How To Bring A Wig

How to bring a wig

How to wear a wig

How to bring wigs and wigs with diagrams , ancient Chinese called 鬄, 髢 (pinyin: dì), 髲鬄 (pinyin: bì), which refers to artificial artificial hair that is not naturally grown by humans, and is worn for different purposes. In Asia, wigs appeared very early in China, and were mentioned many times in the Book of Songs. In the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC – 476 BC), wigs became popular in China. Japanese traditional hairstyles are often combined with wigs. The Korean peninsula began to wear false buns during the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392 AD). The ancient Egyptians in Africa began to use wigs more than 4,000 years ago, and they were also the first people in the world to use wigs and spread wigs to Europe. Wigs appear in many forms of performing arts and are worn in ceremonial forms. In the United Kingdom and most of the Commonwealth of Nations, wigs are one of the court dresses of barristers and judges. How to wear a wig? The following is an introduction to you.

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1 How to wear a wig

1 First of all, we have to prepare a wig hair net. This is the first step for us to wear a wig. Put the hair net on the neck. Be careful when you put it on, don’t pull the hair, because the hair net is elastic. After that, the hairnet is pulled up from the face to the head.

2 Pull the hairnet from the neck to the head, let the hairnet fully extend, and try to put in the sideburns and bangs at one time.

3. The hairnet is pulled to the back of the head. At this time, if you have long hair, put the tail of the long hair into the hairnet. Generally, the hairnet needs to be replaced after one stage of continuous use, because the elasticity is insufficient and the net cannot be used. hair.

4 Carefully and meticulously put the rest of the hair into the hairnet, and look carefully in the mirror to see if there are still hairs exposed. After confirming that the hair has been collected, adjust the layout of the hair. not good.

5. Check whether all the hair is in the net, and then remember to fix the hair net with the hair net clip, so that the hair net is worn, and then we start to wear the wig.

6 Put the wig on your head, adjust the height appropriately, and trim it to the appropriate length yourself. If you can’t take care of it yourself, it will be more realistic to go to the barber shop to trim the wig.


2 What are the disadvantages of wearing a wig

1. If the wig is too tight, it is easy to cause scalp discomfort and cause scalp swelling caused by external force!

2. The wig is not clean and hygienic enough, otherwise the material will easily cause allergic reactions on the scalp. Unclean wigs are easy to cause skin allergies. If the wigs have been carried for a few days, they need to be cleaned and dusted.

3. The purchased wig should be washed with clean water to remove industrial raw materials and chemicals, otherwise it will infect the scalp and harm the human body!

4. Dyed wigs are harmful to the human body. The formaldehyde content of the national standard wigs should be lower than 75 grams per kilogram . Under reducing conditions, the decomposition of aromatic amines is not allowed in the raw materials, and aromatic amines may cause cancer. This is the most dangerous part of wearing a wig!

5. Wigs are flammable. At present, most of the wigs sold in the market are low-temperature silk, and low-temperature silk is flammable, so wigs need to be fireproof, and protein silk wigs are flame-retardant.

6. Wearing a wig will cause pressure on the original scalp, and long-term tying of the hair will make the naturally growing hair sick!

7. The biggest danger of wearing a wig is that it will cause hair loss! If the method of wearing a wig is inappropriate, it has a pulling force on the original hair and covers the scalp, it is easy to cause external hair loss!

3 Precautions for wearing a wig

First, use warm water to wash wigs. Soak the wig in warm water (15-30 degrees is preferred) for about 5 minutes. Overheating the water will reduce the life of the wig.

Second, it is absolutely impossible to wash with a washing machine. The strong rotation of the washing machine may cause a large number of wigs to fall off, or even loose.

Third, it is necessary to scrub by hand, do not use too much force, and do not soak for a long time.


Fourth, after cleaning, it cannot be dried with a washing machine, nor can it be dried with a hair dryer or in the sun. It is the most correct way to dry it naturally with a dry towel after absorbing water. Fifth, the wig should be ventilated and ventilated. Although the wig is not real hair, the air permeability should also be considered when storing it, otherwise the residual moisture and shampoo will easily corrode the wig. In addition, it should be noted that the wig should not be combed immediately after washing. It should be combed after the wig is dry. Use a special comb for wigs, not a plastic comb, and basically do not use a comb for curly hair. Just sort it out. When collecting the wig, it should also be washed and placed on the stand to avoid folding.

4 Tips for Picking Women’s Wigs

1. Types of wigs on the market There are mainly three types of wig materials on the market, namely chemical fiber silk, human hair, chemical fiber silk and real hair mixed type. First of all, chemical fiber wigs are generally not realistic. If you are not a master of COS, it is best not to buy them, because this kind of wig is really “fake” when worn. Human hair is the most expensive wig, but it is not very suitable for life and is mainly used by TV actors. You can choose to buy a mixture of chemical fiber and human hair, the price is more moderate, and it is very realistic.

2. The mesh material of the wig must pay attention to the comfort and breathability of the mesh material when choosing a wig that is often worn. Try it on when purchasing to see if there is any uncomfortable feeling, and then pull the elastic band inside the wig to feel the tightness. Loose and not tight is the best!

3. If you want to know the quality of the hair strands of the wig, use a lighter to burn a few strands of hair and try it. If there is an unpleasant smell, it is an inferior product; you can also use the blower of the highest blower to press Put it on the wig for about 5 seconds. If it is human hair, there will be no abnormality. If it is made of other materials, it will emit an unpleasant smell.

4. Precautions for maintenance of wigs There are taboos for each material of wigs. Chemical fiber wigs cannot be washed with hot water, blown with a hair dryer, or exposed to the sun; real hair can be slightly shaped with a hair dryer. Put it in the hair net to keep the hairstyle fluffy; and the mixed hair of chemical fiber silk and real hair cannot be washed with powerful detergents such as detergent!

5. Choose a wig that suits you. When choosing a wig hair color, try to choose a hair color that suits your skin tone. MM with fair skin can choose light brown or brown; MM with dark skin can choose black or tan; MM with yellow skin can choose Choose from maroons and dark browns, among others. If wearing a wig requires exposure to light, choose wine red, yellow, orange-red, fuchsia, etc.

5 Can a wig with a metal wig pass the plane security check?

Just take it off at security check and check it out.

What cannot be carried by plane:

1. A deterrent

Guns, military or police equipment, and controlled knives can’t be checked in or carried, they’ll just be confiscated, as everyone knows.


2. Flammable and explosive items

Obviously, flammable and explosive items such as lighters, firecrackers, fireworks, and alcohol can neither be carried nor checked.

3. Other prohibited items expressly stipulated by the state

In addition to the above-mentioned items, the prohibited, restricted items and dangerous items stipulated by the country and the airline cannot be carried along or checked in luggage.

4. Tea drinks

Tea and beverages cannot be carried on the plane, and all the liquid in the cup must be poured out when entering the security check. Of course, a small amount of alcohol cannot be carried on the plane, and can only be checked in.

5. Fruit knife

Generally, fruit knives with a blade of no more than 6cm can only be checked in luggage and cannot be carried with you.

6. Mobile phone battery

Mobile phone batteries can only be carried in the mobile phone and cannot be checked in luggage.

7. Cosmetics

Cosmetics with a capacity greater than 100ml need to be checked in luggage.

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