Learn These Few Tricks To Make Your Hair More Realistic!

Learn these few tricks to make your hair more realistic!

First of all, we have to prepare a wig hair net. This is the first step of wearing a wig. Put the hair net on the neck. Be careful when you put it on, don’t pull the hair, because the hair net is elastic. , lift the hairnet up from the face to the head.

Pull the hairnet from the neck to the head, let the hairnet fully extend, and try to put in the sideburns and bangs at one time.

The hair net is pulled to the back of the head. At this time, if you have long hair, put the ends of the long hair into the hair net. Generally, the hair net needs to be replaced after a period of continuous use, because the elasticity is insufficient, and the net cannot hold the hair. .

Carefully and meticulously put the rest of the hair into the hairnet, look carefully in the mirror to see if there are still hairs exposed. After confirming that the hair is collected, adjust the layout of the hair. it is good.

Check whether all the hair is in the net, and then remember to fix the hair net with the hair net clip, so how to wear the fake bangs , the hair net is ready, let’s start wearing the wig.

Wear the wig on your head, adjust the height appropriately, and trim it to the appropriate length yourself. If you can’t take care of it yourself, it will be more realistic to go to the barber shop to trim the wig.

There are two ways to replace fake short hair with long hair. First, you can buy a hair-pressing cap, which can hold the hair tightly and prevent the long hair from falling out. The fake short hair will not see you. The long hair, which is also a lot of MM like to use. Second, you can make your hair lower and braid it together, or you can hide how to wear your long-haired fake bangs , and you can’t see the long hair inside if you put on a wig. Hope my answer will help you.

How to wear a wig? – —— First divide your hair into 2 or more bundles (according to your hair volume and length), then braid the separated hair into a braid, and then use a clip to fix the hair behind your head Note: Don’t put the braided braids on the top of your head when you braid your hair, because the place where it comes out will be bulging. You should put…

How to wear a wig — First of all, we have to prepare a wig net, which is the first step in wearing a wig. Put the hair net around the neck, be careful not to pull the hair, because the hair net It is elastic. After setting, pull the hair net from the face to the head. Pull the hair net from the neck to the head to make the hair net fully…

How to wear a wig – —— ② Grab the two temples and put on the wig ③ Check the head shape – if the wig is not attached and it looks empty, it will not look good, you can fix it with two clips behind the ears ④ Arrange the hairline, temples and parting Line

How to wear a wig? – ——  1. Put the hair net into the neck (the one with the elastic band is at the bottom) and then pull the hair net to the top of the head The button is convenient to adjust the size, you can adjust the size of the appropriate wig according to the size of your head, and put the hair behind it into the hair net. Second,…

How to wear the wig hair — where is the length? Is the original hair volume much? Generally speaking, first divide the hair into two sides and comb them neatly. A pointed-tail comb, a pack of rubber bands, a few steel clips, and preferably a bottle of water-quality moisturizing gel cream, so that the hair can be kept in a stable state at the end…

How to wear a wigHow to wear a wigHow to wear a wig—— Hello, Tang Fengcai website has a lot of information about men’s wigs and women’s wigs, it is recommended to browse.

How to wear a wig in general? —— How to wear a wig? 16 steps to easily wear a wig. Before wearing a wig, it is relatively fresh, and after wearing a wig, it looks sweeter and more attractive. I feel that the whole temperament of MM has been improved. Step 1: Medium Long hair with bangs and sides of hair, according to…

How to wear a wig~ – —— First fix your hair with small clips.. Then put on a special hair net for wigs. Help doom your wig)

How to wear the wig that you bought – —— A hair net will be given to you, tie your hair into a hair bag, and then cover it with a net. After wearing the wig, it will just be stuck on your hair bag, which also plays a fixed role. There are two hooks under the wig, after wearing it, the hook is completed.

How to wear a wig — four steps to put on a wig: 1. Just comb all the hair, and then make a ball head. 2. Spread the hair net with both hands, and put the hair net down from the top of the head. Hair net With one end of the fringe facing down, pinch the other end without fringe with both hands and pull up. Pull up until all the hair is covered. Adjust the fringe to the position of the hairline, and then pull the back of the head 3. Comb the ponytail wig first with a comb. After combing, put the ponytail on the head of the ball and fix it. 4. Comb the bangs of the wig first, and then place the hair piece in the place. After confirming the seat, fix it with the clip on the hair piece. In order to avoid the fake wig, use a comb to properly take care of it, adjust the wig to the best state, and complete the wearing.

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