Lace Wigs And Traditional Headgear Wigs Have A Variety Of Styles (Photos)

Lace wigs and traditional headgear wigs have a variety of styles (Photos)

The wig intranet is divided into two categories:

Lace wigs and traditional headgear wigs.

Lace Wigs:

It can be seen from the picture that there is a circle of lace in the front, which is different from other traditional wigs.

With lace as the net bottom, many sub-categories will be extended. for example:

Swiss mesh lace needles in the front half, lace needles in the front and back, etc., etc. As long as there is lace in the front, it is a lace wig!


The role of the lace wig: the lace in the front is thin, the excess lace is cut off, and the remaining lace will be crocheted on the line, and the film will be affixed (the forehead and temples should be attached. If it is scattered, the temples can be subsidized. The lace mesh bottom is too soft, Hang the hair without sticking the film, it is easy to lift.)

Can be center and partial or back combed. There will be no layering of traditional wigs. It is suitable for friends who don’t like bangs, and the fidelity is very high.

Advantages: High fidelity, variety of shapes, incomparable to traditional wigs. Disadvantages: You need to stick a film to wear it, which is a bit more troublesome than wearing a traditional wig . As for how troublesome it is, it depends on your own skills. If you have good skills, you will not feel troublesome, but if you have bad skills, you will feel troublesome.

Lace wigs can make this effect:

Of course, lace wigs can also be cut with bangs. It is okay to comb and cut bangs in the middle and partial points, and the shapes are diversified.

Traditional headgear wig:


This is the hat-style intranet:

It is very different from lace wigs, there is no lace in the front. (I feel like I’m talking nonsense hooded wigs , but there are real people who ask me if it’s a lace wig.)

This kind of net cap style can also be extended into many sub-categories: full hand-knitted by mechanism, needle delivery at the front half, needle delivery at the whole head. Wait, wait, etc. No matter what the gimmick is, as long as there is no lace in the front, it is this kind of net cap style.

This kind of bangs are generally cut in the front, and the layering of the forehead hairline will be more obvious if the bangs are not cut. It can’t be seen in the photos that the normal social distance between people really depends on their ability to accept them. Some think they can accept it, but there are still quite a few worse than lace.

If you don’t cut the bangs, there will be layers in the front, and you need to cut the bangs to cover.

After cutting the bangs, it is much more convenient to wear, just put a set on the head and comb it.


Well, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages, simple and clear, no nonsense, straight to the topic.

Advantages: easy to wear and simple. Disadvantage: Cut bangs, otherwise the front will be unnatural.

Okay, this is the popular science of wigs, you understand, do you know how to buy wigs?

Oh yes, here are two wig wearing videos:

Lace wig wearing:

Headgear wig wearing:

The two wig intranets are not absolutely good or bad. They have their own shortcomings and advantages. They are both very popular in the market and suitable for them. The best wig.

Don’t ask me with the headgear wig if it’s a lace wig, kneel and beg.

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