How To Tie Fake Bangs With Good Faith2019-03-19Hello, Everyone, Warm And Caring Editor

How to tie fake bangs with good faith2019-03-19Hello, everyone, warm and caring editor

Zhao Lusi has reached a new level of beauty, but she just wears fake bangs and instantly understands why she keeps showing her forehead


Integrity good show2019-03-19

Hello, everyone, the warm and caring editor is here again~ Now that the temperature is gradually rising, I have taken off my thick cotton coat and put on spring clothes. How about you? But the only constant is that I love my job very much, as always. I believe that everyone wants to know the latest reports, and the editor will give you detailed reports every day, so that you can know more and understand more. At the same time, the editor is also a lover of gossip entertainment, so the editor will give you every day. You bring the latest news, let everyone watch it, and bring you novelty and surprises. Of course, the gossip news brought by the editor is also quite rich. If you want to know more news and entertainment, follow the editor at The most correct choice, the editor will bring you the latest content and surprises every day, so that my watchers can learn about the latest star life, the editor will start to share today’s entertainment news! After reading it, you can leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Speaking of Zhao Lusi, many people will think that this girl is very similar to Zhao Liying. After all, her round face and sweet smile look like a baby face from a distance, and she really wants to be kissed. I don’t know if you have noticed that Zhao Lusi is in 1998, really a girl in the flowering season, and although Zhao Lusi is not big, she is not very popular. After all, Zhao Lusi has already filmed a lot of TV dramas since his debut. Let’s take a look together.


In fact, the editor first met Zhao Lusi through the role of Luo Feifei in “Oh, His Majesty the Emperor”, and her ambiguous relationship with Xiao Zhan in the play really made the editor love and hate it. After all, Zhao Lusi finally chose the male lead. In addition to this TV series, Zhao Lusi also participated in other TV series , such as “The Legend of the Blue Sac”, “Journey to the West: The Messenger of the Altar”, “The Most Beautiful Thing” and “Phoenix Prisoner”, these Have you seen the TV show?


Also because of Zhao Lusi’s good looks and acting skills, Zhao Lusi has gained countless fans overnight after “Oh, His Majesty the Emperor”, and now Zhao Lusi’s popularity has been slowly increasing, isn’t she particularly inspirational? But everyone found out that Zhao Lusi has a full forehead in many shapes, and rarely see Zhao Lusi with bangs. Of course, Zhao Lusi’s exposed forehead also shows her advantages. After all, Zhao Lusi has a round baby face? But after seeing so many round faces, let’s take a look at the shape of bangs.

As can be seen from the picture below, Zhao Lusi is wearing a fake bangs, and the air bangs cover Zhao Lusi’s forehead. Although Zhao Lusi still looks cute and sweet, the most important thing is to change Zhao Lusi’s small round face into a v-face , do you feel particularly surprised? And Zhao Lusi, who has a lot of poses, looks extra sweet, doesn’t she? There is absolutely no resistance to such sweet and lovely Zhao Lusi.

How about it, everyone, do you have anything to say after reading this report? You are welcome to express your opinions below and discuss with the editors. Friends who like the editor have read their favorite words. Remember to give me a like. The editor will continue to work hard, and at the same time, it can also promote the progress of the editor. As the saying goes, learn from each other ‘s strengths and make up for the shortcomings, how to tie fake bangs . I also hope that you can pay attention to me and I will have the latest content to share every day. Everyone should read it in time. The daily reports of the editor will let you watch as much as you like!

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