How Much Does Tang Fengcai Make A Custom Human Hair Wig?

How much does Tang Fengcai make a custom human hair wig ?

Another need to prepare a lot of hair, after all, the wig will also be lost in the process of making. For example, you need to remove hair with different lengths, remove hair with different colors, etc., so that the hair you keep may not be enough.

Furthermore, the price of a real wig costs thousands of dollars, not only because it is real human hair, but also because it needs to go through a complex process.


From disinfection, dip dyeing to perming and weaving, a wig takes dozens of steps and takes a month. If you develop a separate process for you, the price may be much more expensive than buying one directly. .

Therefore, although the custom-made wigs can use their own hair, the price is too high.

In life, the use of wigs is still very extensive, not only can it make girls more beautiful and hairstyles more changeable, but also solve the problem of hair loss and baldness, making people look younger, more energetic, and more confident. .


However, because of some disgusting rumors, some people do not want to wear wigs. For example, wigs are made of dead people’s hair.

This statement is indeed quite terrifying, but it is completely nonsense. Wigs are a huge industrial chain with a complete industrial system. The good hair is collected from poor areas and has not been permed and dyed.

For example, a considerable part of wigs suitable for Chinese hair is collected from our friendly neighbor Pakistan.


Another problem is that the wigs are not good-looking. In fact, the hand-woven wigs are not only very fashionable, but also very breathable. If they say that they are rigid and airtight, they basically buy machine-made wigs. So how much does a custom wig cost?

The price of a good hand-made wig is generally more than 3,000 yuan, but the specific price needs to be measured at the wig shop to know the head circumference, because the wig is not calculated by one piece, but by the size of the area. The smaller the size, the cheaper.

Tang Fengcai has been making custom human hair wigs for more than 20 years . It is a relatively well-known wig brand in China. The price is cheap and the cost performance is super high . If you want to buy handmade human hair wigs, you can contact us! Our official WeChat account: [ ], Tel: [400-600-3692].

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