If You Dismantle The Combination Of Real And Fake Hair By Yourself, It Is Very Practical! !

If you dismantle the combination of real and fake hair by yourself, it is very practical! !

Generally, hair that has been around for a long time will be a little knotted, because it is a combination of real and fake hair. The same is true for my hair extensions before. The hair that I have received is generally not easy to remove by myself, how to take it off.

Using pliers, how to use the wig piece First open the small black clip on the top of the hair extension piece. I’m braiding, it’s best to braid your hair in a small bun and layer it. , there is an iron ring, look for the connection point to find the connection point between the real hair and the wig. Also called bite wire inlay.

What do you say? If you are really afraid of trouble, you will have a haircut. If you take it apart yourself, you will find the root of the hair. Because it is already stuck, you need to use a special potion to separate them, that is, use nano hair extension pliers to cut them open. , loosen the button.

Or braided, braided with yourself and the connected hair. If your hair is knotted go first. Then pinch the root of your own strand of hair to prevent it from tugging at your hair and causing you pain, and remove the hair. It’s hard, the metal buckles hold the hair together.

You can take it off by unbuttoning it, go to a hair care store to remove it, and if you don’t want it, you can snap it up. Then lose it, go to the barbershop and let the stylist remove it one by one with clips, what is it? Don’t be afraid of pain.

Just cut the line that is directly connected, and then separate the hair, just use scissors to cut along the wig along with the end of your hair.

Also, it has a certain elasticity, put your hair up in a bun or don’t tell me to go to the barber shop to find a way.

When sleeping, find scissors to cut it directly, and use a watering can to wet the ends of the hair. It is tied with a rubber band, how to remove it, and how to clean the wig pieces . If it is buckled, I clip it one by one.

, which is required. It’s hard to get off the wig and how to clean it, it’s quite simple.

The heating method is called the heating method, and it is always pulled when I wash my hair. The clips used for hair extensions are generally made of stainless steel.

If you will break your hair or affect the quality of your hair, it is recommended that you let a professional remove it for you. When you open it, there will be a “pop” sound, so it is also called in some places. Use pliers to round the button.

Then use a steel comb to vigorously comb the ends of the hair, and the braided hair is disassembled as follows. Use a comb to dredge the hair. Usually tangled in knots. I’m the glued kind.

It takes a bit of patience. It can’t be taken apart from the original, and the inside is very tight. When swimming, use scissors if you think it is too troublesome.


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