How To Wear Male Wigs

How to wear male wigs

Revelation: Where to buy hair extensions from the end of the hair or the root of the hair, you can find it by searching for women’s long wig shops on the map. Generally, there are many physical stores in first-tier cities, but they are generally opened in office buildings, and physical stores have There are many, so it is recommended that you compare a few more, listen to the explanation of the customer service, and choose according to your own situation. It is generally recommended to wear hand-crocheted wigs with human hair. ,Jason wig boys generally have short hair, which looks masculine and capable, and at the same time takes into account the fashionable personality of young people, so the wig must be able to match the image, youth and occupation, and it can be worn for a long time, so It also takes into account comfort and breathability.



Beijing is a first-tier city that sells male wigs, but if you can buy the one that suits you, you need to search for some physical stores online, and go to the physical store to compare the difference between each craft. Department stores and street stores are generally finished products. For customization, if you want better results, you can go to the specialty store in the office building. This kind of products mainly sells handmade real hair products. You can choose how to wear male wigs for both professional spot and customization. You can trim and match the hairstyle according to the face shape on the spot.


I have worn several kinds of wigs. At first, I wore fiber hair, which was very cheap, but I could not wear it after I bought it home and washed it once, because it was all knotted and messed up. Then I started the wig understanding mode, and then I wore a real person. The hair quality is fine, but the ones I bought were not handmade ones. I wore them for a month, and it was too hot in the summer, so I finally bought a handmade wig, which I still wear now. It’s more comfortable, sometimes I don’t remember wearing something, because the handmade is a very thin layer of net, and the hair is real hair, so it’s hard for outsiders to see that it’s a wig, and it’s very breathable, so I’m still very satisfied, you can search Search the engine to find the address and phone number of the hair weaving shop. Hard to find outside.

Jason’s wigs are customized for real hair tops. You can search a few more maps on the map. Generally, physical stores are located in commercial office buildings. You can customize the head. If you wear it for a long time, you should focus on the effect and ventilation. Experience and compare the differences between different processes, shop around to see more products, and choose based on breathability and realism. , You have to try it yourself, you can only pay after cutting it. If you choose a hairdressing shop, you should ask in advance if you can try it on and pay after you are satisfied. If you can, then the quality of the product must be good. If it is a full head, try your best. Choose custom, measure your head circumference, and place an order in the factory. Although the cycle is long, it is more docile and suitable to wear. Breathability should also be considered, so try on a few more on the spot to feel it. ,Because human hair requires more than 40 processing procedures, it is not as simple as simply cutting the human hair and directly crocheting it. The processing of human hair requires a special factory with special technology, plus it is purely manual, that is, crocheting the hair. On the woven mesh, the hair is very thin. Imagine that it is much harder than knitting sweaters. You have better eyesight, and the requirements for workers are relatively high. You have to be able to sit and sit. It can be done, it is a laborious manual work. The factory’s manual cost plus the cost of real hair must not be cheap. If the price is cheap, the interns crochet cheap but the craftsmanship is rough . How to wear a male wig? Row. So cheap and delicate manual work is not available. ,To judge the quality of women’s wig headgear, it depends on hair quality, craftsmanship, net bottom, after-sales service, etc. The hair quality is best to choose the braided hair of real hair, the crochet process is the best hand crochet, and the bottom of the net Try to choose a breathable and durable mesh bottom, and finally after-sales service. Good brand after-sales service is naturally comprehensive, which can effectively ensure the service life of the wig. There are many customized channels for replacement hair, but because it is a personal item, it is suitable for you. It is very good, so you need to go to the physical store to try it on yourself. When trying it on, the key is to see how it feels to wear it, whether it is applied, how realistic it is, and whether the scalp is breathable and comfortable. If there is no problem, then you can tailor the same product.

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