Local Wigs, Do You Know How To Wear And Care For Women’s Hair Replacement Blocks?

Partial wigs , do you know how to wear and care for women’s hair extensions?

Since the little blogger started to make wigs with hairstyles, he found that many small partners will not take care of the wigs after receiving the wigs, and they will feel messy and ugly when they wear them directly. Just like our own hair, human hair wigs need to be taken care of. Little bloggers have been talking about this all the time, and they have also published many methods and tutorials. This time, the little blogger decided to talk about it in more detail. Each hairstyle is discussed separately, one hairstyle and one hairstyle to teach everyone how to wear and take care of it. So today, the little blogger will first tell you about the wearing and care of ladies’ hair replacement blocks!

The biggest problem with women’s hair replacement blocks is that they are square when they are worn directly on the head. Many small partners think that the size of the hair replacement block is not suitable when they look at the head square.

In fact, this is not the case. Wearing the head square is mainly because the hair block is crushed during transportation, causing the hair on both sides of the top of the hair block to bulge, showing an L shape, so it will appear very square. At this time, it is necessary to solve this problem by taking care of it.

There are two ways to deal with this problem. The first way is to use a splint to straighten the hair on both sides of the top of the head. After the straightening, the hair will naturally sag, and the hair will not bend and rise up.

The second method is to use a hair dryer to straighten the hair on both sides of the top of the head, pick up a strand of hair from both sides, and then use the hair dryer to blow the partial wig vigorously on the curved part of the top of the head , blow it with hot air, and blow it for 1 minute. The blown-out hair will also return to its natural sagging state.

Next, I will tell you about the wearing process of the replacement block.

When you first get the hair block, open all the clips above, then find the position in front of the hair block, and buckle the hair block directly on the top of your head. After buttoning, don’t rush to press the clip, first adjust the position of the bangs in front of the mirror, and see where the bangs look better according to your own situation. After determining the position of the bangs and the hairline, you can fasten the clip. Fixed the hair block.

When pressing the clip, be careful not to dig a lot of hair and then press it down, otherwise the scalp will be pulled very painfully and the hairstyle will be easily deformed.

Once it’s fixed, you can start combing it with a comb. Comb the block hair with our own hair and blend it. The bangs are also combed, and the original shape is combed out. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the bangs you have combed out, you can also use a splint, a hair dryer, and a curling iron to take care of it. These little bloggers have talked about it many times before, so I won’t talk about it anymore. Check out the previous article.

When removing the hair replacement block, be sure to open all the clips first and then remove the partial wig . Never open a clip and lift it up a little, as it will also cause the scalp to hurt. If the original clip on the hair block is not compliant, you can also ask the store to remove it and sew it again, because the clips are all sewn by hand, and you can sew them wherever you want.

There are still many friends who will be curious, why many hair blocks have bangs? Because there is a seam at the position of the hairline in front of the replacement block, friends who often wear wigs may have experience and know to take out a little of their own hair from the forehead to cover this seam, but more small The partner will not handle it. If it is not handled well, it will be very fake. It is recommended that friends who have no wearing experience should use a reissue block with bangs first.

So whether it is a replacement block or a whole wig, you must be able to wear it and take care of it to look good. Just like our model lady, the top of her head was flat and square when she just put on the hair replacement block and did not take care of it. After a few simple adjustments, the top of the hair block will become a normal arc and will not appear square. Friends can also improve their hands-on ability when wearing them, so as to make the wigs on their heads look better and more natural!

The top video is our model sister teaching you how to wear and take care of the hair replacement block during the live broadcast. The teaching is relatively careful. Interested friends can click on it and learn it~

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