I Did Dreadlocks For This Post And Haven’t Washed My Hair For Five Days

I did dreadlocks for this post and haven’t washed my hair for five days

I dreaded my hair for this post and haven’t washed my hair for five days.

When my fellow black lady started braiding me, I asked her how long the dreads would last.

She thought about it and answered me for a month, but I endured it until the third week and then removed them all, thinking that the braids didn’t work hard and the shelf life was too short.

As for another classic question about dreadlocks – “How often do I wash my hair?” The lady told me not to wash my hair for a week.

At that time, I also swore to tell my little sister that I could not only bear it, but also write a thousand-word “forbearance” on the eve of shampooing.

But now, it has been five days since the last time I washed my hair. When I started scratching my scalp every few minutes, I suddenly recovered from procrastination and began to write frantically. I wrote this article about dreadlocks and cultural differences in one go. ‘s article.

Before we start: praise the excellent lady

The name of the lady who helped me with the dreadlocks is called, and she is one of the few people in my profession with dark skin.

Her eyes twinkled when I looked at them.

She has typical black facial features, a thick and flat nose, and a slightly upturned mouth, but when they are combined on the little sister’s palm-sized face, these facial features suddenly have an indescribable harmony and beauty.

She was born and raised in Nashville and is now a graduate student at Vanderbilt with me.

Perhaps it was nourished by the environment of humanistic care in southern cities since childhood, and the ideal of the future is also very loving, which is to help children from low-income families go to good universities.

It was this lovely lady who patiently spent six and a half hours braiding my dreadlocks.

During this period of time, I fell asleep several times because I was used to being drowsy in class. Every time I wanted Miss Sister to take a break, she just smiled and silently accelerated the speed of braiding.

As a “sleepy habitual offender”, I also feel sorry for such a gentle lady.

So in order to prevent myself from falling asleep again, I picked up the topic of “the origin of dreadlocks” and started researching.


Dreadlocks are a form of braiding hair, and braiding originated in Africa from 5,000 to 3,500 years ago, and the history is almost as long as the history of human civilization.

Beginning with the Himba tribe in Namibia, a person’s braided hair style reveals information about the person’s marital status, tribe, social status, age, beliefs, wealth, and more.


For the Native Americans, hair is the carrier of the soul in Indian civilization.

Braided hair can make all kinds of ideas blend in , and tying the hair also binds the inextricable unity.

Source: wemp.app

In Chinese culture, there is also a tradition of braiding hair. The big braids in the Qing Dynasty and the Tibetan braids of Tibetan girls are all unique ethnic hairstyles.

In addition to occupying a place in various civilizations, because braiding takes a long time, the process of braiding has also become a way of socializing.

In the history of human development, weaving has unknowingly carried the work of cultural display and exchange.

In the braid: the chatter can’t stop

Making dreadlocks is not an easy task, because I have short hair, which makes braiding more difficult. I have to fix the wig on my head first, and then braid it into a single braid.

But intimately, before I went to her house, I had already prepared the braided wig.

As soon as she walked into the house, she smelled a very fresh smell, which she said was the aroma of the smell.

Now mixed with a scent of strawberry-flavored hairspray, the hypnotic scent that was sent to my face by the conditioned air, making me drowsy.

In order to maintain a good mental outlook in front of me, I started to turn on the chattering mode and asked her a lot of strange questions. While I was sober, I also hoped to let her have some fun in the boring and repetitive braiding movements.


You are making up a name for my stuff, so what is it?

: You are probably talking about something called, this kind of hair literally means extreme fear and awe. This hair is messy, but symbolizes a natural, unindustrialized life. A lot of it is done with mud, but it’s natural.


I see a lot of black girls wear wigs, is this also a tradition?

: Is it? My hair is 3b, I don’t think it looks very good, so I often wear wigs. I have a lot of wigs and have a lot of options. Hair has a very specific classification in our community, distinguished by the degree of frizz and volume. 1a is smooth and straight hair, 4c is curly and fluffy hair. People have different preferences, but I still wish I had straighter hair.



I think you are very good-looking. You are considered a very good-looking girl among black people, right? Also, what kind of little brother do you like?

: I don’t know if I’m pretty. Many black boys like girls with lighter skin, and the darker the girl, the less marketable it is. Regardless of the facial features, dark skin seems to be a fatal flaw. I myself prefer chocolate-colored boys, probably because my skin tone is also chocolate-colored. I think this kind of short wig pictures for girls is not good . Although they have been advocating racial equality, it is actually a very long process, and none of us know whether we will have the desired ending in the end.

We talked a lot, but my mood wasn’t as light as when I first stepped in the door.

Questions about skin color and racial equality seem to be normal, but my heart is in waves.

It seems that in the eyes of most people, skin color has become the definition of beauty, and her shining eyes, beautiful skin, slightly curled lips, personalized dress, and even the self-confidence from the inside out, can’t be a beauty. A reason to praise “beauty”.

Her hands kept creating a beauty that belongs to black culture for me, and I couldn’t help but add a voice to her beauty.

After having dreadlocks: people’s reactions

(Finally got a chance to put up a selfie to make myself look good again.)

During my week with dreadlocks, I’ve chatted with many people about their dreadlocks experience, and seen attitudes toward this form of cultural exchange in a diverse American environment.

Diversity has its benefits, but with race comes a wariness of other cultures.

From the feedback given to me by different races, I clearly understand the gap between cultural traditions.

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