Foreign Men Over The Age Of 30, Their Brains Are Like Dandelions, Bald When The Wind Blows!

Foreign men over the age of 30, their brains are like dandelions, bald when the wind blows!

From “Made in China” to “Made in China” to “Created in China”, domestic products have brought us many surprises. The revival of old-fashioned domestic products and the surging tide of emerging countries have become a mighty trend. What is worth buying will use the new column “Great Domestic Products” to take you to dig out the stories of those great domestic products.

A crit at the beginning, have you lost your hair today?

Studies have shown that it is normal to lose 50-60 hairs a day, but if you lose more than 100 hairs a day for a month, you are already bald…

Data shows that there are more than 250 million people with hair loss in my country, and there is an average of one hair loss patient in every 6 people. Under such a trend, wearing wigs has naturally become the choice of many people, and the wig market has also flourished.

If it is said that China has paid attention to the “authenticity” since ancient times and paid attention to the parents who are affected by the body, hair and skin, a large part of people are still not used to wearing wigs as a means of prevention and treatment after hair loss, then foreigners are different! Today, let’s talk about wigs.

Foreigners who are used to wearing wigs

Foreign men over the age of 30, their brains are like dandelions, bald when the wind blows! Speaking of which, Prince William, who has a family history of hair loss, has to cry. Therefore, foreigners have a historical tradition of wearing wigs since ancient times, and they are also easy to accept wig products.

Even young ladies who are not bald like to dress themselves up with wigs to create a variety of new styles. A well-known magazine also broke the news that half of the hair of Hollywood actresses is fake. However, a fact that cannot be ignored is that the vast majority of foreigners wear products made in China.

The wigs produced in China have both quality and fashion, and have been recognized by overseas consumers. This fact was most vividly reflected during the epidemic-many overseas consumers were worried that due to the epidemic, Chinese wig merchants would have difficulty guaranteeing the supply of wigs for black Americans to buy wigs , and they began to stock up on wigs more than a month ago. There are many celebrities among them. For example, the well-known American rapper Cardi B once called on the US government to pay attention to the epidemic on the grounds that the Chinese wigs he bought were not shipped.

In the global wig market, Chinese hair companies have seized almost all the markets except China. Earlier data showed that on Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce AliExpress, an average of one wig is bought every 2 seconds, and the annual sales of wig products are as high as billions of yuan, accounting for global exports. 80%!

In a famous wig industry belt city in mainland China, the wig products produced locally are sold on the AliExpress platform with an average daily sales of 40,000 sets, ranking first in the overseas transactions on the platform. The countries that buy the most wigs on it are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, the Netherlands and Italy, and of course African people with naturally curly hair.

Most of the pursuit of wigs in the United States stems from the yearning for blonde hair and the need for changeable styles. Former US “First Lady” Michelle Obama, as well as Beyonce, Rihanna and other big stars are loyal fans of Chinese wigs.

In Africa, because black hair is naturally rough and curly, it is difficult to take care of it, and the effect after washing is no different from that without washing, so wigs that are easy to put on and take off have become a necessity for them. Everyone has several wigs at home at the same time. They like to wear wigs when they have parties on Halloween and Christmas, and even prepare a lot of wigs on the wedding day, just like when we change to wedding dresses and Chinese cheongsams for toasting.

In some African countries, it is very proud to be able to use a wig of a certain brand in China, and I feel that I “seem to be rich”. Many international students who come to China even want to buy wigs for their friends in their country! The so-called, the same wig, the same world, the same dream.

One in five black people wears a wig

More than 100 years ago, starting from the acquisition of raw materials, Chinese people took scissors to collect their hair, and some went to the mountains of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan to walk through the streets, collecting hair raw materials from all over the country to China and selling them to foreign traders. After layers of processes, these hairs are processed into wigs favored by Europeans and Americans. Later, foreign capital set up factories in Xuchang, and the processing links were gradually transferred.

But the Chinese are increasingly finding that something is wrong. The wigs they sell are only rough-processed products. They are sold for 200 yuan per pound, while those who make them into finished wigs and sell them to Europeans and Americans are foreign businessmen from Japan and South Korea. , On the top selling, a top will cost 2,000 yuan or even more than 5,000, and the profit has doubled dozens of times!

Finally, a hair maker discovered the pit inside, and began to find ways to obtain the equipment and craftsmanship needed to make wigs…

But the first difficulty came. Making wigs requires a device called triple-connection, which is not available in China, and foreigners refuse to sell them. How to do? There is always a way out. Based on impressions and experience, domestic experts drew the drawings of the triplex, and after countless revisions and revisions, they finally created the triplex that meets the production requirements.

Next, with the spirit of not giving up, he solved the problems of hair-making technology and sales channels. In terms of craftsmanship, it is the same as making machines. It has been tested and improved day and night behind closed doors, and it has matured. In this way, after overcoming various difficulties, the wigs that belonged to China’s own real products were purchased by African-Americans, and the wigs were smoothly drifted across the sea and sold to North America on the other side of the ocean.

From former US first lady Michelle Obama to entertainment star Beyoncé, they have worn wigs

Why do foreigners like Chinese wigs so much?

So the question is, what is the charm of wigs that can make foreigners fall in love with them? This starts from the different needs of different races for the use of wigs.

Generally speaking, people of different skin colors have different demands for wigs: yellow people cover their baldness, white people seek beauty, and black people cover their insufficiency. Like in “The Hidden Corner”, Qin Hao, the man who calls you to climb the mountain, usually looks like a normal person, but when he goes home at night and takes off his wig, he immediately looks like a loser in the half-bald scene. For him, wearing a wig is a To make up for the loneliness overhead.

Europe and America are different. In the 18th century in Europe, the more gorgeous wigs represented a higher social status. French ladies often held various salons in Versailles, and the ladies wore costumes and gorgeous and delicate wigs. The comparison of various gorgeous wigs once became a symbol of the decadence of the French royal family and aristocracy.

wigs in usa

The American diet is dominated by high-calorie, high-fat foods, and there is also a serious problem of hair loss. But the purpose of wearing wigs is more to become beautiful and functional.

There are three main uses of wigs in the United States:

1. Americans have a strong pursuit of beauty, and they like beauty with individuality. They all want to have a beautiful, unique hairstyle that is renewed every day, so wigs have become their darlings in pursuit of beauty.

2. They like party culture, and usually dress up and attend with wigs. And they generally do not waste time and energy to make a hairstyle for the meeting, so wigs, like clothes, jewelry, shoes, perfume, have become necessities of people’s lives.

3. During festivals (such as Christmas and Halloween), Americans often dress up and celebrate the festival by wearing wigs to liven up the atmosphere, so wigs have become an important decoration for them to celebrate the festival.

Combining various social and cultural factors, the United States has a large demand for wig products and is an important target market for our Chinese wig companies. The United States has also become the world’s largest hair products consumer market, accounting for about 30% of the world’s hair products consumer market.

In order to occupy the American market, Rebecca launched a hairstyle of the same style as Michelle when Obama was just elected as the president of the United States. is out of stock. Later, they registered the first lady () brand in Africa, and sales have been good.

wigs in africa

Unlike the United States, the daily life of wearing wigs in Africa sounds a bit sad. Due to physiological reasons, black hair is naturally curly, close to the scalp, hard texture, and difficult to comb and shape. If you only look at the natural hairstyle, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a male or a female, which seriously affects the pursuit of beauty by black women.

In addition, the living conditions of Africans in some places are not very good, and it may not be guaranteed that they can wash their hair well every day. If the hair is too loose, it may lead to the growth of bacteria. Therefore, if the hair is braided, it will be easier to take care of. Reduce the frequency of shampooing. Therefore, black people have the most urgent and rigid demand for hair products.

You know, a high-quality wig in China costs at least a thousand dollars, while in Africa, such a fashionable and high-quality wig is priced at 1,000-10,000 rand (equivalent to RMB) depending on its length. 500-5000) It is no wonder that these high-end wigs made of human hair are called “black gold” in Africa.

This reality makes wigs a luxury in Africa. It is reported that in developed African cities, only 10% of African-American women are currently using wigs, and many people spend one-third or even more than half of their income every month on Hair is on.

Rihanna, the richest female singer in the world, spends millions of dollars on her hair every year. In contrast, slum girls who want to buy a wig need to be as frugal as we buy big-name bags.

Tips for beautiful wigs

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