How To Choose A Wig For The Elderly? Xiaobian Will Tell You The Answer!

How to choose a wig for the elderly ? Xiaobian will tell you the answer!

As the most vulnerable part of the body, hair is affected by the decline of other organ functions. When people reach old age, they naturally begin to fall off. How to choose a wig for the elderly? Let the editor tell you the answer below. Wigs should be chosen according to their skin tone. White skin tone should choose tan, light brown wig; dark skin tone should choose black, brown-black wig; yellow skin tone should choose chestnut, dark brown wig. When choosing a wig, first make the size of the wig the same as the wearer’s head circumference. If it is too small, it will cause a sense of oppression, causing headaches, dizziness, etc.; if it is too large, it will lack a sense of security. On the basis of the appropriate model, depending on the width of the forehead, wear it in an appropriate position. When wearing a wide forehead, the edge of the wig should be pulled down slightly; for a narrow forehead, the edge of the wig should be slightly upward when wearing it, but it should not be too upward. If you have hair, you can leave a small amount of hair curtains as a foil. When combing, the hair and the edge of the wig are uniformly styled.



Wigs are generally cleaned once every 30 days. Before washing, use an anti-static steel-tooth comb to gently comb from top to bottom to clean off dirt and dust. Then put the wig into warm water (water temperature 20℃~25℃) with acidic shampoo dissolved in the wig for the elderly . After soaking for 10 minutes, gently rinse by hand. After washing, shake off the dripping water by hand. Then put it into the nutrient water containing the special care solution for wigs for 2 to 3 minutes, gently shake off the dripping water again, and place it on the special support for wigs to dry in the shade. Avoid heat exposure and use a hair dryer.


1. The size should be appropriate, and whether the sideburns of the wig just match your sideburns.

2. There are generally two kinds of wig materials: one is real hair wigs, the other is artificial hair wigs for the elderly , it is best to use head coverings made of real hair, and natural black hair that has not been dyed black. appropriate.

3. The bottom embryo of the wig should preferably be a thin fabric with good air permeability and not very smooth. Very smooth base, not easy to wear on the head.

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