Fashion Blogger Chen Gained A Lot Of Knowledge On 6 Popular Wigs

Fashion blogger Chen gained a lot of knowledge on 6 popular wigs

6 popular wigs to try on! The watermelon video reveals the secret for you: Does the hairstyle really work?

While watching the watermelon video some time ago, I saw the creator of the watermelon video “Fashion blogger Chen Yiding” trying on 6 popular wigs. He gained a lot of knowledge and also knew how to choose a wig that suits him.

Now many girls have less hair, so this time I have chosen six wigs to share with you. This time I mainly share two aspects. One is whether girls with less hair can thicken their hair with wigs.

The first one is from the Muzi shop. It is a very long wavy wig . It is real human hair and feels very smooth. There are five clips on it, which can wrap half of the head . There are two clips on the side, a little heavy, suitable for long-haired girls with slightly curly hair.

The second is a hair piece with bangs. Its uniqueness is that it simulates a shape on the top of the head, which can cover the baldness on the top of our head, as well as the effect of air bangs. The hair quality is OK, but it is not as long as the one just now. If the hair is smooth, the range of this bang will be very narrow, and it will be more natural to trim it a little.

The third is a long straight hair, this hair is also real, it feels very smooth, its disadvantage is that the hair texture does not feel very good, it can be seen that the original owner of this hair, the hair ends are a bit split, the store description It is said that four pieces can change the hairstyle, but the effect is not very natural. It is obvious that it is a wig, and it is relatively heavy, and the positive effect is not good.

The fourth is a wig, which is most suitable for purely increasing hair volume. For example, if one side has less hair, it will look thinner. Then you can use this to increase hair volume, and the hair will become thicker. Pull it behind the ear Also won’t wear.

The fifth is a fake small hair piece. It has the effect of increasing the volume of the hair. The fluffy hair is not enough. It can be used to cushion the hair. The top of the head will be naturally fluffy or if you are not satisfied with any place, you can also use it.

To sum up briefly, the most practical and natural effect is the long small wig, which is more suitable for girls with long hair. The price of long curly hair will be more expensive and the weight will be heavier. It is not suitable for girls with short hair and cannot satisfy girls with short hair. If you want to change the hairstyle, the effect will be a little strange. If you want to increase the length of the hair, you need to buy a lot of hair pieces to achieve a more natural effect. For wigs like bangs, you need to trim them yourself.

If you want to know more about the stories behind the TV series, you may click the link below to follow the popular wigs of “Fashion Blogger Chen Yiding”, the creator of Watermelon Video . While watching the series, you can also have a more comprehensive grasp of the series information and become a fashionista. ! Fashion blogger Chen Yiding

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