How Do Men Look Better With Wigs? Men’s Wig Wearing Order

How do men look better with wigs ? Men’s wig wearing order

How do men look better with wigs? Men’s wigs are not the same as women’s wigs. Girls have longer hair, so they need to use a hair net to bind the hair first, and then wear the wig. Men generally use partial hair blocks, which can be placed on the head and adjusted in position. . For more information on hair weaving, please click here.

However, although men’s wigs are simple to wear, many hair friends have responded that the wigs they wear don’t look real at all, and it seems that it is better to wear a hat.


The amount of hair is not enough, wigs come together. In fact, in our life, are boys wearing wigs easy to fall off? Men wearing wigs is not new at all, and the sense of reality is also very high, and you may not be able to see it when you stand in front of you.

So how do men look better with wigs? Why is the wig you wear so fake, while others are real?

Wig wearing order

1. First comb your hair to keep it clean and tidy;


2. Take the wig in the order from front to back, put the front end of the wig on the position of the hairline, and then pull the wig back with both hands;

3. After wearing the wig, sort out the broken hair and check to see if the wig is properly worn.

4. Spray hairspray, comb your hair into the desired hairstyle, and wear it.

The reason why other people’s wigs look more real is because the wigs they buy are more delicate in workmanship, very thin at the bottom, hairline and sideburns, etc., and the excessive edge positions can closely fit the scalp without warping the tail or being stiff. , The hair is fluffy and smooth after combing, so after wearing it, it will look good without any skills at all.


Most of the hair friends buy the wigs of the lower grade. The quality of this wig is not good, the hair is rough, the bottom of the hair is thick and stuffy, and it looks clumsy and not realistic enough to wear.

If you want to buy realistic wigs, you can find Tang Fengcai. Tang Fengcai is a well-known brand of customized real wigs in the country. There are more than 100 directly-operated branches across the country. The wig styles suitable for each person are different. After trimming according to their own needs, the wig will look more natural.

Is it easy for hidden and invisible boys to wear wigs? They are handsome and realistic, so that you can change into a man in a second!

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