How To Clean And Maintain The Photo Human Hair Wig! !

How to clean and maintain the photo human hair wig ! !

How to wash wigs (the correct wig cleaning method is like this) Hello everyone! When the wig blogger was looking at the articles he wrote before, he suddenly found that there was no article dedicated to wig cleaning and maintenance, so let’s write a photo of how human hair wigs are cleaned and maintained today!

The cleaning of wigs is actually very simple, about 15 days or so. When cleaning wigs, we usually choose to use conditioner instead of shampoo. Because the wig itself does not produce oil , the wig cleaning method can be cleaned well with conditioner as long as it is not particularly dirty, and it can also provide a little nutrition to the wig.

When cleaning, connect a pot of water first, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Next, you can choose to pour the conditioner into the water and mix well, or you can choose to apply the conditioner directly to the hair. You can also apply some conditioner on the inner net, just a little bit. No matter which method you use, remember not to rub the wig, just rinse it in water.


After cleaning, gently wrap the wig with a dry towel, and dry the water on the wig a little. Also, remember not to rub the wig with a towel. Then put the wig on the stand, comb the wig neatly with a comb, and then put it on the vent to dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a hair dryer to dry it directly. When drying with the hair dryer, be sure to blow it from top to bottom, and comb it with a comb while blowing.

After the wig is dry, you can enter the maintenance step. Wigs with bad hair quality will become very hairy after washing. Braided hair with the best hair quality, although there is no hair wig cleaning method after cleaning , it will also feel a little dry, so maintenance after cleaning is very important.

Maintenance is also very simple, because the wig itself has lost its nutritional supply, so we have to artificially provide nutrition. The most basic maintenance measure is to apply the hair care oil. After applying the hair care oil, the wig will become very smooth and smooth. Conditional and not too troublesome friends can also make a hair mask for the wig, which can provide enough nutrition for the wig.


If the wig becomes frizzy after washing, you can straighten the hair with a splint, and the temperature should not exceed 200 degrees. Before putting on the splint, remember to apply the hair conditioner first, so that the damage of the splint to the wig will be much less. After straightening with a splint, the wig will look less frizzy.

After the hair is cut, it will lose its nutrient supply, so it is very fragile and easy to be pulled. Once the wig is pulled, it will lose its elasticity, show a curved state, and become very hairy. So whether you are combing the wig at ordinary times or combing after cleaning, you must pay attention not to use too much force, especially after the wig is knotted, you cannot forcibly comb the knotted part, it must be gentle.


Usually, when we comb wigs, the comb is generally combed obliquely. In fact, this is wrong. When combing the wig, the comb should be at a right angle of 90 degrees to the wig, which can minimize the damage to the wig, and it is not easy to comb the wig.

The above is about the steps of wig cleaning and maintenance. It is still a little different from how we usually clean our own hair. We must pay more attention to individual small details.

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