Hello, Here Is The “image Transformation Zone” For Daniya’s Fashionable Hair And Makeup

Hello, here is the “image transformation zone” for Daniya’s fashionable hair and makeup

Hello boys wearing wig steps ,

Here is Daniya fashion hair makeup,

A professional fashion hair and makeup brand that has always been deeply involved in wig design.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, it has designed a variety of product series, leading the new trend of fashion hair and makeup in China. At present, it has more than 70 flagship stores all over the country, and has established cooperative relations with nearly 1,000 beauty and hairdressing and fashion design companies.


In order to further demonstrate the brand’s fashion power, the “image transformation area” is now launched to help users solve their hair troubles, get rid of old and dull, radiant vitality, and truly experience the extraordinary changes brought by Daniela.

NO.1 Basic information

Name: Huang Jun

Age: 54

NO.2 Problem Analysis

Huang Jun’s hair loss is not only manifested in the position of the hairline (M-shaped shedding), but also sparse and unsightly in the top area of ​​the head. And because he didn’t care about working and wearing a hat before, when he took off the hat and wore a wig , he felt that his image was not full and three-dimensional enough. So he wanted to customize a wig to change his status quo.


NO.3 Demand analysis

Huang Jun wants a younger wig style. After all, everyone has a love for beauty, and being a man is no exception. Huang Jun hopes that he can be handsome even in middle age. In addition, he also hopes that wigs can make him look handsome. The head looks more voluminous, don’t get close to the bald head.

According to Huang Jun’s questions and needs,

Denia tailored a men’s wig for him.

The real-life wig produced by pure girl’s braided hair, the source has good hair quality, and the wig is more realistic. With the precise cut of the famous teacher, every strand of hair is handsome and in place, and every angle has its own charm. It is worthy of being a “human high-quality wig” contestant!

Needle delivery process + ultra-thin skin-friendly mesh bottom, refined details and distinct roots, giving you a more natural and real wig wearing experience. The top of the simulated head is almost close to the real person’s scalp and hair flow direction, and can be separated at will without covering up.


After the transformation, Huang Jun was not used to it at first. Every time he looked in the mirror, he felt like a different person. Later, I got used to it, and it gradually became pleasing to the eye. I even liked it more and more, and the more I looked at it, the more joyful it became, and I felt a sense of atmosphere when I wore it. Friends also said yes when they saw him, and said that he was much younger, which made Huang Jun feel good these days.

A real “human high-quality wig” should not only effectively cover the ugly hair and improve the dull image, but more importantly, it can also wear a sense of atmosphere, so that people can immediately see their difference.

Denia advises

“Human High Quality Wigs”

Here, from scratch for you

Create new infinite possibilities!!!

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