Ju Jing Ju Jing Film Was Thrown Away, Why Do Netizens Have Such A Big Difference In Attitude Towards Meng Meiqi And Ju Jing?

Ju Jing Ju Jing film was thrown away, why do netizens have such a big difference in attitude towards Meng Meiqi and Ju Jing?

Maybe it’s too much pressure, and many girls are worried about their hair volume, so wigs have become a savior. However, the attitudes of netizens towards actresses wearing hairpieces are obviously different.

On the anniversary, Meng Meiqi accidentally threw off her wig due to excessive force when recording a dance video. After seeing this embarrassing moment, netizens also started teasing Meng Meiqi one after another. In the mouths of netizens, this super powerful female idol became Hanhan.

However, before, another actress Ju Jingyi became the target of criticism from netizens after she was found wearing a wig by netizens. She is also a very popular female idol. Why do netizens have such a big difference in attitude towards Meng Meiqi and Ju Jingyi?


Meng Meiqi is the champion who came out of “Creation 101”, how to wear a wig , and his strength is obvious to all. Actresses wear wigs for beauty. Meng Meiqi’s behavior is not a problem, and this time the wig was thrown away because Meng Meiqi used too much force. To a certain extent, Meng Meiqi’s work is very dedicated, otherwise it would not be. May expose wig pieces.

Ju Jingyi is different. She has always been a delicate girl. How could Ju Jingyi admit that her hair volume is small, so Ju Jingyi wearing a wig dared to say that she had hair in front of the camera. The abundance is due to genetics.


The netizens’ eyes are sharp, how to wear wigs , so various photos of Ju Jingyi before were picked up. Originally, they wanted to prove that Ju Jingyi was lying when she said that she had a lot of hair, but they didn’t expect netizens to find out that Ju Jingyi was lying. There are more and more fakes.

First of all, the change in appearance is the most complained about. When Ju Jingyi first debuted, she was positioned as a beauty of four thousand years by the outside world. Although she is reluctant to admit it now, this title has indeed brought a lot of attention to Xiaoju. However, before her debut in Japan, Ju Jingyi was like this.

If it is said that Ju Jingyi’s appearance has changed so much because of the makeup artist, will netizens believe it? Lu Yu would answer like this: I don’t believe it.


In addition to her looks, netizens found that Ju Jingyi’s height and right-angled shoulders were all found by netizens to be suspected of fraud. Being able to stand out from SHN48 shows that Ju Jingyi is very powerful, so she took beautiful photos and washed her hair, and Xiao Ju tried her best to prove it to herself.

It has been hammered, and Ju Jingyi is still denying it again and again. This is undoubtedly a challenge to the psychological bottom line of netizens. Therefore, Ju Jingyi’s reputation has plummeted. In the end, even the wd son came out to shout, saying that she affectation.

In fact, it’s really nothing for an actress to wear a wig. It’s good to admit it generously when she is discovered, but Ju Jingyi beat her to death and refused to admit it. Since it is so unreal, netizens will not be polite to her.

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