Hair Loss Brother Is Good For Hair Replacement, But What Is The Price? (Photos)

Hair loss brother is good for hair replacement, but what is the price? (Photos)

For the hair loss guy, hair replacement is the best way to increase hair at present, but the problem comes next. He also knows that hair replacement is good, but what is the price? This is a question that most hair loss guys are concerned about. This How about the price and quality? Can you wear it? Here we have some experiences to share with you.

For a long time, there is a phenomenon in the hair replacement industry. In order to attract customers, some stores only pay attention to various marketing routines, but do not pay attention to hair style effects, product quality, and after-sales service. How to choose a replacement agency in the face of many different sizes? Listed below are some marketing traps for your reference when choosing.

Avoid fake hairstyles

Many young brothers came to us and said that the hairstyles they made locally were not only ugly, but also very fake. Some of the two sides are not well connected, and the reflection is that the hairline is fake at most. It was convenient to choose the picture at first, but regretted it after finishing it.

The reason is that there is no multi-faceted consideration before choosing a replacement hair. Just relying on a few comparison renderings, I believe that the hairstyle can be designed well. The customized effect of wig replacement has something to do with the teacher’s cutting technology and the knitting process of the product, so when choosing a replacement agency, you can pay more attention to its WeChat Moments, see its in-store videos, photos and real scenes, and whether there is continuity Wait, to determine whether the store is really technically capable.

Avoid unsightly hairstyles

Many young brothers are prone to believe in fake hairstyle renderings. Now that the PS technology is developed, many companies impersonate Zhan Fayuan’s hairstyle works, and the effect is very different after finishing them. In addition to choosing the right product, a suitable wig replacement also requires aesthetic training for the hair stylist.

Boss Zhan Fayuan himself graduated from the design department and has high requirements. He is even more perfect in hair design. He leads the team to be young and has good aesthetics. The company requires tailor-made design for each customer. Many hairstyle works have been imitated by peers, and (some chain reissue agencies) have stolen Zhan Fayuan’s hairstyle works.


Therefore, when choosing a reissue agency, pay more attention to its WeChat Moments to see if there is some real news, whether it pays attention to the update of hairstyle works, etc., so as to avoid being deceived.

Avoid falling into the low price trap

Many customers were attracted by some reissue agencies at low prices in order to make them cheap. As a result, the products they got were inferior, and the results were not good. Not only was the money wasted, but it also affected the mood.

According to the different grades and quality of wigs, the price difference of wigs is even more than 10 times, and cheap wigs can be less than 100 yuan, while wigs with pure hand-made real hair sets are generally more than 3,000 or 4,000 yuan, which is so much lower than this price. It may have cut corners in some aspects, because from the cost point of view, below this price, there is no way for the merchant to make a profit.

In addition to hair quality, the craftsmanship can also make a big fuss. A handmade real hair set with excellent craftsmanship requires dozens of processes from cleaning, disinfection, smoothing, and weaving. In order to save costs, some businesses will Some processes are omitted, and some even adopt the method of semi-hand weaving.

So custom wigs not only depends on the price, we also need to consider the actual effect of the wig, it is best to go to the store to try on the experience before making a decision. Of course, you get what you pay for, and the price determines the quality.

Avoid falling into the invisible consumption trap

Some hair friends admitted that when they reissued before, they negotiated with reissue agencies, hoping to reissue at the lowest price. As a result, unscrupulous merchants offer random offers, disrupt market rules, and induce low prices, causing friends to be fooled.

Many young brothers were attracted by the low price before re-hairing. After shaving their hair at the store, they were told to send and receive various fees such as styling design fees, trimming fees, shampoo fees, hair piece care packages, nutrition fees and so on. The whole set came down to several thousand, and many young brothers were fooled. When choosing a reissue agency, you must ask whether these fees are charged to avoid falling into the trap of invisible consumption.

Zhan Fayuan reissues transparent consumption without any hidden consumption. Old customers introduce old customers and word of mouth spreads. This is one of the reasons why everyone likes Zhan Fayuan reissues.

Avoid falling into the free trial trap


A lot of free try-on is actually a marketing technique. Online communication promises free try-on, which catches everyone’s desire to know what hairstyle is suitable for them. When I arrived at the store, I was told that I needed to shave my hair to get good results, and I couldn’t do it without shaving my hair. Everyone is careful to fall into the free trial trap when choosing reissues.

Zhanfayuan replacement can try on samples or original hair pieces to feel the comfort, the price and firmness of breathable real wigs . According to the characteristics of each customer’s own appearance, occupation, age, etc., the hairstyle effect is designed for each customer. The store also has thousands of real-shot customer hairstyles for reference. You can refer to similar face shapes and then communicate with the teacher about one-to-one design.

Avoid Falling into the Dimensional Customization Trap

Some incompetent reissuing agencies do not have sufficient inventory. In the name of customization of measurement and size, they inform customers that they need to have a customization cycle. After measuring the size, they will take it to our factory for production. Zhanfayuan has its own factory. In order to facilitate the customization of hair friends, all sizes of each store are prepared in advance. As long as you make an appointment in advance, the on-site customization can be completed in 2-3 hours, without the need for a second visit in the old store, saving time for busy friends in their life and work.

The effect of customized wig replacement is very important. In order to have a good effect, it is worthwhile to spend time and travel expenses to customize the wig on the spot. Now the transportation is also convenient, and half a day is enough. This is why so many brothers from all over the country come here by high-speed train custom reasons.

Avoid falling into the door-to-door service trap

Some hair friends said frankly that they were busy with work before and saw that some reissue agencies provided door-to-door services, so they decided to choose it for convenience. After-sales service is even more difficult than reaching the sky. During the application process, they either do not reply for a long time, or even block them directly, and there is no guarantee after sales.

Secondly , the price of home-made real hair wigs , the hair stylist is tired from running every day, and it is more difficult to go out by boat and car, and there is no inspiration to design a good hairstyle. For example, if the size of the design is not suitable, the hair volume and color do not match, etc., it is not as convenient as changing in the store.

In addition to one-to-one hairstyle design, Zhanfayuan’s on-site customization also provides professional after-sales on-site guidance for wearing, hair styling, cleaning, washing and other tutorials during the later period of use, and on-site demonstrations. In order to make the customization effect good, it is worthwhile to spend some time in the store to customize. Now the transportation is also convenient, and half a day is enough. As long as the reservation is made in advance, the on-site customization can be completed in 2-3 hours, and there is no need to come to the store for the second time.

Zhan Fayuan’s hair replacement is really based on hair design, focusing on effects, products, word of mouth, and professional after-sales guarantee. Among many hair replacement agencies, it has become the reason why hair friends and buddies finally choose.

Do hairstyles that no one else can do


Custom Q&A for seamless reissue

Question 1: Is the wig firm? Will it fall off when the wind blows? Will it be affected by sweating?

A: The firmness is very good, and it will not be affected by wind, rain, swimming, fitness, sports, and playing. The stickiness of the film will be better after contacting the skin with hot sol, and sweating will not affect the firmness. Encrypted ventilation hole design, wearing on the head is not stuffy. (Note: Students who like to sweat need to change the film frequently, and the normal film is changed every 5-7 days.)

Question 2: Will the film be allergic? Will it affect the original hair growth?

A: The customers who have done it so far have not reported any allergies. Unless there are special cases, there are still people in the world who are allergic to rice. Does not affect the growth of the original hair, the original hair follicles are related to endocrine androgen. Some scalps grow as long as possible. (Recommendation: It is recommended to use antibacterial agents if it is not worn for more than 3 days.)

Traceless hair replacement product display

A wig reissue company that domestic professional seamless reissue peers imitate and learn

Zhanfayuan Replacement Co., Ltd. is a wig agency specializing in customized men’s wigs, seamless hair replacement, and hair weaving. Customized wig hairstyles attract customers all over the country with fashion and youth. It has changed everyone’s inherent stereotype of traditional wigs and led the new trend of wig customization. Many hairstyle works have been imitated by many colleagues.

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