Maintenance Of Real Hair Wigs, Washing Steps And Methods Of Washing Methods

Maintenance of real hair wigs , washing steps and methods of washing methods


Usually wigs are cleaned with conditioner. If the wig is very dirty, it can also be cleaned with shampoo, and it is not allowed to use too hot wind to blow the wig to avoid burning and deformation of the wig.


For those who often wear wigs, it is advisable to wash them once every two weeks. When cleaning, first soak the wig in a washbasin with a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes, then gently rinse, use a comb with thinner teeth to comb off the dirt stuck on the wig, and do not twist it hard. After washing, pat the water droplets with a dry towel, then use a comb to comb to the original hairstyle, and place it in a cool place to dry. Do not expose it to the sun or use a hair dryer to dry it. The real hair that grows on the scalp can get the nutritional supply of the human body, while the wig has no nutritional supply. In order to protect the normal luster of the wig, you can rub a little hair oil on the wig after each grooming. When the wig is not used for a long time, it should be placed in the box or the model head after cleaning, and a plastic cover should be added to maintain the original hairstyle and avoid the intrusion of dust and bacteria.


The maintenance and washing methods of real hair wigs are relatively simple. First, put the shampoo in water to clean the wig , then immerse the wig (both warm and hot), and then put a small amount of conditioner in the water to clean the wig , immerse the wig for about three minutes and take it out, and finally use a towel to wash the wig. Wipe it with water, hang it on the veranda to dry in the shade, and put it in a box for storage. You can also comb the hair properly along the original hairstyle, and then put it on a plastic frame.

When washing artificial hair, you should pay attention not to use the washing machine to wash, nor to use warm or hot water when washing by hand. It must be washed with cold water. The steps are the same as those for real hair. After absorbing the water with a towel, comb it with a comb to shape and dry in the shade (do not comb with a comb during the washing process), and never expose it to the sun, because this type of wig is shaped after high temperature treatment, and once it comes into contact with a heat source, it will be damaged. It will deform, so store it away from heat sources (like air conditioners, heaters, hair dryers, etc.). Wigs are also part of a beautiful appearance and also require constant cleaning by a janitor. Wearing a dirty, greasy wig is not a fashion precursor and can affect your overall look.

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