How To Wear Men’s Short Hair Wigs, In Fact, Men’s Wigs Are Simpler Than Women’s Wigs

How to wear men’s short hair wigs , in fact, men’s wigs are simpler than women’s wigs

How to wear men’s short hair wigs, in fact, men’s wigs are simpler than women’s wigs.

If it is a good quality wig, you only need to put it on the head from front to back, then find the correct position of the wig, and smooth it with your hands. It is natural and beautiful, and it does not take more than 1 minute before and after.

Of course, if you are using an ordinary wig, you need to pay special attention to the size and quality of the wig, and don’t wear it for a long time, because it is easy to cause hair allergies.

If you are troubled by hair loss and your hair volume is relatively sparse, then we still recommend you to choose high-end real hair wigs that are custom made invisible and seamless.


invisible seamless wig

This is a product specially designed for hair loss consumers. Since the raw material is 100% real human hair , it is designed to imitate growth by hand, so the authenticity is very high , the comfort is very good, the breathability is not stuffy sweat.

After wearing the invisible seamless wig, not only can it be perfectly integrated with our own hair, but also because it is very light, it is lighter than a pair of glasses, only 10 grams to 15 grams, so you usually feel uncomfortable. To its existence, it is very suitable for long-term wear.


Mr. Bao, who is in his 30s in Guangzhou, has severe hair loss. He has tried many times for hair growth to no avail. Later, he learned about our technology through online information, and specially went to the Guangzhou direct store to learn about it.

When he came to the store for the third time, after carefully watching the process and effect of a customer’s custom hair, after discussing with his wife how to wear a boy’s wig , he customized a short men’s wig.

Although I feel that the price is not cheap, but you get what you get for every penny, and the effect is still very satisfactory to Mr. Bao. He said that the appearance has changed, and he feels more confident to go to work in the company now.


How to wear men’s short hair wigs, do you need to cut your hair?

Invisible seamless wigs are designed and trimmed on site, so not everyone needs to trim their hair.

Generally, according to your situation, the parts that lack hair will be trimmed to make the wig more natural to wear, but your original hair will basically remain unchanged.

Of course, if you are totally bald, or have a lot of white hair overall, you need to do a full-head hair cover, which does not require shaving.

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