How To Wash The Wig To Ensure It Is Clean And Hygienic? What Are The Cleaning Methods?

How to wash the wig to ensure it is clean and hygienic? What are the cleaning methods?

Wearing wigs is very common nowadays. Young people play role-playing, adults cover baldness, and elderly people can’t do without wigs. However, the care of wigs must be timely, otherwise it will easily cause serious negative effects on hair health. For more information on how to wear wigs, please click.

You must know that although the wig itself does not produce oil, it is easily contaminated with the oil secreted by our scalp and the dust particles floating in the air. Over time, head mites will breed, and the problem of too many head mites will become serious.


These invisible bugs multiply very fast, and they have sharp weapons in their mouths. They feed on scalp oils and nutrients. They like to attack the weak skin of the human body and enter the interior to obtain a steady stream of food, which will cause the scalp to become more and more oily. How to clean the wigs , the hair becomes dull and dull, the dandruff increases greatly, and signs such as itching, erythema, pimples, and acne appear. In severe cases, the hair roots will become unstable, and there is a possibility of hair loss!

Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to when wearing a wig is to keep it clean.

So how to wash the wig to ensure it is clean and hygienic?


Cleaning a wig is actually similar to shampooing your hair: first soak your hair in warm water with shampoo for about 5 to 10 minutes, then wash it and add conditioner and rewash it again, and finally rinse it thoroughly with water. It can ensure that the wig is clean and supple.

However, there are several points to pay attention to when cleaning wigs:

1. Before washing the wig, it is necessary to straighten out how to clean the hair wig , untie or cut off the knotted hair, and avoid causing more hair to be mixed together during the cleaning process.


2. When cleaning the wig, do not rub it with your hands. Use your fingers to dredge the hair and gently grab and rub it.

3; If it is a lady’s wig with long straight hair, wavy curls, etc., it must not be combed to the end when combing, but must be combed in sections, and it should be combed upwards from the beginning of the hair foot.

In addition, there are many types of wigs. There are real hair wigs, rayon wigs, and real and fake wigs. If it is a machine-made fiber wig, it cannot be washed, because after washing, the hair It collapsed and deformed, and the seamless wig made by pure hair can even be washed directly on the hair, so it is necessary to distinguish what type of wig you bought and whether it can be washed or not.

For those with bald hair loss or those who love beauty and the elderly who want to change their image, if they want to buy a wig, it is recommended to buy a specially made wig, not only because it is more realistic and beautiful, but also more breathable and not easy to sweat, wigs It is also easy to clean, so it is safer from the perspective of hair health.

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