How To Wash The Wig The Sun Is Lucky To Shine On The Ridge Of The Roof, Penetrating Three Thousand Beautiful Silk. Hello, Xiao Ai, Here I Come Again!

How to wash the wig The sun is lucky to shine on the ridge of the roof, penetrating three thousand beautiful silk. Hello, Xiao Ai, here I come again!

The sun is fortunate to shine on the ridge of the roof, penetrating the silk of three thousand beauties. Hello friends, Xiao Ai, here I come again!

Today I’m going to talk to you about wigs.

Wearing a wig now is not a shameful thing, open the Internet, there are many videos showing girls and boys wearing wigs to show themselves, not to mention, it looks really good, the editor has stocked up and is taking pictures time to use.

In fact, when I hold the long wig in my hand, I feel a little nervous. Xiao Ai thought about it, probably because I had seen a lot of white clothes and long hair how to wash the female ghost wig before , leaving a shadow in my heart.

Clang, clang, here comes a one-minute little knowledge about hair!

Wigs are commonly divided into real wigs and high-temperature chemical filaments.

Most of the real wigs are collected from barber shops or professional hawkers, and then processed and shaped. Its excellence lies in its extremely high fidelity, and it will not be knotted when combed. It can be washed, dyed, and concave-shaped wigs , and it is even better than some real hair.

Now the common one is called high-temperature chemical fiber, which has achieved a more realistic feeling, but it can still be distinguished by hand. However, for those with sensitive scalps, high-temperature chemical fibers may cause some itching and redness.

The broken hair we usually go to the barbershop is not suitable for wigs. It takes specific skills to cut hair suitable for wigs, so don’t worry too much about your hair being sold to others in a confused way.

So how to judge whether a wig is good or not?

The wigs of poor quality now either look shiny or frizzy. Some wigs lose half of them as soon as they are washed, and they cannot be reused at all. That kind of cheap wig can really only live in beauty and filters. Under natural light, we can see it at a glance.

Keep in mind that the more wigs look like real hair, the better, and of course the more expensive they are.

Today’s sharing about wigs is here. If you think it’s not bad, please give me a little attention~

Here I will share hair care knowledge and hairstyle inventory from time to time, so that your hair can also become your plus point like makeup!

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