Looking For The Most Beautiful Short Hair Style Actress, Do You Have Your Favorite Hairstyle?

Looking for the most beautiful short hair style actress, do you have your favorite hairstyle?

Looking for the most beautiful short hair style actress, do you have your favorite hairstyle?

The first Xu Jiaqi, member of SNH48 TEAM SII, member of THE NINE group. When Qing You 2, many people were amazed by KIKI’s short hair style. With short hair, she is aggressive and charming, but she has her own characteristics and will bring a little coldness.

The short hair of four or six points, with the ends of the hair curled outward, looks lively and playful, with big waves on both sides and the gradient blue fairy hair color, which makes the skin a few degrees whiter.

Short hair without curls is also very good-looking, the ends of the hair are thin, and the top of the hair should be blown naturally and fluffy.

Second, Nazha must have a name. Her red carpet looks have been out of the circle many times, and her outfits have never been missed. Since the short haircut, the trend of short hair braiding and pulling hair leading.

Short hair and bangs on the forehead can also be beautiful. This is also the way to thin the ends of the hair. Oh bangs , short straight hair wigs , otherwise it will look “Jiang sister”.

Tie up short hair can also be very feminine. In fact, short hair is really beautiful when tied up, showing the neck skin, cutting some broken hair on the forehead, exposing a small part, the big sister is you.

The third Liu Yuxin, like KIKI, participated in the iQIYI girl group’s youth growth show “Youth With You 2” in 2020. She debuted at the first position and received a lot of attention. She is a neutral girl.

Girls who want to follow this style can learn from it. Her hairstyle modifies the shape of her face very much, because there will always be some broken hair on the sides. Very heroic, more like a cool boy.

Short hair also pays attention to a fluffy, three or seven points and four or six points are acceptable, the main thing is to make the hair natural, you can also have some slightly hot arcs or dye a good-looking color.

The fourth Yang Zi, an actor with very good acting skills, has received high praises from Sweet Honey to Ashes and Ode to Joy. In the key posters and Reuters pictures, Yang Zi has short hair with a sweet temperament.

The eight-character bangs and the sweet braid bring Yang Zi’s cuteness and liveliness to the extreme, and it’s even more spirited. Let’s make a braid!

Light and straight bangs + short hair and low tie = a gentle little girl next door

The fifth Tang Yixin has a short straight hair wig with bangs , two dimples and short hair, which is really a sweet spokesperson. The short hair made her look like a pixie.

Sweet is just a word, it is also very cute when combed and organized into small tucks, and it also looks a lot taller visually.

This hairstyle is very similar to Ishihara Satomi’s out-of-the-circle hairstyle. The pear flower head is thinned at the end, and the slightly curly reddish-brown hair color is very refreshing.

The sixth Mao Xiaotong, Mao Xiaotong with short hair is also sweet and lovely, and can handle all kinds of hairstyles. Compared with her long hair, she is more capable and has a temperament.

Without bangs, she is a professional woman, with three or seven points neatly to the neck, natural inner buckle, very temperamental girl.

With the same length and an air bang, the sweet and lovely Mao Xiaotong appeared again. The side hair was dealt with, and it fit naturally on the cheeks. The length at the back was good enough to the shoulders.

Do you have the same hairstyle that you are excited about?

If you’re excited, find a barber teacher to do it.

What are some good short hair styles?


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