Long Curly Wig [Girlfriends Experience Group] I Bought 3 Styles On Double Twelve, And The Discount Is More Than 160

Long curly wig [Girlfriends Experience Group] I bought 3 styles on Double Twelve, and the discount is more than 160

The photo has been turned on to level 10 beauty. . .

This time, I bought 3 models for Double Twelve, and the discount is more than 160. Although the quality is average, it is still quite cost-effective.

My head circumference is 54, which is a bit small. I usually wear hats that are larger if they are not elastic or adjustable. In addition to the woolen hats, the remaining two of these three are also large, but fortunately, I put my own long hair in a ball and wear it.

The advantage of a wig with a hat is that it is super convenient to wear, just like wearing a hat, and it does not require much adjustment. It’s just that the amount of hair is a bit small. After all, it’s just pasted along the edge of the hat, which is a little thinner than the whole head of hair.

Newspaper “boy” cap

This hat is matched with a one-size-fits-all black long straight, with hair reaching to the chest, which is the shortest of the three.

The wearing effect is quite satisfactory with the long curly wig , but the front does not look as good as the side, and it is a bit dull.

When I first took it out, the wig was messy, so I combed it a little with the comb that was sent, and I ended up combing a bunch of wigs, which was more severe than my own.

Because this wig is attached along the edge of the hat, the position cannot be moved, and it cannot be hung behind the ear like your own hair. For someone like me who likes to hang hair, it’s very itchy.

Fisherman’s hat

This top wig is a big pink wave~ This is the one I look forward to the most.

But this one is the most disappointing. . .

I would love to dye my hair pink, but never had the courage to do so. My Tony also doesn’t recommend me to dye it, because the pink I want can’t be dyed, it will fade out, and dyeing light color requires bleaching hair, which is very harmful to hair. So I want to buy a wig and wear it out to pull the wind~

But this pink looks a bit purple-gray, which is not very good-looking. . . It was also messy when I received it, so I sprayed it with a care solution that was sent, but the fragrance of the care solution was too smelly. . . I feel like I’m always holding my breath when taking pictures.

Final conclusion: This one is not very suitable for me, and it doesn’t look good no matter how I shoot. . .

Wool cap

This top is matched with chocolate brown waves~~ The wig is the longest of the three.

I am most satisfied with this one! Fits my sweet style hahaha. Teeny Baba, this big straight man also said that this is the best looking~

The quality of the wool cap is quite average, and the wig was messy when I took it out, but I learned my lesson that I didn’t dare to spray it with a lotion, and I didn’t dare to comb it hard with a comb. Satisfied~

Satisfaction of these three styles: woolen hat>newsboy hat>fisherman hat.

Newsboy hats and fisherman hats are okay to take pictures with, but I probably won’t wear them when I go out, because they only look good from a certain angle.

And if you buy it, don’t have too much expectations. After all, it’s only a few dozen yuan for long curly wigs , hats and wigs, so the quality requirements can’t be too high.


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