Hair Loss And Fat Gain In Popular Wigs Have Become Two Mountains That Are Difficult To Climb?

Popular wigs Hair loss and fat gain have become two mountains that are difficult to climb?

Staying up the hardest night, catching up on the latest job, and planting the most expensive hair: In the life of an adult, hair loss and weight gain have become two mountains that are difficult to climb.

Recently, a piece of news has also attracted people’s attention-according to interviews with relevant media reporters, there is a century-old wig shop in Shanghai’s Yuyuan business district that is popular with wigs . The wig business is very prosperous, and there are many young people among them. The shortage of supply has also caused some wholesalers and manufacturers to sell out of stock, and some factories have even placed orders in hand until April next year.

Young and frivolous, do not understand that hair volume is king. I once wanted to comb my hair to look like an adult, but when I grew up, I found that there was no hair to comb, so I was quite bald.

Hair loss has been a common topic among middle-aged people after a meal, but with the increase of life pressure, hair loss has become a national problem.

A 2019 “China Hair Loss Population Survey” shows that the total number of hair loss people in my country is as many as 250 million, and one in 6 people loses hair. Another hair loss data report shows that 84% of hair loss occurs before the age of 30. Online, the proportion of post-90s and 00s buying wigs has exceeded 50%.


According to data surveys, 60% of people in my country are now suffering from hair loss, hair loss and baldness at the age of 25.

According to Baidu search big data, the search popularity of “hair loss” has soared this year. On the Internet, the people who are most concerned about hair loss today are mainly 18-35 years old, and none of the post-90s and post-00s are spared.

Is #hairloss a work injury on social media? #This hot topic caused a thousand waves in one stone. In a short period of time, it ran through practitioners in different fields of the entire age group, and the number of readings reached one million.

Even in the talk show finals, Shen Teng teased Xu Zheng and said, “You can be shortlisted for the 100 baldest heads in the Asia-Pacific region, ranking 37th, Li Dan 38th, and Luo Yonghao outside the list, and you won’t be able to hold on for too long.” Fan’s teasing about hair quickly resonated with many netizens.

Today’s Gen Z group is popular with wigs , and each has different troubles in love and career, but under high pressure, “baldness” has become their most powerful weapon against competition.


“I’m bald, but I’ve become stronger, I’m bald, and I’m bald.” These stalks have also become absurd basis for judging the achievements of contemporary young people.

Lively roads do not grow grass, and smart heads do not grow hair. The degree of involution in today’s society has linked highly educated, mental workers, executives and hair loss.

In programmer interviews, there is also such a “hidden rule”. If the hair becomes more bald, it means that the technology is more powerful. A properly senior code farmer, HR will also open a VIP channel for you, from many job seekers China wins with “bald”.

Or, to observe those Internet bigwigs, those who sit in the seats at meetings, and who don’t talk much, they are all ruthless people.

Who said that the world of young people is not easy. Young people who are prone to hair loss have already reached the point of washing their faces to the point of heaven.


When hair loss and baldness became the norm for young people, wigs and hairline powder made them believe in light again.

According to the data, the number of basic registrations of wig companies has increased year by year, and reached its peak in 2019, reaching 7,492. Even in a bald 2020, 6,665 new hair products companies were registered.

And these exponentially growing wig companies, behind such confidence, are propped up by the post-90s who will never accept the “bald”. Among them, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have contracted the top four wig sales.

In order to keep the last few sparse black hair, it is the last stubbornness of contemporary promising young people.

Perhaps, with the continuous improvement of new humanized regulations in the future, companies will propose new “five risks”: including: hair loss risk, aging risk, heart risk, single risk, poverty risk… Behind it is the unspeakable bitterness of the social animals struggling in the vortex of the workplace.

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