Jiang Shuying’s Group Of Girly Braids Are Full Of Vitality! Eyes Closed

Jiang Shuying’s group of girly braids are full of vitality! eyes closed

Jiang Shuying, a low-key goddess who has been silently brushing her presence in the entertainment industry, has recently attracted attention with a group of girly outfits, with pink lips and ponytails, full of vitality. In fact, as early as in “Flowers and Boys”, it is not difficult for us to see that she, who has been taking the temperament route, actually has a happy little girl in her heart. Looking at this dignified and neutral little suit, it is difficult to restrain the tassels that escape. Ponytail knows it!

This kind of ponytail is really beautiful and makes people unable to take their eyes off it. It is very alternative. Compared with the girly fishbone braided ponytail walking on the street, this one is obviously more than an advanced level. The fishbone ponytail on the upper part looks very fluffy, and it gradually tightens from top to bottom until it stops abruptly at the ring, and the arc is very natural. A long wig ponytail is hooked under the ring. It is both creative and design sense. It is a very successful look. It really has a different girlish feeling and is full of students. It can be regarded as a textbook for fashion and age reduction. Class hair.


The simple white and elegant little suit is lively and elegant, and the neat tailoring has a sense of luxury, while the blue and bright green skirt matches very well with the white for the outside. The blue tone itself is very white, plus The cool-colored small suit ignites the color of the whole outfit at once, which is fresh and high-end.

The length of the buttocks, the pleated chest design, revealing the sexy in the playful, the slightly old-fashioned coat has also come to life, a pair of beautiful legs are also looking for a sense of existence without caring, the temperament is gentle and elegant, it is really very Jiang Shadowed.

It is said that Jiang Shuying looks too mature, has high cheekbones, and has angular wigs and ponytails. Does Jiang Shuying look very youthful under the fluffy ball hairstyle? The fluffy ball head tied up high quietly makes up for the short facial features, plus the naturally drooping bangs on the side, the high cheekbones also weaken the sense of strength, adding a little more tenderness of a little woman , very recognizable.


The Qixi Festival symbolizes the sweetness of love, but Jiang Shuying, who is the endorser of Qixi Festival, not only has the sweetness of love, but also has a more elegant and high-level sense. For Jiang Shuying, who is short in court, this kind of three-seven-point distribution and a high ponytail are completely two temperaments. In this event, she wisely gave up the younger girl’s ponytail, and she was mature and elegant. It’s more feminine, but the two small dimples inadvertently revealed when you smile, but inadvertently reveal the girlish feeling, you can easily grasp the feel of the Qixi Festival .

Jiang Shuying, who has been proficient in gymnastics since she was a child, has a very good figure and a well-proportioned strength and beauty. How could she let go of her beautiful legs at such an important opportunity? The hip wraps and the curling belt, the curves come out without any traces. The petal-style skirt seems to be naturally wide open on the side, boldly showing off a good figure, and she has taken off her youthful disguise and is more about closing Elegance and vitality of women who are free, dazzling and charming.

The sling with bare pink thin belt is really suitable for Jiang Shuying. It may be because of gymnastics. Jiang Shuying’s shoulder line is relatively smooth, but it is slightly wider. The feeling of thin belt is easier to show than thick belt. The shoulders are thin, and the light lotus root starch complements her complexion very well. Every little flaw in her figure can be covered up because of this, and her sexy collarbone can also be highlighted by this opportunity.


Although his face is mature, this does not prevent Jiang Shuying from having a pink girlish heart. It’s hard to believe that these photos were posted by Jiang Shuying, which is really in contrast to her elegant appearance. Look at this super pink strawberry-flavored nails, it’s too summer and too pink. Raise your hand to compare, this posture is also concave full marks.

Su Yan feeling can be described as a straight male killer, not to mention this pink and slender Jiang Shuying with bright eyes and bright teeth. A very homely skirt, the fake two-piece sleeveless version is very thin, even the bright rose red Jiang Shuying that requires skin tone did not step on the thunder, still showing a white temperament steadily, with a bright smile, it was properly photographed The immediate sense of sight of the sister next door, can you avoid such a beauty crit?

Dressed cutely and dressed elegantly, Jiang Shuying, do you love it?

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