How To Wear A Wig

How to wear a wig

The little blogger reviewed the articles he wrote before, only to find that there is not a serious guide on how to wear a wig so far. In fact, there are many ways to wear wigs, so the little blogger will teach you how to wear wigs today.

Wig wearing should be divided into two groups, one is wearing wigs with hair, and the other is wearing wigs with bald heads. So let’s talk about how to wear a wig if you have hair

one. Guidelines for wearing wigs for groups with hair

There are many people who think that wearing a wig only needs to put a set on the head and it’s done . Can boys wear wigs with short hair? In fact, this is not the case. Wearing a wig is not a simple thing, it is also a technical job, and practice makes perfect.

First of all, we need to wrap our hair with a hair net. This wrapping is not a simple wrapping. We need to make the wrapped hair evenly as a whole, otherwise the uneven place will bulge when wearing a wig. Sometimes it even looks bigger.

There are many ways to make your hair even. There are many introductions on the Internet . Can boys wear wigs with short hair? I will explain them in detail here:

1. Braid method

The braid method is to braid your hair into small braids one after another before putting on the hair net. Or make a big braid and wrap the big braid again. I don’t recommend this method very much. One is more troublesome. Another is that there will always be rubber bands or the braided braids are hard after braiding or tying the hair. It is very easy to have bulges on the head and appear uneven. . Therefore, the method of tying or braiding hair first and then wearing a hair net is not the best way to wear a hair net in my opinion.

2. A whole brain is stuffed in and then kneaded evenly

This method lives up to its name: simple and no-brainer. We put the hair net directly into the neck, then pull up the loose end of the hair net, wrap the hair all in, and then knead it evenly by hand. After carefully kneading, the head is round like a ball, and there will be no bumps and bags at all, and it will no longer affect the wearing effect of the wig.

3. No hairnet method

The short-haired lady can just wear a wig without wearing a hairnet. But a few days ago, there was a customer lady. Her own hair was long to the shoulders, and then she bought a wig that reached the shoulders. When wearing it, she didn’t do any treatment or wear a hair net, so she just put the wig on her head. Yes, the result turned out to be quite good, you can also try it a little bit.

When wearing a hair net, the front edge of the net should be aligned with your hairline. If you feel that the hair net is bald and unstable, then put a few clips at the closing position of the hair net to fix it.

After the hair net is put on, you can wear the wig. When wearing the wig, touch the small ears on both sides. As long as the small ears are exactly aligned with each other, the wig will not be crooked. After the position of the hairline in front of the wig is also aligned, then fasten the small clips on both sides and the back, and the wig is even worn. Finally, use a hair dryer, curling iron, etc. to organize the shape, perfect!

To summarize the steps of wearing:

1. Spread the hair net with both hands, place the elastic end of the hair net downward, and put it into the neck.

2. Hold the loose end of the hairnet with both hands and pull it up to cover the hair; the tight end is down, pressing the hairline. Be careful not to let the real hair slip through the net.

3. Pull up the tail of the hairnet, wrap the real hair completely, spread it in the hairnet, knead it evenly with your hands, and fix the closing position with a hairpin to avoid slipping.

4. Turn up the bangs of the wig and wear it from the front of the head to the back; after wearing the entire wig, pull the lining cloth at the temples of the wig with both hands to make it stick to the top of the ears. (Additionally: If the wig is inappropriate, you can adjust the elastic adjustment buckle behind the inner net)

5. Comb and adjust to a suitable position to ensure accurate and symmetrical wearing position.

two. Bald Head Wearing Guide

Wearing a bald head is not so much. You should pay attention to the size of the wig that matches your head circumference. You can also omit all the steps of wearing the hair net in front, and just put the wig directly on your head. However, because the bald head cannot be fixed with a clip, those who are afraid of being unstable can wear it with tape or glue.

Wearing a wig needs to be practiced slowly, and it is almost never as good as a fried chicken when you just start wearing a wig. The method of wearing a wig is not static. You can slowly find the most suitable method for you according to the characteristics of your hair.

Finally, let’s put a video taken a long time ago when our model was just learning to wear a wig.

The last straw to save the bald girl

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