Five Common Misconceptions About Wigs, Have You Been Caught? Reissue

Five common misconceptions about wigs , have you been caught? reissue

I believe that everyone is familiar with the name wig, especially in the fashion industry, it can be said that it is a very popular headgear wig , because wigs can provide everyone with thick hair.

However, over time there have been some misconceptions about wigs, especially by those who have never tried wigs, there are many misconceptions about wigs

So Jaden Reissue Here we list five common misconceptions about wigs

Myth 1: A wig is a headgear

For those who have not been exposed to wigs, the impression of wigs from decades ago still remains on the wig cover

This wig covers the entire head and hides all your hair and only sees the hair on the wig

In fact, after so many years of development, there are many types of wigs, not only full headgear, but also half headgear, wig pieces, fake bangs and so on. They vary in size and function

Myth 2: Wigs are only suitable for people with hair loss

While wigs were originally used to cover hair loss, that doesn’t mean they’re only for people with hair loss

Virtually everyone can wear a wig

Especially now, most people who don’t lose their hair will buy some wigs and wear them to make their hair look more voluminous

Wigs are also a great option for those who want to perm and color their hair. It doesn’t do any harm to their bodies. As long as they buy a wig and dye their hair color they like, they can even change their hairstyles at will

Myth 3: All wigs are the same

Types of wigs differ not only in area and size, but also in net base, size, hair quality, style, etc.

The popular wig net bottoms include single mono net bottom, silk net bottom and lace net bottom. Of course, in order to make people more comfortable to wear, many wigs will use two or three mesh bases to form a new mesh base

In terms of size, from the size of the palm to the area of ​​the entire head, there are, you can choose arbitrarily according to your needs

As for the quality of hair, there are man-made chemical fiber hair, animal hair and human hair. Human hair also has foaming, cutting, braiding, etc. Of course, each has its own advantages and disadvantages

Myth 4: You can’t do a hairstyle after wearing a wig

Since I have a wig, I am concerned that it could easily expose various shapes or cause any damage to the wig

In fact, you don’t have to worry too much

As long as you wear a wig, you can still do all kinds of hairstyles without any impact

Be careful not to leak the bottom of the wig

Myth #5: You can only wear one wig at a time

Some people may have multiple different areas of hair loss, so you can wear multiple wigs on your head, just be careful not to miss them

For example, if you wear a small section of hair and use a separate bang clip to cover the hairline , you can also wear other hair to add volume to your hair, it’s not a conflict

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