How Much Do You Know About Some Hot And Cold Knowledge About Wigs?

How much do you know about some hot and cold knowledge about wigs ?

As a dermatologist, I really don’t want to touch this topic in my heart. It seems like our doctors are not capable of solving your hair loss problem. Nitrogen, in order to meet the needs of different groups, also consider that the course of treatment for hair loss is really It’s too long, I think it’s still necessary to give you some hot and cold knowledge about wigs.

1. Why choose a wig?

The answer to this question should vary from person to person! Some people buy wigs because they are easy to style because of the characteristics of their profession, such as stage actors and announcers. You see the haircuts of CCTV news hosts for decades. Except for wigs, which TONY teacher can do it?

Some people wear wigs to look fresh, or try new styles. For example, those with long hair and shawls are reluctant to cut short hair, so they can wear a wig with short hair first to find the feeling, lest it will be too late to cry if you regret it. Or if you have short straight hair and want to change the look but lack determination, you may have motivation after understanding the wig.

More people choose wigs out of frustration. Various reasons have caused hair loss or baldness, but they have not had the courage to shave them all. At this time, wigs are the best helper, which can make up for the top of the head. On the defects, know the cold and know the heat.

2. How to choose a wig?

The choice of a wig first depends on the material, which can be divided into many types. I also recently went to the mall to ask the shopping guide to give me in-depth popular science before I can show off in front of everyone.

Generally speaking, most of the counters in shopping malls or most of them are wigs made of real human hair. Why? Because it is natural, just like organ transplantation, the best choice is autologous skin (skin is also an organ), followed by allogeneic, that is to say, someone else’s kidney or liver will be distributed to you (because you don’t have any extra organs of this type) It can be distributed to myself), and again it is artificial or xenogeneic, which is also a choice that cannot be chosen.

Human hair is also divided into three, six and nine grades, depending on the region, such as Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Myanmar hair, Vietnamese hair, Mongolian hair and so on. Different races are reflected in the difference in hair quality and curl. Asians have thicker and straighter hair, and Chinese hair feels the smoothest. Brazilian hair and Indian hair are softer and more curly, which are more suitable for European and American hairstyles, and are generally used as raw materials for hair extensions. Because the material of human hair is genuine and can be tossed at will according to your preferences, ironing, dyeing, blowing, washing and various shapes are natural, and it is relatively easy to store, but it is vaguely expensive. After all, the output of human hair is limited, so the price is more expensive. , ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. When I was looking at the price tag, I made up my mind to stop cutting my hair! When my hair reaches my waist, will you buy it?

In addition to human hair, there is a large part of man-made fibers as raw materials, which are actually chemical fiber materials synthesized by chemical “drawing” or “blowing” processes. Although it is fake, it is sometimes due to its low cost, such as PP material (polypropylene chemical filament), which is sold online or at the booth of the City God Temple. Of course, there are also slightly better ones. Hair, of course, good wigs are definitely not cheap . What kind of wigs are suitable for long straight hair . After all, in addition to raw materials, there are also styles. Just like the fashion stuff produced by designers, although you can’t understand them, they are expensive, and neither do we. We know why, but we dare not ask.

Let’s talk about a little more professional, subdivided chemical filaments, which can also include room temperature silk, high temperature silk, protein silk and other categories.

Room temperature silk: It is generally used as a filling material in human hair products, because real hair also needs to be taken care of frequently. Mixing a little can not only make the shape more stable, but also reduce costs, killing two birds with one stone. However, products made from pure room temperature silk will have poor fidelity, are not easy to preserve, and are also flammable. That is to say, whether you wear them or not, you have to be careful that it is far away from the fire source and worry about it.

High temperature wire: Compared with normal temperature wire, the high temperature resistance is greatly improved. In theory, it does not exceed 160 °C, and high temperature wire will not be deformed. Therefore, it can be drawn and ironed, easy to maintain and store, and the degree of fidelity is compared with normal temperature wire. There is also a great improvement, and the improvement in quality is also reflected in the price.

Protein silk: It is a raw material with the feel and fidelity closest to real hair so far, which is why the price of high-end wigs is straight and realistic.

Flame retardant wire: It is an upgraded product. The advantage is that it is not easy to burn. It is in powder form after ignition. It is basically the same as human hair.

3. Matters needing attention

Although there is a big market for wigs, we have to admit that fakes are always fakes, and their own limitations still need the development of technology to overcome.

1. A thousand dollars to buy a wig is essentially a hat with a shape. If you want to change your hairstyle, you have to spend more money to buy it, which is equivalent to a bottomless pit. Furthermore, the hairstyle of the wig still has certain limitations. For example, it must have bangs, and it is impossible to show the smart forehead and hairline, and the length cannot be completely arbitrary. The hairstyle shorter than the back hairline can be done by concubines. not. Of course, unlike getting hair done, you can try it out and then buy it. There is no risk that Mr. TONY will malfunction due to her absence. Use it or not, it’s your choice.

2. No matter how realistic the fake headgear is, it cannot be worn 24 hours a day. It feels good to take it off when you sleep at night. After all, the life span of thousands of yuan is only a few years. Thinking that after taking a shower, I have to hold a piece of hair to wash and brush, this picture is a bit full of joy.

In addition, you have to avoid wind, sun, rain, fire, insects, and cats and dogs playing. You have to be careful not to forget to carry (wear) with you when you go out and stay in a hotel.

3. No matter how good the material of the wig, no matter how light and breathable, it still needs to cover the real scalp, and most of the people who need to wear a wig still have light or serious skin problems, such as seborrheic dermatitis and folliculitis. , psoriasis, etc., need a better local environment, therefore, wearing a hair cover for a long time may aggravate the disease. Therefore, we must pay attention to cleaning and disinfection in time, and wear it for a long time, and let the scalp breathe when you have time.

4. In the final analysis, what kind of wig is suitable for long straight hair is really not true . If you are just trying to change your mood occasionally, you can be reckless. If it is really because of covering scalp problems, such as hair loss, dermatitis, etc., it is still recommended that you actively treat Primary diseases, the things above your head are big things. No matter what kind of disease, you still need to come to the hospital to find a doctor for face-to-face consultation. It’s a pity that you can only wear wigs.

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