How To Avoid Detours And Show The Effect At One Time! (Photos)

How to avoid detours and show the effect at one time! (Photos)

When someone says your wig , it means your hair is good or not (Jason wig) Now there are many high-end real hair merchants in China, but the quality is uneven, so if you really want to achieve a particularly good effect, or It is recommended to compare a few more, from the craftsmanship, hair quality, and after-sales to understand clearly. In this way, you can avoid detours and show the effect at one time!



You can go to the Internet to search for a few brands first to see how their reputation is, and then make an appointment to go to that kind of specialty store to see the products, and visit a few more to understand the craftsmanship, effect, after-sales service, etc. It is better to customize according to your own head circumference measurement. Choose the kind of handmade human hair products that are suitable for long-term wearing of wigs. After the customer arrives at the store and roughly understands the real wig product, the store will usually make a quotation according to the customer’s needs. The needs of customers are mainly concentrated in three aspects, which are also the core parameters of the quotation: hairstyle (whether the forehead is exposed to the hairline), area and length. Those who want to reveal the hairline, those who want a large area, and those who want a longer length all need a slightly more expensive price to buy. But no matter what the demand is, there is a starting price, which is also the concept of the factory cost: since a real wig needs at least ten days for workers to crochet, the labor cost for these 10 days is almost 1,000 yuan. The starting cost must be more than 1,000 yuan. You should fully understand this before going to the store.


It is better to choose a real hair wig brand to find a factory-operated store with a physical store, and the after-sales service is guaranteed; choose one that can be customized according to the size of the head, and be sure to choose 100% real hair, hand-crocheted, so that it can be worn for a long time. It will not be stuffy, the effect is realistic and natural, and the air permeability of pure hand-woven is better. ,Many places have men’s wig specialty stores, most of them are in first- and second-tier cities, and there are also third- and fourth-tier cities, but the quality effect of each store is different. Make another decision.

Here’s a way for you to tell which is “extremely good”: look for bad reviews! There are various forms of negative comments, some are purchase evaluations, some are the side effects of wigs made by real hair posted on the Internet , some are questions and answers from friends and so on. It is necessary to comprehensively consider and summarize the information to know which brand of women’s real hair long hair headgear is “especially good”. , Now there are many shops for alopecia areata hair loss replacement, but the effect and quality of each are different. It is recommended to search for a shop with a better reputation online, and then go to a physical store to try it on your head. to the effect! , There are many places where Jason wigs specialize in alopecia areata. I recommend going to that kind of office store. These are all customized one-to-one, which can ensure the fit of the wearing to achieve satisfactory results. And especially the main thing is to protect the privacy of customers. , Now we can buy wigs from many places, such as online shopping, shopping malls, professional wig shops, etc. If you want your wig to look more natural, it is very necessary to customize a wig for yourself. , Jason wig first look at which kind of wig to choose, the wig with the fiber hair mechanism on the market is not effective, not real hair, very fake. You can choose pure handmade, real hair replacement products, which can improve your image. From the naturalness, the fidelity technology is very good. Air permeability and firmness are also very important, and air permeability is related to my health and comfort when wearing it. Firmness is related to the price/performance ratio of the product. It is right to choose a high-end wig product. , You can search the physical store on the Internet, you can see the effect intuitively, and the feeling after wearing it. The store with a fixed hair stylist in the store is more powerful and stable. Of course, you still need to find the side effects of the wig made by the real hair of the old store . Now The update is too fast, don’t pay the deposit, the store will be gone, so it is more reliable to choose an old store with more than 10 years, because they will have regular old customers, and they will not be closed easily, especially under the rare epidemic situation, they will also provide services place.

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