How To Wear The Wig That Covers The Top Of The Head? Teach You The Right Way, Watch The Video

How to wear the wig that covers the top of the head ? Teach you the right way, watch the video

Partial hair loss problems, such as high hairline or baldness, can be solved by customizing partial wigs. After the wigs are made, of course, we need to learn how to wear them. The question is: how to wear the wigs that cover the top of the head?


What is a wig


Wig piece is a kind of headgear produced by real hair or wig through the hair piece production process. There are different colors, lengths and curvatures to choose from. It is more convenient and beautiful to make hairstyles. According to the clip on the hair piece, it can be divided into one clip hair piece , two clip hair piece, three clip hair piece, five clip hair piece, etc. The five-clip hair piece can also be called a one-piece wig. The wigs that cover the top of the head are generally customized hair pieces for bald wigs.

How to wear the wig that covers the top of the head? Teach you the right way, watch the video



There is one characteristic of the film that you have to remember clearly. The first point is that it is the strongest when you just change the new film. You can play and swim, but the top of your head must be dry before applying the film. You don’t have to be afraid of anything . Wear the hair extensions, just play with whatever you want. The second point is that the film is used back and forth. For example, you take it off when you go to bed at night, and you take it off the next morning. You will feel that the glue is not too tight. The characteristic of our glue is that the more it encounters the temperature, the stronger it is, that is to say, don’t move it back and forth after the second time it is glued. When you try it, it will stick more firmly than taught. The third point is that the top of our head must be kept dry before wearing our hair. There should be no oil or a lot of sweat and dandruff. Clean them up and wear them, you just need to press From the three points I said, you don’t have to worry about the glue being not strong. Add a little film and don’t stick it upside down. The red sticky creature’s scalp with a white letter on it sticks to your own scalp.

The above is the detailed content about “how to wear the wig that covers the top of the head?”, I hope it can help everyone.

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