8

Flat head to round head

20cm straight hair piece


The back of the head is flat, and Jimei is exposed as soon as the hair is tied, and the 20cm straight hair piece is here to save you!

Realistic hair is just different, it can not only make the back of the head round and full, but also increase the thickness of the ponytail, making it look like a girl with a lot of hair, flat-headed and bald girls can get happy!

The operation is not complicated at all, first tie the hair on the top of the head, then ️clip the hair straightener a little bit below the hairline, put down the hair on the top of the head and cover it, it will be OK, and you will immediately feel that you have a full back of the head. hapiness

Like the 10cm hair pad, there are 4 colors to choose from, everyone is just rushing!

Password: ¥¥

(copy password, open)


1 6 8 8

Short hair becomes long in seconds

long hair straightener

(40cm and above)

From ¥3.96/piece

Short-haired girls want to see what their long hair looks like? Hair salon tony cut your hair and dare not go out? In this case, many friends may want to buy a wig, but realistic wigs are difficult to buy at the cosmic level, and the requirements for hair seams and hairline are very high, and the whole head is covered. Also very stuffy scalp!

It’s better to try this long hair straightening piece, which can let you get the charm of long hair with an excellent experience!


Because it is sandwiched inside the hair, there is a layer of real hair covering the outside, whether it is at first glance or carefully, it is as natural as mother’s hair!

The key is that the amount of hair will increase sharply, the top of the skull will also become taller, the whole head will become fuller, and the effect of easily creating a head and face means that

I bought the length of 40cm. If you want a longer hair effect, you can buy a longer size hair piece. If the original hair volume is relatively small, you can buy 3 pieces, and clip them on the left, middle, and right sides. If you want to have a dyeing effect, you can buy brown ones.

It can be said that after we want to have short hair, we can shorten our hair, and we can have long hair if we want, and we can switch the hair color freely. It is really amazing!

Password: ¥¥

(copy password, open)


1 6 8 8

Immediately have stunning big waves

long hair curlers

From ¥11.88/3 pieces

There is also a curly hair piece for those who want to try long curly hair!

Its volume is really supernatural, more reliable than the hair salon Tony’s perm! After actually perming your hair, you still have to worry about the deformation of your hair after washing it once or twice, but it will not. Wear it as long as you want to have curly hair styling. It is comparable to semi-permanent and super worry-free! And Juxian’s face is so small, I love it all!

It is also like growing straight hair above, tying up the hair on the top of the head, clipping it and covering it, it is ok. Girls with long hair on the top of the head can use a curling iron to curl it a little, and just transition with the wig.

Password: ¥¥

(copy password, open)


1 6 8 8

Simple get scheming high ponytail

Clip-On Wig Ponytail

From ¥8.5

For those who are handicapped and who are lazy with advanced cancer, I tell you, this ponytail is just tailor-made for you! First of all, it is a ponytail with a curled shape.

The most important thing is that it comes with a gripper

We only need to simply tie the hair into a ponytail first, not too tight, loose a little, so that the top of the skull and the back of the head will appear fuller.

Then open the gripper and clip it to the top of the ponytail and you’re done!

You don’t need any skills, and it doesn’t take long, just 1 minute, you can have the same high ponytail as idols, your hair volume will increase, and the top of your skull will be lifted immediately!

And we can also add some small hair accessories, such as the large intestine hair ring, so naturally there is no one else, so when you go out to meet the little sisters, they may be amazed at where you found the master tony haha!

It also has straight hair styles, with a variety of lengths and colors to choose from. You can buy two to make a double ponytail, or simply make a plate of meatballs. From now on, you can achieve freedom of styling!


Password: ¥¥

(copy password, open)


1 6 8 8

Bleach-free and beautiful hanging ear dye

hanging ear hair dye


To say that the top trend of hair dyeing in the past two years, it must be hanging ear dyeing! This kind of hair dyeing method, which does not dye the whole head and only dyes a few locks near the ears alone, will not be as flamboyant as dyeing the whole head, but it is very personal and ornamental, trendy and cool!

Figure: Weibo @ Jing Tian

But even if you dye a few locks, you need to bleach your hair, which is troublesome and hurts your hair! That kind of ear-dyed wig is simply “magic”

There is no need to bleach or dye your hair, just clip it in your hair, and the connection is very natural!

Then trim it to the length of your hair with scissors, and you’ll have a super stylish hanging ear dye! happiness is so simple

And there are all kinds of ready-made, beautiful colors that are difficult to dye at the barber shop for us to choose from! It’s still so cheap. You can buy a bunch of them for ten yuan. You can change any color you like, absolutely!

Picture: 1688@

If you don’t want to dye your whole head in a big way, but you are not willing to have Jimei’s dark hair forever, hanging ear dyeing is a good choice. And you don’t want to bleach your hair, ear-dyed wigs are really worth having!

Password: ¥¥

(copy password, open)

How to care for wigs

Finally, I will tell you how to care for wigs. It is very simple. Just buy a steel comb and a special spray for wigs! You can search for a treasure at will, and it only takes a few dollars!

Usually, if the wig is frizzy , just spray it with a spray first, and then use a steel comb to smooth it out. After one or two minutes of drying, the wig will become soft and natural again!


Password: 0//

(Copy the password and open the Taobao app)

Well, today’s sharing ends here. If you want to unlock more wigs, you can go to 1688 to shop for more wigs, and look for “Xuchang, Henan” for delivery, and you will hardly step on thunder! ‍Then see you next time, bye~

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