I Have Bad Hair And I Have Been Wanting To Shave It For Over A Month!

I have bad hair and I have been wanting to shave it for over a month!


I’ll tell you with practical actions~ First, put your forehead into the wig , and then slightly bow your head. How to wear a boy’s wig , just pull the back and drill directly into it, then adjust the front of the wig, send the forehead up, and watch Okay!


The whole process is very fast, and it takes only one or two minutes to become skilled in two or three times.

You don’t even need a hairnet, it’s very convenient~

Here are some of my “experiences” for your reference~


I have bad hair and have been wanting to shave it. Later, regardless of the 3721, I really shaved it. To be honest, it really takes courage! When the scissors go down, the mood is so complicated! ! ! For the first time in my life… The long curly hair was cut into a dog-like shape, and then I had to push and shave…

Later, I put on a wig. I bought short hair and thought it looked more real.

What amazes me is that the wig is better to wear if it is shaved. There is no need for a hairnet, just pull it directly on the head, and you can go out in a few minutes every morning! I go to school in Ningxia, the wind is quite strong, and maybe there is a sandstorm, but it’s really sticky, I don’t have to worry about it falling off at all~ It’s not resizing like others said, I don’t understand the reason. Ha, but I don’t have a big head. For comfort, the outermost buckle I use still won’t fall off~~


Four or five winds can’t blow down!

And I also found out magically that wearing a wig with a bald head is less likely to fall out than wearing a wig with hair!

I have been shaving for more than a month, and it has grown a little bit by about a centimeter… But wearing a wig does not affect how to wear a wig for a new hair growth boy , you can go to the wig shop and see it, this is just like wearing a hat Pretty much, so don’t worry.

It’s been a long process… I’m touching and touching every day now, hehe~

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