How To Perm Short Hair So As Not To Look Old?

How to perm short hair so as not to look old?

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Use the scissors to rub one knife on the left and one knife on the right.

Bangs, also known as bangs, bangs, refers to short hair hanging on the forehead, which can be divided into big bangs, oblique bangs, ultra-short bangs, etc.

According to legend, there was a fairy boy named Liu Hai in the Tang Dynasty (see the Annals of Fengyang, Anhui). In folklore, bangs always cover (drop down) a neat row of short hair on the forehead, looking childish and cute.

To this end, the painter painted a portrait of a fairy boy, with bangs as an example, with short hair hanging down his forehead, riding on a toad, and dancing a string of money. Later, the short hair on people’s foreheads was called “bangs”.

Wang Tao’s “Songbin Suohua” in the Qing Dynasty: “The face is the same as the full moon, the eyes are like stars, only the hairpin is in a bun, like the bangs painted in the world.”

The nineteenth chapter of Li Boyuan’s “Little History of Civilization” in the Qing Dynasty: “When everyone looked up, they saw that everyone was wearing leather shoes with big feet and air bangs . How to wear a wig with bangs on the top and loose legs on the bottom.”

Many people do not know the origin of “Liu Hai” without research, and often write “Liu Hai”, which is wrong.

2: How to wear a wig with bangs?

wig eight characters


You should change your hair into short hair so that you can wear it better. If the girl has long hair, be sure to hide her head.

3: What kind of curls are used for air bangs

As shown in the picture ~ plastic

4: How to perm short hair without looking old?

Short hair can be said to be the most common hairstyle in daily life, which can highlight the smart facial features and personal temperament. So how to perm short hair so as not to look old? Remember to avoid these short hair styles, it’s easy to look impersonal. Short hair “slightly hot” is popular this year, which not only brings a sense of age reduction, but also makes people look temperamental.

Although the “one size fits all” type of short haircut is very common in life, it will inevitably appear too old-fashioned and lacking in temperament. There are also super short hair that looks like a hot head, which makes people turn into an aunt in minutes.

If you want to create a hairstyle that reduces age and temperament, you can try the following short hairstyles, which can better create a person’s sense of fashion and enhance the overall temperament.

First, the eight-character bangs have slightly curly short hair, which can well modify the face shape and make the face smaller

Speaking of bangs, it can be said that bangs are the most suitable for modifying the face shape. Especially for girls with high cheekbones, they can create a more visual sense of small face and look thinner. In addition, the middle-parted short hair style and the slightly permed design of the hair end also well reveal the human facial features and look more delicate.

Second, the oblique slightly curly fluffy short hair looks very atmospheric, creating a temperament and royal sister style

Compared with the curly hair with bangs and bangs in the middle, the fluffy short hair with the oblique part is more attractive and capable. And the oblique shape can also create a fluffy feeling on the top of the head, which is very suitable for girls with less hair volume. The irregular inner and outer curls at the end of the hair add a bit of royal sister style, and it looks very fashionable and temperamental.

Third, how to wear air bangs with short curly hair and air bangs to create a cute and age-reducing style, versatile and practical

If it is the most age-reducing hairstyle, it must be short hair with air bangs and slightly curly hair, which can make people look extraordinarily youthful and cute. And the slightly curly hairstyle design will neither make people look too flamboyant nor rigid. Paired with the last popular black necklace, it has the style of a Korean lady.

Fourth, irregular wavy short hair, atmospheric and capable, showing gentle intellectual beauty

Not only long hair can create a gentle style, but a short haircut that suits you can also make people look elegant and intellectual. For example, actor Chen Shu has a very classic short wavy haircut, which better highlights her elegant facial features and capable personal temperament. In addition, the irregular slightly curly hair ends just in the middle of the neck, and with the v-neck dress and jewelry necklace, the overall look is very gentle and intellectual.

Fifth, the everted curly hair, which balances the head-to-shoulder ratio to a certain extent, is more generous and is different from the curly hair with the inner button. It plays a role in balancing the head and shoulders ratio, making it more delicate and generous. Moreover, this type of “slightly perm curly hair” is also relatively simple and easy to operate, which is very suitable for student parties and office workers who are busy on a daily basis.

Sixth, the slightly curly and ear-length short hair gives people an elf-like sense of agility, which is very age-reducing.

If you want a more neat short hairstyle, you can try this slightly curly short haircut. Different from the shoulder-length short hair, this ear-length curly hair can give people a elf-like agility, and when paired with the design of bangs, it is very age-reducing. Like this short haircut, it is especially suitable for girls with smaller skeletons and looks very youthful and cute.

5: How to perm the eight-character bangs?

1. Partition your hair before curling it.

2. Separate the part of the bangs and comb them with a comb.

3. Then use the curling iron to curl the hair outwards, as shown in the picture below, from the end of the hair to the root of the hair.

4. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then let go.

5. Then loosen the shape of the bangs with your hands,

6. Such a simple and good-looking bangs are rolled up.

6: Eight-character bangs and mid-point bangs

Your forehead must flow to the sea. Generally speaking, your face shape is still fluffy and curly hair is more suitable for your face shape. It can make your face shape smaller. As for the small amount of hair, you must make a fluffy, professional answer. I hope it can help you. A fluffy flowing sea that leans to one side,

You can’t have straight hair that sticks to the scalp like the sea of ​​​​fluid, which is not good-looking and very rigid. Our design for our guests is also a starting point, with the visual effect of changing the shape of the face as the first.

7: Does the net red bangs have to be divided into the middle?

You can go to the barber shop and ask

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