How To Wear Male Wigs? Three Precautions In The Process Of Daily Use Of Wigs! Do You Know?

How to wear male wigs ? Three precautions in the process of daily use of wigs! do you know?

The guy who came to us this time came from Wuhan, probably because it was relatively close. Several people have come from Wuhan recently, and they can go back on the same day after the cut.

The young man actually has a lot of hair, mainly because the hair on the top of the head is a little less, and then the hairline is slightly moved back. In this case, it is more suitable to use clips to fix it, especially the hair on both sides of him is relatively small. There are many, so it is very easy to fix with clips, and it will be very natural when connecting with the wig.

The guy himself is very handsome, but unfortunately his appearance was sealed by his hairstyle. After wearing a hair replacement and trimming it, it was like a different person. According to me, it was like returning to high school.

The specific trimming and wearing process is in the video below, and interested friends can watch it~

After reading the wearing and trimming, let me tell you about the three major precautions in the daily use of wigs!

1. Jumping silk

Because the net bottom of the wig is crocheted with cloth and silk, there will be holes, and during daily use, a few hairs will jump through the holes to the other side of the inner net. As long as it is not caused by rubbing the wig in a large area, it is very normal to occasionally have a few strands, just cut it off or pull it out directly.

2. Cleaning

For wigs like hair replacement blocks, the main reason is that the inner net and the scalp are more likely to be dirty. When cleaning, you can apply shampoo or conditioner on the inner net, gently wipe it evenly, and then rinse it off. It is best not to rush the hair backwards. You can rush down from the inner net position, so that the washed hair will not be entangled.

Another point to pay special attention to is that when cleaning the wig, you must not rub it. Rubbing will damage the scales of the wig, make the wig hairy, and easily lead to silk. The wig itself does not produce oil, so it will not be particularly dirty, and it can be washed lightly.

3. Essential oils

The wig will dry out more easily after long-term use, so you can use hair care essential oils to protect the wig from the outside and provide nutritional supplements. After washing your hair, before blow-drying, when it is wet, you can apply two or three drops of essential oil, or apply two or three drops of essential oil before using the splint and curling iron, which can greatly reduce the damage to the wig caused by high temperature.

How to wear a male wig after drying the hair , you can apply a drop of essential oil, so that the hair will be very smooth after the treatment, be careful not to wear too many male wigs , the hair will become very greasy.

The following video has a detailed explanation of the above three precautions, and interested friends can also watch it!

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