How To Wear A Realistic Wig Ponytail? Filigree Dance Wig Fake Ponytail

How to wear a realistic wig ponytail? Filigree dance wig fake ponytail

For short-haired cute girls who like long hair, it takes too long to see themselves with a ball head or a fluffy ponytail! The hair is not long enough, and they want to tie a good-looking ponytail, in addition to expensive and laborious joint hair , we can also choose a ponytail with a wig. How to wear a realistic wig ponytail? How to wear a filigree dance wig and a fake ponytail? Let’s take a look at how to wear a filigree dance wig.

1. Realistic filigree dance wig ponytail wearing tutorial

Step One: Twist the top area and secure with small bobby pins. Step 2: Snap the fake ponytail into the bottom of the top area where it is clipped. Step 3: Use a comb to scrape the place where it will be handed over, in order to make the ponytail more natural. Step 4: Stagger left and right, modify the wig at the junction with a diagram , and use the mirror to adjust to the best position.

2. How to wear a fake ponytail for filigree dance

1. First, comb your hair neatly.

1. Girls who wear ponytails usually don’t have particularly long hair, so we need to comb our hair neatly first. 2. Comb the hair to the back of the head and tie it with a rubber band. The broken hair next to it or the hair that is not enough to be tucked into the rubber band can be fixed with a black clip.

2. Wear a wig.

1. The top of the fake ponytail has a type of comb-like clip, which is inserted into the elastic band that holds the hair. 2. For the sake of beauty, there are ribbons next to the fake ponytail. It can be used to wrap the rubber band and tie a bow, you can also wear some other hair accessories, it will be more beautiful and natural.

3, take care of fake ponytail.

1. After the above steps are completed, you can use a comb to comb the fake ponytail to make it look more fluffy and natural. 2. Like our hair, fake ponytails need to be cleaned if they are worn for a long time. It is recommended to wash the wig once a week or so . You can soak it in cold water for 20 minutes, then rub it with a two-in-one shampoo. After washing, use a towel to absorb the moisture, and then dry it naturally.

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