Half The Hair In Hollywood Is Fake, You Know?

Half the hair in Hollywood is fake, you know?

China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of wigs . According to customs data, the total export value of China’s hair products in 2018 was about 3.62 billion US dollars, of which European and American countries accounted for half. Due to the huge demand for wigs in Europe and the United States due to culture and bald people, European countries almost occupied the top ten in the world baldness rate list, and Czech men ranked first with a baldness rate of 42.79%.

There is a type of baldness commonly known as “Mediterranean”, which is bald in the middle and has hair around it

However, this map also shows the highest rate of baldness centered on the Mediterranean, with a decline in baldness from the inside out


Although the baldness rate in the United States is not as high as that in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, the United States is the world’s largest hair product consumer market, accounting for about 30% of the world’s hair product consumer market. Americans like party culture and usually wear wigs to attend. In addition, the American diet is dominated by high-calorie and high-fat foods, and there is also a serious problem of hair loss. In the United States, a media once said: “Half of the hair in Hollywood is fake.”

2019 Trump entertains football team members

The banquet food is mainly hamburger, pizza and fries

Image: Twitter

Europeans and Americans wear wigs not only because of hair loss, but also because of historical and cultural reasons. Since the ancient Egyptians brought wig technology to the West, Westerners began to think that wearing wigs is a means to improve their own image, especially legal workers.

Unearthed tomb mural, ancient Egypt, 14th century BC

Ancient Egyptian musicians and dancers wore wigs



Some people in ancient Greece and Rome believed that bald people were punished by God, and regarded bald people as sinners. Civilian and military officers in ancient Rome refused to arrange work for bald people . Even the ancient Roman parliament passed the “Baldness Decree” to prohibit bald men from running for parliament, and bald slaves could only be sold for half price . In order to avoid discrimination, bald people began to wear wigs to improve their image.

Ancient Roman female bust wearing a wig


After the decline of the ancient Roman Empire, Europe was dominated by Catholic culture. Catholics believe that wigs are the mask of the devil, which will hinder the blessing of God from entering the soul. Medieval European believers who wore wigs may be expelled, so very few people in Europe wore wigs during this period.

Medieval Catholics built a large number of monasteries and churches

Europe is stuck in a millennium-long ‘dark age’


The Black Death broke out in Europe in the 14th century, causing the death of about half of the European population and about 75-200 million deaths worldwide. The Black Death was a plague in which the bacteria lived on fleas or head lice, and were then spread by animals such as mice. The Black Death brought a large number of deaths, which caused a crisis of confidence in the Catholic Church among the European people in the Middle Ages, and the dominance of Catholicism in Europe was impacted.

After the Black Death, the Church’s control over European politics declined

led to the start of the Renaissance in Europe



The outbreak of the Black Death was prompted by the poor sanitation environment in Europe at that time. In medieval Europe, many people took baths several times in their lives, and people urinated everywhere in the city streets. According to the Catholic view, a dirty body is closer to God, and believers are encouraged to practice hard in a dirty state.

The Black Death spread rapidly, and some cities had more corpses than living people


The Europeans, who have experienced pain, have gradually improved the urban sanitation environment, and have become more fond of bathing. In order to eliminate the tendency of head lice to grow on their heads, many people shaved their heads and wore wigs. Not only European people have a trend of wearing wigs, but even European royal families have been wearing wigs.

Judges always wear wigs in western films

Judge believes wearing a wig is a symbol of impartiality


In 1562, the then 29-year-old Queen Elizabeth I of England unfortunately contracted smallpox and suffered hair loss. As a gentleman, it was impossible for his subjects to knock on the top of his head a few times, so he began to wear a red wig. In the 17th century, King Louis XIII of France started going bald prematurely and wore a wig, and the nation followed suit. Then his son Louis XIV also had hair loss leading to baldness and wore a wig.

Queen Elizabeth I



In the 18th century in Europe, the more gorgeous wigs represented a higher social status. French ladies often held various salons in Versailles, and the ladies wore costumes and gorgeous and delicate wigs. All kinds of gorgeous wigs were compared and became a symbol of the decadence of the French royal family and aristocrats . Finally, the French Revolution broke out.

Masquerade ball at Versailles in 1745


After Columbus discovered America, Europeans immigrated to North America one after another, and brought the culture of wearing wigs to the United States. But when European wigs were at a low ebb in the 19th century, not many people in the United States wore wigs. In the 20th century, the United States developed new artificial wig technology, which made the price of wigs more popular. Coupled with the rise of trendy culture, the American people began to wear wigs again.

Ancient European horsetail is also an important source of wig materials

Image: Ivan /

After entering the 21st century, Europe and the United States love high-calorie and high-fat foods, and a large number of Europeans and Americans have experienced baldness. Black hair is naturally messy and not easy to manage. Most black Americans are used to wearing wigs. Young people in Europe and America like party culture.

There are many kinds of wigs now

picture: /

In the existing European and American cultures, wigs, like clothes, jewelry, shoes, and perfume, have become a necessity in people’s lives. Now Chinese young people have a lot of baldness due to work stress or anxiety, and they are also starting to wear wigs.

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