Korean Wigs/fashion Wigs, Long Curly Hair, Oblique Bangs, Japanese And Korean Non-mainstream Wigs Wholesale

Korean wigs /fashion wigs, long curly hair, oblique bangs, Japanese and Korean non-mainstream wigs wholesale

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Korean wigs/fashion wigs, long curly hair, oblique bangs, Japanese and Korean non-mainstream wigs wholesale

Here is a brief introduction to all buyers!

The wigs produced by our factory are medium and high-grade wigs, not inferior products in the market!

There are many three-piece net wigs on the market now.

The picture below shows three net wigs

The picture below is a picture of the inner net structure of the wig produced by our factory. This net is a rose net, also known as an interweaving net!

[Material: 100% high temperature silk fake bangs wearing method , features: good hand feel, similar to real hair, and resistant to high temperatures above 180 degrees. Available splint test! 】

With many years of production experience, first-class designers, high-quality production staff, high-level research and development, first-class production equipment and perfect technological process, the factory has developed and designed many exquisite wig products, coupled with scientific management , strong production capacity and satisfactory after-sales service, our products are favored by customers at home and abroad, mainly exported to America, Europe, Africa and many countries and regions in Asia.

Our products have many specifications of raw materials and complete varieties. The main products are all kinds of clockwork, fashion wigs, animation wigs, holiday wigs, model wigs, fan wigs, European wigs, American wigs, African wigs, etc. We can also develop and design for customer agents. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate and order. .

We adhere to the business philosophy of “quality first, customer first, reputation first, technology first”, as always, with the best products, reasonable prices, punctual delivery, thoughtful service, enthusiastic service to our customers, wholeheartedly Welcome friends at home and abroad to join hands with us to create **!

(Note: The styles on our website are only a small number of styles, and there is no time to upload and publish them one by one due to busy business. Our factory has a professional pattern maker who has been engaged in the wig industry for 12 years; you can make patterns and samples according to the drawings. Make a version. It can ensure that the similarity reaches more than 85%. If you have any intention of cooperation, please contact: Wangwang)

Buyer must read

The wig is a personal item. After all the products are sold (except for the wrong style and color), they will not be exchanged or refunded. Please don’t embarrass me because it is not suitable, does not look good, and does not have the effect in the picture!

Because of the monitor’s resolution – and personal perception of color! It’s all different! FF has shipped the actual product which shall prevail! Everyone’s feeling is different. The hairstyles in some pictures have been taken care of.

Therefore, I also do not accept the statement that the effect in the picture cannot be taken care of, because the grooming is done by the buyer himself. Hairdressing products are all about everything, and I can’t guarantee that everyone can take care of it!

Therefore, please detour for MMs who have high requirements for wig style and color.

This shop does not accept any bad reviews. Taking pictures is equivalent to the default of the above content, those who do not approve do not buy. Please understand the difficulty of the store! Many thanks!

At the same time, I make a few bucks a hair! Negotiating and wasting time and hurting feelings! SO please don’t bargain! happy shopping! With your support, our store can provide more beautiful and cheap FF!

I wish you a happy shopping at JJMM!

Regarding the wearing of wigs, if you want to have a beautiful wig and fake bangs , you have to read the following content!

Article 1: About the wearing of wigs

(1) Divide your hair into 2 bundles or multiple bundles (MMs can

according to the length)

(2) Then weave the separated hair into a braid, and use a small wire clip to fix the hair at the back of the head

(Note: MMs must not put the braided braids on the top of their heads when they braid their hair, because

In this way, the place where the plate comes out will be bulging, you should lay it flat on the back of your head


(3) Then put on the hair net (the special net for wigs that is used to keep your real hair from running around)

It is recommended that MM with a lot of hair can use the hair net recommended by women, it can make you thick and long

Fat obediently stay in the hood and don’t run out!)

⑷ Next, you have to adjust the size of your suitable wig ~ adjust the size that suits you

It is very important. There are two buttons in the hair set for easy adjustment.

Take a few easy steps, and you can put on the wig. The next step is to MM

The process of groping for yourself! Everyone’s head shape and face length are different, find the right one

The position of the wig that suits your head shape is very important! In this way, your wig will be worn very well

PP Oh! The length of the bangs can be adjusted by yourself.

It may feel a little troublesome at first, but you will get used to it immediately! Let’s join together

Oil oh, let yourself become a fashion beauty man!

Part 2: Nursing methods of wigs

1- Try not to get close to high temperature, because the wig is not resistant to high temperature because of the material

2-The wig cannot be dyed, if you need to trim it, you can ask a professional stylist to trim the hairstyle

3 – Wigs are generally washed once every 1-2 months and can be worn according to the frequency of MM

4-It is best to wash the wig with cold or warm water. When washing, it is OK to use ordinary shampoo. It can be combined with ordinary conditioner.

5- Try not to dry the cleaned wig with high temperature air such as a hair dryer. Use a dry towel to gently dry the excess water on the wig and put it in a ventilated place to avoid damage to the wig due to direct sunlight.

6- Do not comb the wig immediately after washing, you should wait for the wig to dry before combing

7- Try to use a special wig comb, not a plastic comb!

8- The curly hair basically does not use a comb, and the curling place can be sorted by hand after every time it is taken.

9 – If the wig has been used for a long time and it is not easy to comb, don’t pull it hard, you should spray the non-oily maintenance solution for wigs, and then slowly and carefully open it.

10- Be careful not to spray the wigs with philosophical water, hair wax and other styling agents used for real hair, which will make the wig sticky

11 – The wig can be tied up, but it can’t be tied too high or the real hair below will come out.

13 – When combing a relatively long wig, divide the wig into several sections and comb it from the bottom to the top. It must be light and patient.

14 – It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss during the process of finishing and wearing

15 – Put it in the original packaging if you don’t wear it, and shake it when you want to bring it back to its original shape.

Part 3: How to clean up wigs

a. Soak the hair cap in cold water with an appropriate amount of shampoo for about a few minutes, then gently. (Be careful, try not to mess up.)

b. After washing with water, add conditioner and soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

c. Gently press dry with a towel.

d. Dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight.

Part Four: The Choice of False Laws

Face shape vs hairstyle

1—Standard face shape

Suggestion: For those with a relatively standard face shape, you can appropriately increase the amount of hair on the top of the head to create a more perfect face shape. Bangs are one of the popular elements this year. You can try neatly cut oblique bangs to add lively and playful elements.

2 – Oval face shape

Suggestion: Cuties with this face shape just need to change the weight of their hair, and it will be more attractive to keep the long hair styled.

3 – round face

Suggestion: The cheeks are a bit rounded, but the overall contour is very good, so just add volume on the top of the head, do natural coverage on the sides, and the face will be perfect.

4 – round face lines are not obvious

Suggestion: If you have a fat face, it is best not to have short hair for these types of girls. It is suitable for medium and long hair to cover the contour of the face. The hair can be appropriately covered for the fatter parts, and you can try to cut slanted bangs.

5—Long face

Suggestion: No matter how you change your hairstyle this season, there is a common feature – fluffy, creating a full top outline, and long-faced girls should fill up the hair volume on both sides of the head in order to cover the defect of the long face. Achieve the purpose of modifying the face shape!

6—Rectangular face shape

Suggestion: It is more suitable for small and fluffy hairstyles with radians. The color is suitable for red to highlight the fairness of the complexion.

Body Type VS Hairstyle

1. Hairstyles for short bodies

Suggestion: short stature gives people the impression of being small and exquisite, so the design of hairstyle should emphasize plumpness and charm. From the overall proportion, attention should be paid to the establishment of the impression of length. You can use updos to add height, and you need to work hard on how to make your hair delicate and delicate.

2. Hairstyle for tall and thin body

Suggestion: This kind of figure is an ideal figure, but it is easy to produce a feeling of blurred eyebrows or lack of fullness. Therefore, when choosing hairstyles, you should try to make up for these deficiencies. People with this body type are suitable for long hairstyles, and it is not advisable to wear high buns or cut their hair too short.

3. Hairstyles for Chunky Body

Suggestion: People with short stature should make up for their shortcomings as much as possible. In the design of hairstyles, the overall hair trend should be emphasized, and hairstyles such as layered short hair and forehead-turned hairstyles can be used. It is not advisable to have long wavy or straight hair.

4. Hairstyles for tall bodies

Suggestion: In the design of this hairstyle, we should strive to pursue the beauty of being generous, healthy and free and easy, and reduce the impression of being big and thick. It is better to keep simple short hair, but it can also be used as appropriate for straight long hair, long waves, bundled hair, braided hair, and short and medium hair styles. Avoid complicated and pretentious hairstyles.

In addition, the choice of hairstyle should also pay attention to the characteristics of the neck. People with long necks are suitable for slightly longer, wavy hairstyles; people with short necks should comb their hair back from the neck and comb the back hair completely to expose the neck and make the neck appear longer some.

Chapter 5: Questions about various types of wigs

1. Question: The best position for bangs to wear.

Answer: It mainly depends on the width of MM’s forehead: wide forehead, longer in court, when wearing, pull down the edge of the wig slightly, with a certain amount of bangs as a foil; narrow forehead, shorter in court, when wearing, wig The edge is slightly upward, but it should not be too upward, leaving a small amount as a foil

2. Question: How to choose the color of the hairstyle according to the skin tone?

Answer: Wearing a wig has basically nothing to do with their own hairstyle, hair color and hair length, so anyone can try wearing a wig:

White – although white skin is naturally beautiful, if the color of the wig is not selected properly, it will make you look unhealthy. Remember that reddish and very soft colors such as light brown red and light brown will make you look unhealthy. His face was rosy and angry.

Yellowish-yellowish skin tone, you can choose darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which will make the yellowish skin look much fairer. Don’t choose a yellow hair color, it will make your already unsightly skin even more unsightly.

Natural skin tone – this skin is the best, looks healthy and shiny, and there is a lot of room for hair color choices, such as yellow, reddish brown, wine red, deep purple, dark brown, etc. are suitable.

Darkness – Severe skin pigmentation will make the complexion look dull and dull. Use some natural black, dark orange, etc. to set off the hair color, which will brighten the complexion.

3. Question: What kind of face shape is your wig suitable for?

Answer: I personally think that there is nothing suitable or not. The key is to like it. As a girl, changing different hairstyles will make the whole feeling very different. Why not try to change your look to be amazed?

4. Question: I will send you the photos, can you help you choose one?

Answer: In fact, you can’t tell anything just by looking at the photos, and the owner himself is not very good at reading it, so I always say that the key is personal preference, no matter how I recommend it, the final decision is always the buyer himself, so say more Instead, it’s useless

5. Question: How to wear a wig?

Answer: If it is short hair, it is very simple, just put it on the top, wrap the whole head, and then comb and punch it. If you have medium or long hair, you can tie your hair up. You can bundle a few more tufts, then go up and use a clip to clamp it flat, you can use a little bit of water as appropriate, and then put the wig headgear on

6. Question: Is your wig made of real hair? What is Japanese hair?

Answer: Japanese hair made of artificial hair made of imported materials, the feel and appearance are similar to real hair. As for the material I am not sure about, it may be similar to resin. The wigs I sell are all 100% Japanese hair. Yes, the quality is very good and it is very realistic. The wig made of real human hair costs thousands of dollars. Just imagine how much it costs to go to the hair salon to pick up a bunch of hair, and how much it costs to pick up the whole head, not to mention the whole hair. The real hair of the headgear, the price can be imagined

7. Question: How to maintain the wig?

Answer: Wigs generally do not need special maintenance. After each wearing, they must be tucked well, especially after wearing. If the hair is curly, it must be tucked every time it is worn. If it is messy, it must be tucked separately by hand. Comb all the curly hair, then hang it up or put it in the original package. If the wig is a little dry, you can spray a little pure water properly. Be careful not to spray philosophical water on the wig. The wig is lifeless, and it is useless to spray it. It will make the wig sticky, and the wig must not be combed with a plastic comb. Arthur recommends using a three-dimensional steel-tooth comb, which is easy to comb the wig and will not make the wig hairy.

8. Question: How to wash the wig?

Answer: Wigs are generally not easy to get dirty and do not need to be washed frequently. If you wear them every day, wash them about once every 2-3 months. If you don’t wear them often, wash them once a year or more. When washing, pour the special conditioner for wigs into water, and put the wigs in the water. Soak it in it, you can rub it lightly, be careful not to squeeze, then take it out and use a dry towel to absorb the water, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, and then comb it after drying (the labels of the specific wigs are written on the )

9. Question: How long is the lifespan of a wig?

Answer: If you care more about wigs, a wig can be used for a long time. The longest wig used by the owner Arthur is almost 7 years old and still very new, so it is recommended that buyers who are accustomed to wearing wigs buy a few more. Different time zone, so the relative use time is longer

10. Question: What is the scalp of the wig?

Answer: Generally, it is a split head or top center design, and the top center design is relatively thicker than the bangs

11. Question: Why is there a big difference in the price of your wig?

Answer: Since many MM want to try wigs, the shop owner is now specializing in New Year’s specials. Every time some wigs are sold at ultra-low cost, the quality is absolutely OK. If it is a price issue, buyers will doubt the quality of the wig. If so, OK, then I can change the price, hehe~

12. Question: I have a big head, can I wear a wig?

Answer: The wig is designed with the adjustment of the head circumference of each person in mind. There are adjustment belts on both sides, which can be adjusted according to your own head circumference, so there is no problem of size.

13. Question: What is the scalp of the wig?

Answer: Some wigs can be made into head center, eccentric head, middle parted head, partial head part, etc., depending on the hairstyle, my wigs are generally designed with center part head or top center design. The relatively thick bangs of the heart design

14. Question: What should I do if I don’t have Alipay?

Answer: Parents can purchase my FF through [remittance method]

The types of wigs can be divided into real hair and artificial (chemical fiber hair products) according to the material. The advantage of real hair products is that they have a strong sense of reality and can be dyed. The disadvantage is that they are expensive and not easy to shape. The price of artificial hair products is relatively cheaper. If it is made of imported materials, it can achieve the same effect as real hair in terms of appearance, feel, color and sag. But some low-end wigs appear rough, distorted, and unattractive. Good wigs generally have fine and fine hair, more delicate hand-made, more realistic scalp, and better ventilation effect.

Common problems in buying wigs are as follows:

Question 1: I have a face shape of ××/I will send you a photo, can you help me choose the most suitable ff?

A: Everyone’s characteristics are different, so we can’t generalize. And it’s not that the face shape of mm is only suitable for one style of ff, so it is difficult to answer such a question in time. You can choose the hairstyle you like first, and then tell me, and then give everyone a reference.

Question 2: I have long hair, can I bring short hair?

A: You have to tie up your own hair and put it inside the wig, so it has nothing to do with your hair, any mm can wear a wig. Tie your hair into 2 braids, then flip it up and use a clip to flatten it. All the hair is laid flat on the head. It is more convenient to cover your hair with the hair net in the store.

Question 3: Do you bring fake fever in summer?

A: The top of the wig is designed with a breathable mesh cover, which is related to everyone’s perception. Many mm have brought them for a summer.

Question 4: Can the wig be taken out during the day, will it be fake?

Answer: The hair is very realistic, thin and soft, with good gloss and feel. Many mm are brought to work and school every day, so don’t worry. The hair in this shop is all ** Japanese Kass! Most are for export! Parents, use it with confidence!

Question 5: Is the hair of the wig real human hair? What material is it made of?

Answer: It’s not real hair. Human hair is not that long, and there are thousands of them. The short hair that grandma wears is all the above~ It is imported from Japan, and the gloss and feel are very good!

Question 6: Hair color problem.

A: Due to light and camera reasons, the color difference of some pieces is relatively severe. If you are looking for color, you must ask me about the color before purchasing. .

Question 7: Will the wig fall off when it is blown by the wind?

A: There are elastic straps inside, and the size can be adjusted. It is also worn by mm who learn to dance every day. It will be fine if there is no demonic wind~ `Of course, it will not work if you pull hard.

Question 8: Will wigs lose hair? Can it be combed?

A: After getting the new wig, some floating hair will fall out, which is the loosest weave. After combing the floating hair, it will not fall out much later. So don’t worry if you feel hair loss after getting ff. Wigs should be combed with steel-tooth combs, plastic or wood combs will damage the hair. In addition to very curly ff do not need to comb, other can be combed. When combing, wear it on the head and then comb, hold the root of the hair to comb, don’t pull it hard, comb the bottom first, and comb it down from the top.

Question 9: Can the wig be dyed or rolled by itself?

Answer: The wig cannot be dyed or heated by yourself, because you can’t control the temperature, and overheating will cause the hair to scorch. So don’t use a hair dryer to heat it. Can be blown with cold air.

Other physical processing, such as trimming, is possible.

Question 10: How to wash the wig?

A: Wash with cold water, just use ordinary shampoo, and you can use some conditioner. According to the frequency of wearing, generally wash once every 1-2 months. Air dry naturally after washing.

Question 11: How should the wig be placed?

A: When you place it, hold it with something, and when you wear it, take it out and comb it for a few times. It can also be stored in a plastic bag!

Question 12: Can the wig be tied?

A: Except for a high ponytail, you can tie it in any other way. Because the high ponytail will reveal the hair net below.

Question 13: How to maintain and take care of wigs?

Answer: The hair does not need special care. After each wearing, just comb the messy areas slowly and neatly. The very curly hair is slowly separated by hand. Don’t leave it in a mess, otherwise it will become more and more knotted. ! Parents must be patient + careful, love it Caixing.

Question 14: Can I come to your store to choose?

A: I don’t have a physical store, thank you for your understanding! The same city also takes express delivery! You can pick it up by yourself!

Question 15: If the wig I bought doesn’t suit me after I get it, can I change it?

A: After the wig is sent, on the premise that there is no quality problem, it will not accept the request for return or exchange for various reasons such as “dislike”, “not suitable”, “there is a gap with the imagination”. If you send the wrong product or the wrong color, please don’t cut the tag, and contact the owner in time on the same day!

Question 16: How long does it take to wear a wig? Will it be time-consuming to be tight in the morning?

A: When you wear it for the first time, you may have to figure it out for a long time. If you are proficient in it, don’t get it done in 2 minutes~~ It’s like wearing *glasses ^^

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