I Really Have A Lot To Say About Girls Wearing Wigs! (Photos)

I really have a lot to say about girls wearing wigs ! (Photos)

I really have a lot to say about girls wearing wigs! For a long time, many people have a prejudice against wearing wigs, and always think that only people with bad hair wear this thing… If you still think this way, it is really outdated. In fact, many girls who know how to match fake bangs now use wigs to add points to their own image, or it is also very good to change their personal image. For example, the problem of bangs, girls may have had such a tangle, they don’t want to have bangs, and they want to stay without bangs. Many girls have this kind of entanglement. So at this moment, a wig can perfectly solve your problem! The following editor will recommend a few good wig stores on Taobao for you. A good wig can not only reduce your age, but also increase your temperament. The following editors have enlarged the tricks for each sister paper:

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1. Hongfa Show

At present, this is the one that I pay attention to the most. In fact, it was recommended by my sister. She said that the quality of this Hongfaxiu wig shop is very good, so I bought it after her recommendation. The editor cannot keep bangs because there is a swirl in the front of the hair, and they all stand up. I have softened and straightened it, and I have it for a month at most, which not only hurts my hair, but is also difficult to take care of. Later, I saw a video of wearing a wig in a circle of friends posted by my little sister. I can’t wait to open it after receiving the goods. The hair is more realistic and the color is very natural, enough to be real. But because of the swirl of the forehead, the bangs are a bit messy no matter how you make them. Generally speaking, it’s okay. You can buy those who don’t have swirls, and they are absolutely beautiful.

2. Orange Town

It is also a reliable store. The quality of his wigs is really good, and there is a wig specialty store in the special area for fake bangs. I have bought a model from his family, the texture is good, and the design will be more careful, and it is more humane when wearing it, so it is also very simple to wear and looks more natural. Because of the quality, the wigs bought by his family are also very easy to take care of. I used the small tools sent by the store to take care of them, and they are very easy to use.

3. Jiao Di

This is the most popular shop on Taobao that sells fakes to stay in the sea in my opinion. The prices of his products are not expensive, and the quality is reliable, so the price is high. I bought it once and found that it is actually hand-woven, with a good invisible effect, and the details are so good that I am moved. This time I recommend it, I believe it is also the choice of many girls, a must-see!

4. Little Seven

Xiaoqijia should have many friends who know it, and some people recommend this store online. The editor has bought fake bangs from his family, which are very natural and docile. At that time, I chose a natural color, and I really couldn’t tell it was a wig when I wore it, and the hair volume was still relatively thick, which was quite suitable for girls with less hair volume. I wore this fake bangs from his family, which perfectly solved my desire for air bangs. I lost my age and became a fairy in one second. I love it! Recently, his family is engaged in activities, and it is more cost-effective to place an order.

5. Youqi

It is relatively well-known, because many Taobao Internet celebrity anchors will recommend her fake bangs. I also bought a fake bangs from his house, and found that the quality was far beyond my expectations. Before, the models I bought in some stores would have some smell, but this time I was more sensitive to the smell and I didn’t smell anything. My hair is naturally black. I tried this color after everyone bought dark brown. I still recommend buying natural black. It will be a little different. This one with sideburns can be worn behind the ears as a bangs style. It is very stable and natural to wear, so I am quite satisfied with his items.

6. Gong Xiu

This one also entered the pit after buying fake bangs. His wigs have a good texture and are not expensive. They are suitable for girls who are trying for the first time. I just bought this one-size-fits-all wig last week. I bought it and played with it, and found that it has a good personality! As soon as I got it, I started fiddling with it. This is the hairstyle of my dreams. Hair is no different from real hair. How the fake bangs are tied , and it is not frizzy. The most important thing is that the scalp at the top of the wig is like the scalp of a real person. This kind will not make the head look too big, and it’s quite natural to go out without washing your hair, which is quite natural.

7. Ace

Note that this brand store has men’s models, and boys also recommend everyone to try the wonder and magic of changing hairstyles in seconds! I like the air bangs of Aisi’s family the most. There are sideburns and no sideburns, which are suitable for girls with different face shapes. The quality of Aisi’s fake bangs is really good. No matter the appearance or touch, it is the same as the real one. Friends say that I wear it very cute and natural!

8. Butterfly Wig

Meidie has been paying attention to this store for a long time, but they have never bought it before. This time, I liked one of his bangs, so I tried to buy it at his house once. I bought a fake bangs with a playful attitude. I didn’t expect the effect to be surprisingly good. This light brown can be integrated with my own hair color, and it can’t be seen as fake at all. I am very satisfied with the effect.

9. Seventh Street Queen

One of the most fashionable and personalized wig quality stores in this article, they are all young and popular, and there are many popular styles, such as this haze blue in the picture above, which really fulfilled my dream! The color of this wig is so beautiful. I wanted to cut a model’s hairstyle at the barber shop, but if I don’t dare to dye my real hair this color, why don’t I buy a wig like this and try it out. As a result, I wear it very naturally. Different, it feels good.

10. Hengfa

The word of mouth is an old shop. The first wig I bought when I was in college was in Hengfa’s home. The quality is very good. I used it several times at that time. Recently, I bought this big wavy style in his house for taking pictures. The color is beautiful and the same as the real thing. Sometimes it is very convenient to use this baby to match clothes temporarily and do not want to change the hairstyle.

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