How To Wash The Dirty Wig? What Are The Methods Of Cleaning Precautions?

How to wash the dirty wig ? What are the methods of cleaning precautions?

How to wash the wig if it is dirty? Precautions for cleaning the wig. Although the wig is not real hair , how to clean the wig needs to be cleaned after wearing it for a period of time. The cleaning of the wig is more troublesome than the real hair. Damage the wig. How to wash the dirty wig 1. Before cleaning the wig, stand up the wig and use a wooden comb with loose teeth

Although the wig is not real hair, it needs to be cleaned after wearing it for a period of time. The cleaning of the wig is more troublesome than the real hair. If it is not cleaned correctly, it will cause many problems in the wig and easily damage the wig.

How to wash the dirty wig

1. Before cleaning the wig, stand up the wig and use a wooden comb with looser teeth to comb the wig.

2. Turn the wig over from the inside to the outside, and expose the inner wig for easy cleaning.

3. Add shampoo in cold water and mix until foaming, then soak your hair in water for 2-3 minutes, avoid prolonged soaking in water and avoid using hot water for washing.

4. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning method. Do not use the method of rubbing and washing to scrub the wig. The correct method should be to use the pressing method.

5. After using the pressing method to clean the wig, rinse it fully, then add conditioner in the water and soak the wig in the water for 2-3 minutes, no need to rinse again!

6. Use a dry towel to gently press the wig to dry . How to clean the wig , put it indoors and let the wig dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer to dry it.

7. After drying, use a wooden comb to comb lightly. For synthetic fiber wigs, do not comb the wig when it is still wet, which will reduce the curl of the wig, and another synthetic fiber is combined with human hair. The wigs can be combed semi-wet.

8. Generally speaking, the wig should be cleaned once a week after wearing it.

9. If you want the wig to be softer and more beautiful, you can spray the hair spray on it after the hair is dry, it will be very beautiful.

Wig cleaning precautions

1. Use warm water to wash wigs

When washing the wig, first soak the wig in warm water (15-30 degrees is preferred) for about 5 minutes. Overheating the water will reduce the life of the wig.

2. Absolutely cannot be washed in a washing machine

The strong rotation of the washing machine may cause the wig to fall off a lot, or even loose.

3. Shampoo should be gentle

Use a small amount of gentle shampoo and hand scrub, do not use too much force or soak for a long time.

4. Natural air-drying

After cleaning, do not use the washing machine to dry, nor use the blower or put it in the sun to dry. It is the most correct way to use a dry towel to absorb water and then dry it naturally.

5. The wig should be ventilated and ventilated

Although the wig is not real hair, air permeability should also be considered when storing it, otherwise the residual moisture and shampoo will easily corrode the wig.

What to do if the wig is knotted after washing

1. Put the wig back in the original package if you don’t wear it, put it on the net, and put it flat!

2. Although the wig can be washed, it is not recommended to wash it frequently. Generally, it is washed once every 1-2 months!

3. The wig should be washed with cold water and room temperature water. When washing, soak it in shampoo with foam for a while, and then rinse it with water! Be careful not to rub it with your hands, but to gently knead it. It is easy to use conditioner to wash, if you want to rinse with water, the water flow must be fine!

4. After washing, do not wring it out. Try not to blow the cleaned wig with high temperature wind such as a hair dryer. Use a dry towel to gently absorb the excess water on the wig and hang it in a ventilated and cool place to dry in the shade!

5. Don’t comb the wig immediately after washing, wait for the wig to dry before combing! It is best to use a steel comb for the comb, and you must not comb it to the end, but gently comb it!

6. When combing a long wig, divide the wig into several sections, comb from bottom to top, be sure to gently, gently, and be patient!

7. If the wig has been used for a long time and it is not easy to comb, don’t pull it hard, you should spray the non-oily maintenance solution for wigs, and then slowly and carefully open it!

8. MMs be careful not to spray gel water, hair wax and other styling agents for real hair on the wig!

9. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss in the process of finishing and wearing!

How to store wigs

When you come home and take off the wig and don’t plan to continue wearing it, then take off the wig, don’t fold it, don’t throw it aside, but comb the wig’s hair smoothly, and then put it on some suitable racks so that the wig will not become so messy and rough the next time you wear it.


How to wash the dirty wig

Wig cleaning precautions

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