It Is More Natural Than Wigs And More Convenient Than Hair Extensions!

It is more natural than wigs and more convenient than hair extensions!

More natural than wigs, and more convenient than hair extensions, is the hair piece. The hair styling skills that must be learned this summer. A few pieces of hair pieces can skillfully change your hairstyle from short to long, from less to less. More, in the way of partial extension, to create long flowing hair that will stay for several years, not only the hair quality is better, but also there will be no problem of frizz at the end, giving you a more charming and dreamy back.


1step 1: Comb straight hair piece

Hold the top of the hair piece with the right hand, insert the fingers of the left hand into the hair piece, and comb it from top to bottom.

2step 2: Press the clip on the development chip


Hold the two ends of the clip with the thumb and index finger of the left and right hands, and the clip will pop open when the net is pressed. The red circle is the hair extension piece to be worn as the clip is opened. Yes, it is the same as pressing the development clip.

3step 3: Clip the upper layer of hair

Extend the hair extensions from both sides of the ears to the middle , and clip the upper layer of hair, leaving only a few lower layers of hair. These lower hair strands are used to fix the hair pieces, and the height and number can be adjusted according to the situation. For example, my hair is already long, and if I just want to extend the length of the bottom layer of hair, I can clip the hair piece to the root of the lower layer of hair.


4step 4: Insert the hair piece and press tightly

Hold the clips at both ends of the hair piece in your left and right hands, and insert them into the roots of the lower hair from top to bottom, and press the clips at both ends after feeling tight. If you have short hair, you need to add multiple layers of hair pieces with longer lengths to achieve the effect of turning the entire short hair into long hair. Start from the bottom layer and add on the net, then put down the middle layer of hair, and sandwich the second layer. Hair pieces, and so on, the top hair piece is added last.

5step 5: Lower the upper layer of hair

Put down the upper layer of hair, completely cover the junction of the hair pieces, and use both hands to tidy up the hairstyle to complete. It is not recommended to use a comb, because if the strength or direction is not well controlled, the clipped hair piece may be broken.

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