Men’s Wig Trimming Big Brand Never Pits The Poor, But Even Chanel Can’t Understand The Big Brand Layered Fashion

Men ‘s wig trimming big brand never pits the poor, but even Chanel can’t understand the big brand layered fashion

Who doesn’t lose two hairs these days?

Wearing a wig is really normal

This is not the French luxury brand Chanel also launched a

Very “fashionable” wig

It is a hair accessory in the “2021/22 Early Spring Vacation Series”

At a glance, why are the lengths of this wig vary?

Mainly with medium and long hair, but on the top of the head… what is this?

emmm… if I didn’t look closely, I thought it was a bunch of knotted hair

How did such a “wild” hair stylist come up with the idea?

Is it possible to kill Matt hair lovers?

Don’t say it’s similar, it’s just the same

Let’s take a look at the effect after the model wears it

Wigs have become a lot better, but people are a lot ugly


You know, this is an Italian supermodel

These facial features, this appearance, can make people fall at a glance

But after wearing this wig, who is this?

But when VC wears this hair accessory, it can be considered as a fusion, barely able to catch the eye.

But what the heck is it on brown hair? It’s too abrupt

Could it be that this is the big-name layered fashion that the poor such as me will never understand?

Well, anyway, this is the wig from Grandma Xiang’s house. Are you surprised or surprised?

Now let’s reveal its price – 13,500 yuan

OMG! Like netizens said, I’m still bald at this price.

I don’t feel like my hair is missing anymore.

We all know that the price of wigs made of real human hair is indeed more expensive


But… Chanel’s home is not only made of real hair, but only precious resin and silk

Careful netizens found that this “precious resin” sounds very high, but it is actually a very easy-to-obtain man-made fiber “cellulose acetate”

Good guy, does anyone really buy wigs like this?

Let’s take a look at fashion blogger Wang Yuepeng Niko who gave you a “very good” demonstration

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha indeed commented on talents since ancient times, welcome to join the funeral love family

As the blogger said, the fake bangs of 13500 are very good, and they are not allowed to go out next time.

I can’t pay the IQ tax.

Sure enough, big names never cheat the poor

But even Chanel has released wigs. Has hair loss spread to the fashion world?

But wigs aren’t like that.

wig material

First of all, wigs are generally divided into chemical fiber and real hair


And real hair can be divided into three, six, nine and so on, so I won’t describe it here.

Generally speaking, people with real hair loss will choose real hair, because the quality and feel of real hair is better than that of chemical fiber hair, and it is also suitable for perming and dyeing, and the effect of wearing is more realistic and natural.

The biggest feature of chemical fiber hair is that it is not easy to change color. After determining a color, you can no longer do any perming and dyeing of boys’ wigs . At the same time, it is also brighter than real hair. People who like or wear photos will choose chemical fiber hair.

wig length

Wigs don’t like this weird hairstyle that is short on top and long on the bottom, unless the customer himself strongly requests

The length of the normal wig will be selected according to the length of your own hair. Of course, you can style and trim it later.

wig color

What are you wearing a wig for?

Isn’t it just to cover up the fact that you are losing hair, so that people can’t see that you are wearing a wig?

Therefore, the color of the wig is best to be similar to the color of your own hair. If the color is different, it will be very abrupt for boys to trim the wig. The effect can refer to the black wig worn on the head of the brown-haired model above.

hoo hoo hoo~

Let’s just say, a wig like this doesn’t look much better than a Chanel wig piece

Realistic, natural and beautiful, who doesn’t like it?

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