How To Choose A Wig That Suits You? The Bottom Mesh Of The Cover Is Breathable

How to choose a wig that suits you ? The bottom mesh of the cover is breathable

There are two types of wigs according to the material:

The chemical fiber wig is made of chemical fiber, which has poor fidelity. After wearing, it is easy to react with the scalp, and it is easy to get knotted. Generally, it is a one-time use product, but the price is cheap and the setting effect is long-lasting.

Human hair wigs are made of processed and pure human hair. They are highly realistic, not easy to knot, and can be trimmed, dyed, and permed, which is convenient for changing hairstyles . The ever-changing effect, like your own hair, needs to be taken care of.

There are various types of wigs. When purchasing a wig, you should consider your own inherent hair quality, and choose a wig that suits you according to economic conditions.

How to choose a wig that suits you?

Just like clothes and shoes, wigs have a fixed size and model, so it is best to buy wigs in person, and be sure to measure your head circumference according to the correct measurement method.

The size should be appropriate, whether the sideburns of the wig just match your sideburns, the wig material is best made of real hair, and the hair color should be the same or similar to your own color (because it is a real wig, it can also be dyed If you have straight black hair , it is better to choose natural black hair that has not been dyed black.

The bottom net of the wig should have good air permeability, and the imported hair net is the best.

At the same time, when choosing a wig, you should pay attention to whether your face shape is suitable for the wig, otherwise it will look different.

Meizi reminds you: whether it is men or women, it is best to customize products, because only in this way can you seamlessly connect your own hair, make up for your own small defects, and truly realize the perfect fusion of wigs and your real hair. .

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