How Do You Choose A Hairstyle That Suits You? I Believe That 90% Of The Boys Are Confused

How do you choose a hairstyle that suits you? I believe that 90% of the boys are confused

If dressing is a topic that worries you every day, then as the most exquisite “wearing” item, men’s hairstyle is also a key point that cannot be underestimated. For boys, how to choose a hairstyle that suits them, I believe that 90% of boys will be confused! Today, the editor recommends several hairstyles for boys, let’s take a look!

1. Charming big back – casual and uninhibited, showing toughness

What is a big back head? The fashion circles prefer to call it “airplane head” and “mohigan head”. In fact, it is nothing more than a hairstyle that is short on both sides and long in the middle, and the longer part in the middle tends to be covered in one direction. .


And this year’s trend is to weaken the obvious boundaries between the sides and the top of the hair, creating a soft gradient effect.

2. Gentle “Puppy Roll”

Are you still wearing a thick and heavy pot lid? Or like a young aspiring young man who has just entered the city with a messy, broken hair? Don’t go out, bro, try this gentle and charming “puppy roll”.


For this kind of thick curly hair, the hair on both sides is cut short, and the top part of the head is permed in small curls and not trimmed relatively neatly, creating a fluffy feeling on the top part of the head. This gentle “puppy roll” is perfect for flirting with girls.

3. Combination of freedom and chic – artist long hair

I believe that every girl in the rebellious period will fantasize that on a warm afternoon, there is a handsome guy with long hair who can meet you . Melt it. Long hair is not only the favorite of artists, but also the favorite of some yuppie gentlemen.

This hairstyle is relatively easy to take care of compared with other types of hairstyles, but the requirements for hair quality are indeed very high. Those with relatively short hair and rough and dry hair should choose the hairstyle that suits them carefully.


4. Sexy Hormone Bomb – Inch

Don’t think that an inch head is equal to a big bald head, and there is almost no need to take care of it. In fact, the key to taking care of inch positions is “three-dimensional and natural”.

Not only does the inch head make your hair look thicker, but the strong and three-dimensional lines also make you look more manly and will never go out of style. There are also many celebrities in the entertainment industry who like this hairstyle.

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