Is The Wind Really Coming? Is The Time For The Development Of The Domestic Wig Market Ripe?

Is the wind really coming? Is the time for the development of the domestic wig market ripe?

“The rigid needs of young people are really bald.”

Sisters riding the wind and waves threw off the thickened hair piece during a passionate dance; Ran Gaoming, a debater of “Wonderful Flower”, took off with fake bangs during the debate; Han Meijuan, a student of “Creation Camp 2021”, took off the wig and was accused of “hairline fraud” “… In the past six months, wigs have gained enough presence in the entertainment industry.

And when the wig changed from a shocking “truth in the entertainment industry” to a burden shaken from a talk show, it had already flown into the homes of ordinary people unknowingly.

Nowadays, young people have given up on saving the hairline, and they are not willing to visit hair salons often to add color to their hair, sitting for an afternoon and spending hundreds of dollars each time. Among young people, wigs seem to have become a fashion. The status of a single product is moving closer to accessories such as bags, watches, and jewelry.

However, is the wind really coming? Is the time for the development of the domestic wig market ripe?

Wigs, the latest fashion items

As early as a few years ago, some celebrities used wigs for styling and appeared on various fashion weeks and red carpets. Coupled with the efforts of brands such as Rebecca in market education, wigs have become popular among consumers. It has transformed from a rigid need to a fashion item.

The latest trend of fashion wigs starts with Lisa, a member of the Korean girl group and mentor of “Youth With You 2”.

Lisa’s Hanging Ear Dye

If you want to have a beautiful hanging ear dye like Lisa, even the senior teacher Tony will recommend you to use a wig directly: “This kind of hanging ear dye is quite troublesome, first of all, you need to pick out a few strands of hair around your ears and bleach them several times. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve this outstanding effect. Then there are ‘tide colors’ such as platinum, light pink, and gray blue. These colors basically fall off very quickly, so you have to supplement the color often… In short, open Taobao. Take a look, there are all kinds of prices and colors, just clip it on, and you can change it when you get tired of it.”

Keeping up with fashion trends is a must-have for the wig industry.

The relevant person in charge of Rebecca told New Retail Business Review: “Rebecca releases popular hair colors every season. The main application of the new hair color is hanging ear-dyed clip hair, which makes it more convenient for consumers to use, and at the same time, in the popular hair color. There are more choices in color.”

As the only listed company in the wig industry, Rebecca’s products are exported overseas, and now it has seized the wave of younger wig users in China. Create sub-brand Youth.

Ainiya just completed the optimization of the ear-hanging hair dye products last year, and the hair material and color matching just met the strong demand of users, which made Ainiya successfully catch the trend caused by Lisa.

“We’re really grateful to Lisa, she’s the one who drove the ear-dyeing market.” Yan Jinli, manager of Ainiya’s flagship store, said half-jokingly.

Yan Jinli and his wife started the wig business in 2011 , but it was not until around 2017 that the wig industry began to achieve substantial growth, and last year can be said to be an explosion.

He gave the new retail business review an intuitive data: 3 years ago, the daily shipment volume of Ainiya’s store was only a few hundred orders, and before 2021, their daily shipment volume has reached more than 3,500 orders.

In 2018, 3D cranial wigs were popular, in 2019, hat wigs, and in 2020, they became hanging ear dyeing. The trend of wigs has been changing. This means that the development of any wig brand cannot stop for a moment.

Yan Jinli revealed to New Retail Business Review that the research and development cycle of each new product of Ainiya ranges from one week to one month, but after developing new products, they will continue to improve and introduce new ones. For example, after the launch of the straight hair hanging ear dyeing product, the curly hair hanging ear dyeing wig was also launched.

Hair, color, style, none of them can be missing

The wig pieces with bangs and temples are hidden in the layers of real hair, even if they are made of chemical fiber and not very natural, they will not affect the use effect.

Yan Jinli told New Retail Business Review that Ainiya is currently using a new hairline developed in cooperation with the factory, which is lighter and more saturated and gorgeous in color. This kind of hair is currently only used by Ainiya, which is due to its ownership of a part of the factory equity, which enables it to better participate in product development.

Yan Jinli concluded that there are three reasons for not using real hair: first, unstable supply, second, unstable quality control, and third, high cost.

Zhou Wei, the relevant person in charge of Qianji flagship store, also mentioned in an interview that with the current level of craftsmanship, real hair must be hand-sewn to ensure that the scalp is light, thin and breathable, which cannot be replaced by machines, so the cost of real hair is always high. No less.

Although the cost of using real hair is higher, there are still many fans of real hair wigs. According to the above-mentioned person in charge of Rebecca, Rebecca’s ear-hanging dyes are made of real human hair. The color is more advanced and close to the real hair feel. It can be used repeatedly, and it is not easy to get knotted.

The color of the hair is also very important. Many users who buy ear-dyed wigs are looking for the ever-changing trendy colors. Even the names of these colors are very particular. Yan Jinli introduced with a smile: “Eucaly Qing, Green wood ash, aurora purple, mist plum color… The key to these names is – not too earthy.”

Of course, the hair color of the wig did not come from the designer’s head. According to Rebecca, the color and style of the wig must be consistent with the market trend.

For example, the international color authority (Pantone) selects the annual representative fashion color every year, and this year’s bright yellow and extreme gray have attracted much attention as soon as they were released. A few days ago, the female stars on the “Weibo Night” put on yellow dresses. It can be called “a hundred flowers bloom, and yellow is the most beautiful”. And Rebecca also released a new hair color in the spring refreshment season based on this trend.

In addition to hanging ear dyeing, wig accessories such as ponytails, dreadlocks and fluffy ball heads are also widely sought after by young consumers. If they are combined with trendy colors, you can have a brand new look with a single clip of the hairpin, without the need to spend time in the barbershop or worry about the damage caused by repeated bleaching and dyeing.

This is also in line with the “lazy” characteristics of contemporary young people. As a result, wigs and wig accessories have gradually become part of young people’s outfits when they go out.

In order to cater to the preferences of young consumers, Qianji has launched a variety of accessories such as bangs and ear dyeing. Zhou Wei told New Retail Business Review that these bangs with a unit price of about 399 yuan have a repurchase rate of 40% to 50%. .

In addition to developing wig products that are more suitable for young people, marketing and promotion also need to be close to the consumption habits of young people.

It is understood that this year Rebecca will continue to focus on the online market, build a first-class live broadcast room and live broadcast team, and establish a modern warehousing and logistics center to better cooperate with the online market.

The rigid needs of young people are really bald

The colorful wigs are just decoration, and the “job” of wigs is to cover the increasingly touching hairline of young people.

According to data from the my country Health and Medical Commission, among the more than 250 million hair loss people in China, young people have become the main force of hair loss, and the phenomenon of younger age is becoming more and more obvious.

According to statistics from the Department of Dermatology of Shanghai Huashan Hospital in 2020, most of the patients treated for hair loss in the past were people aged 30 to 40. Since 2019, the number of hair loss patients in their twenties who have just graduated from college has suddenly increased to 36%.

Facing the screen of computers and mobile phones for a long time, taking out heavy oil and salt, like to stay up late and sleep less, work and life pressure… These have become the main reasons for young people’s hair loss, and most of them have not been “cured”.

As a result, many young people gave up anti-shedding and chose to wear wigs directly.

Although the popularity of wig accessories such as hanging ear dyeing and false ponytails has made the wig industry “out of the circle”, the people who just need to cover baldness and white hair are still the core users of Rebecca, Qianji, and Aniya’s services.

Zhou Wei told New Retail Business Review that a good wig can make a person ten years younger visually.

If properly maintained, a full real wig can be used for at least 2 to 3 years. It seems to be a “slow-moving product”, but the fashion trend has been changing, and users will inevitably buy wigs in order to meet the trend. Therefore, catching up with fashion trends for users is also a compulsory course for wig brands.

According to reports, the birth of a Qianji wig will allow barbers to design and improve hairstyles according to recent hairstyle trends and user feedback. If you just change the hairstyle, it can be sold on the shelves in about 1 month. If you want to upgrade the product process, it will take about 3 months.

Zhou Wei revealed that Qianji has more than 300,000 users in 2020, and is expected to have more than 2 million users by 2024.

User experience, market education, walking on two legs

Today, the domestic wig market has developed to a critical period. In the interviews with Rebecca, Qianji, and Ainiya, the New Retail Business Review asked them the same question: how can wig products further improve the user experience and expand the user’s awareness? In this regard, their heroes see the same thing, but the implementation path is different.

Providing perfect service and improving user experience is the first step.

The lifespan of a wig is closely related to subsequent maintenance. Online, telling users how to use and maintain wigs in the form of videos and pictures is the most basic service provided by the brand.

In addition to providing users with the necessary care instructions and tools for wigs, Rebecca also provides after-sales services such as washing and care; users of Qianji can send wigs back to the store for maintenance, which has also become a high-end wig brand after-sales service ” Standard”.

Ainiya, which is relatively cheap, is equipped with combs, wig storage and care solution for wig products.

Doing a good job in market education and opening up more channels is the second step.

At present, the acceptance of wigs by domestic users is not high, and they are mainly concentrated in first- and second-tier cities, and market education has a long way to go.

Rebecca has been conducting market education for many years, popularizing the use of wigs through mainstream media, celebrities, KOLs, etc., so that consumers are aware of the importance of wigs to overall styling.

Qianji hopes to open more new channels this year through marketing on Xiaohongshu, Douyin and other platforms, as well as offline layout. In addition , the price of fashionable wigs is also urgent to educate users through content marketing. Zhou Wei said: “Let more people know and use good wig products.”

Yan Jinli, who has been immersed in the wig industry for ten years, not only wants to open up the upstream of the factory, but also wants to connect the downstream – he has also invested in logistics. In addition, he also cooperated with the local government of Tianjin to establish an e-commerce park in his hometown to support the local development of the entire wig industry.

Rebecca and Qianji are both “returnees”, and in Yan Jinli’s plan, Aniya must be in the overseas market in order to go to a wider world.

Good products are the cornerstone, domestic market education, promotion and marketing and channel expansion are the means, and making wigs a fashion that is truly accepted by young people and letting everyone have their own wigs is the best result.

For domestic wig brands, the entire market is in the ascendant, and opportunities are already in front of them…

Today’s topic: Have you ever bought a wig? How did you choose a wig?

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