Fake Bangs Qi Bangs Beauties Have A Common Point Of Any Method? On The Spot! !

Fake bangs Qi bangs beauties have a common point of any method? On the spot! !

I don’t know if the sisters have discovered that one thing that beauties have in common is: good skin, fairness, and a lot of hair?

Good skin and fair skin can make up for it the day after tomorrow, but this hair volume, I must say that there is no way to do it, except to wear a full wig , but this kind of full wig cannot be worn every day, otherwise my scalp will not last for a long time. Contact with the air will also cause the top of the head to be stuffy, causing itching and oily hair. It is also easy to lose hair. When you take off the wig, the whole hairstyle is as ugly as it is ugly. It was truly a death scene.

So is there really no way? ! No With the progress of the current era, the wig is also progressing!

There are dozens of types of wigs from the previous only the whole wig to now, there are only fake bangs and bangs that you can’t think of, there is nothing you can’t buy!

And now female stars are completely inseparable from wigs in their daily styling!

In the past, in order to pursue real and natural hair, I took real hair 3 times, and it looked no different from my own hair. It was very real, but the hair extensions really hurt the hair! The first time I received crystal hair extensions was to divide the hair into small strands on the basis of your hair, and use special buttons to fasten the long hair to be connected. The first thing I want to say is that it is really very beautiful, but it will be very uncomfortable to sleep at night, and you can’t use a comb to brush your hair. The price is about 1800.

Later, I thought it was too cheap, so I changed the 3,000 yuan feather hair extension, and it took 7 hours to dye the hair! My ass is numb! The sisters who took over the hair should all understand! This one is much more comfortable than crystal hair extensions, and I can’t sleep, but it’s very inconvenient to wash my hair! Usually, it only takes 5 minutes to dry my hair, but after connecting my hair, it takes at least 20 minutes to dry my hair, and every time I get wet, the whole head is very heavy, and there is no lightness at all! Later, when I really gave up and went to remove my hair, my hair fell out and I felt extremely distressed. I felt that I was really taking advantage of it!

Later, I saw some Internet celebrity bloggers recommend wigs, and you can create the same hairstyle of Yi Mengling without hair extensions! Hair extensions do a lot of damage to the scalp, but the wigs are disposable, and they are very easy to remove and wear. Just fasten the clip to the hair and fix it, you can instantly get the joy of doubled hair volume and full hairstyle.

The experience gained after buying 20 kinds of wigs on the Internet:

1. Choose good hair quality. If you wear it for a long time, you can choose real hair. The price is expensive but the use time is long, and you can hardly see the difference.

2. If you only wear it occasionally, just buy a wig within 20-50 and change the style occasionally!

3. If you have less hair and want to have bangs, you can choose to buy fake bangs with simulated scalps. You can’t tell it’s a wig if you look at the top of your head! Really super cow!

4. The color of the wig must be close to your own hair color, so that it is more natural and unobtrusive!

5. Straight hair is easier to manage than curly hair

Types of wig materials:

Generally divided into two categories: man-made fibers and human hair

chemical fiber

Can be divided into two categories: low temperature wire and high temperature wire

1. The feel of low temperature wire is closer to real hair than high temperature wire, but because it is not resistant to high temperature, it is not suitable for repeated modeling (easy to burn at high temperature), so the application degree is not as high as that of high temperature wire.

2. The high-temperature silk is slightly thicker than the low-temperature silk. It is resistant to high temperature and can be repeated for styling. It feels silky and shiny.

Whether it is a low temperature wire or a high temperature wire, there is a problem of frizz.

real hair

Human hair is divided into: foam hair, smooth hair and scale hair.

1. Foaming: In simple terms: the hair that falls off the ground naturally when combing, or some fine hair. Because the hair is broken, the ends of the hair strands cannot be aligned correctly.

2. Smooth hair: the braided hair that is about to be treated with scales, the hair should not be permed and dyed, and the entire braid is cut off.

3. Scale-preserving hair: For braided hair without scales, the hair requirements are exactly the same as those for smooth hair. The only difference is to retain the scales of the hair itself. Although such hair does not feel as smooth as the hair, the scales are an important part of protecting the hair. , so the scale protection hair is very durable and the most expensive of all hair strands.

If you want to change your look occasionally, I recommend buying man-made fibers. Real hair is more suitable for those who have requirements for styling!

Next, I will share with my sisters the 8 various wig pieces that I have chosen after struggling in the wig industry!

The recommendations in this article are all wigs with a price of dozens of yuan, which are suitable for styling.


If you want to see the real money, remember to leave a message! Fill in the hole later!

(I am the drunk beauty with long hair)

TOP 1. Angry Zebra Space Ball Wig

Help, I was stunned by the beauty of this highlight wig! The name of this wig is actually a hand account wig. The outer box packaging is also ingenious. It turned out to be 4 space ball-like packaging, which looks cute and cute. The wigs in each space ball are different colors, and you can choose to wear them according to the mood of the day! It’s really interesting!

Its wigs are of super good quality and feel as silky as real hair. There are some cheap wigs that have an embarrassing moment of static electricity when they are worn in winter, but this wig did not appear frizzy or static after I used it for a long time. The texture is really nothing to say.

It’s super convenient to use, as long as it gets stuck under your real hair for five seconds, you can instantly transform into a girl group with highlighted hair! The hairpin is also relatively firm, and you can’t shake it no matter how you throw it. If you are a sister who loves dancing, it is strongly recommended to wear it when dancing. It’s really dazzling! ! ! The ABG hot girl who wears properly on the street every day is super eye-catching. If you have curly hair, don’t worry, this wig can also be styled with a curling iron, which is smooth and easy to take care of, and blends in with your real hair! After use, just put a roll in the space ball with your hand, it is convenient and easy to store~

TOP 2. Hanging ear dye wigs

Hair: ★★★★★

Smoothness: ★★★★★

Hair volume: ★★★

Recommendation: ★★★★★

Hanging ear dyeing is also called scheming dyeing. It only dyes a small amount of hair on the edge of the ear. It is high-profile and full of personality! But daily commuting and going to school must not do this, otherwise it will be a real fight! The ear-dyed wig is really the greatest invention of this year!

For less than 10 bucks, you can have this highlight color, usually blue, smoke gray, pink, mint green all you want! Only what you can’t think of, what you can’t do without them! The key is that it can still be fake when it is caught in your own hair? ! In the case of close social interaction, my best friend saw the wig I brought and didn’t see it, and thought that I was rebellious and dyed my hair recently!

How to use: There is a hairpin on the hair, which is directly stuck in the hair and pressed, and it is done. It can firmly grasp your hair and will not fall off! This length is 50cm, which can be tossed at will, and sisters with short hair don’t have to worry, just take it and cut it with scissors to the same length as your own hair~

The texture of the hair is also quite good! Anyway, I can see that there is no difference between my hair and my hair. What else do you want for a bicycle for 10 yuan, and any mother who doesn’t dare to dye it can arrange it when she sees it! It can be used as lisa and sa. The two words are “foreign”!

TOP 3. Flagship store bangs hair piece

Hair: ★★★★★

Smoothness: ★★★★★

Hair volume: ★★★

Recommendation: ★★★★

I still read this recommendation from an internet celebrity. The internet celebrity bangs have been popular for several years. It is quite friendly for sisters who are bald at the temples or have an M prefix~

It can be clipped on the hairline just to cover the sparse hair, and it can also modify the high cheekbones to make the facial lines look softer! This can’t be done at one time, you need to find a good angle by yourself. Sisters skillfully use a curling iron or a straight clip to clip the wig and your real hair all the time, and it will blend more naturally! Sisters who want to try the middle score or are in an embarrassing period of staying in the middle score can also be used for transition. Quietly say a word, many stars will also wear it!

4. Feiyi hair straightener

Hair: ★★★★


Smoothness: ★★★★★

Hair volume: ★★★★

Recommendation: ★★★★

Straight hair pieces are easier to manage than curly hair, and they are quite natural to wear, turning black in seconds, straight and pure goddess! According to your own hair color choice, the degree of fusion between the hair piece and the original hair will be very high. Instantly boost your hair volume! However, this one is not recommended to buy black, unless your hair color is black and bright, otherwise it will look a little abrupt, sisters with black hair can choose to buy black and brown to be more natural. There is no discomfort when wearing it on the head, and it will not feel like pulling the scalp after wearing it for a long time. It is highly recommended!

5. Feiyi ponytail grab

Hair: ★★★★★

Smoothness: ★★★★★

Hair volume: ★★★★★

Recommendation: ★★★★★

10 seconds to have an age-reducing artifact! People with less hair usually seldom wear ponytails, because the hair volume is really small, and ponytails are especially easy to expose defects. Fortunately, the amount of hair is not enough, you can use a wig to make up!

How to use: Long-haired sisters can tie their original hair into a ponytail, which can be braided into a ponytail for easy fixation later, and then directly take out the fake bangs hair clip, comb and buckle it at the ponytail connection and it’s ok! Moreover, this hair clip is not heavy, it is very light to wear, it will not pull the scalp, and sisters with thin hair do not worry about the risk of falling off their heads! Super firm grip! The hair is also very real, the hair is very smooth and easy to take care of, and the curvature is also very natural. As long as you choose the right color, the wig is completely invisible! Super natural! Transform into a sweet girl!

This one has big waves and straight hair. It is recommended to buy curly hair which looks softer and more natural than straight hair~

6. Pretty hair pad

Hair: ★★★

Smoothness: ★★★

Hair volume: ★★★

Recommendation: ★★★★★

This kind of wig is more suitable for sisters who have no shortage of hair volume, but the hair is thin and soft and the top is easy to collapse. This kind of hair pad wig can support your hair very well, creating a sense of sight with a lot of fluffy hair and a high head and a face, and the effect is super obvious! Wear it on the head all day without discomfort. Super small face! ! ! ! A must buy for all bloggers! ! ! ! Don’t silently envy the amount of other people’s hair, we can still have it!

7. Qiansi Variety Flagship Store Double Ponytail

Hair: ★★★★★

Smoothness: ★★★★★

Hair volume: ★★★

Recommendation: ★★★

I was amazed by Cheng Xiao’s double ponytail when I watched Detective Chinatown before!

Not to mention that all otakus love double ponytails, even I am moved. Double ponytails are really sweet and salty. Hehe immediately placed an order and bought a wig to try! A cup of milk tea money easily GET super cute girl, pull me back to 17 when I was 27? !


The double ponytail I bought is bundled, and the black hair rope must be wrapped a few more times, and then tied with a bow, even saving the money for the bow hair ring. JK girls, sisters with less hair or not long enough hair must try wigs, which will definitely improve the atmosphere!

8. Ai Fei wig U-shaped hair piece

Hair: ★★★★★

Smoothness: ★★★★★

Hair volume: ★★★★

Recommendation: ★★★★

This U-shaped hair piece is more suitable for the curvature of the scalp, retains the top of its head, looks very real, and will not look too big! The one-piece wig is more friendly to the handicapped, the price is cheap, the luster is good, and the texture feels comparable to the light feeling of the shampoo advertisement. The hair growth effect is also quite good! The method of buying this curling hair piece is to tie up the real hair in the top area of ​​your head first, then take out the U-shaped wig and buckle it around the back of your head, and then release your real hair to cover it. If you want a more realistic effect, you can use a curling iron to curl your real hair a little bit, which is more layered, but this one is a little heavier, and it may hurt a bit to wear it all day, but it’s completely perfect to wear it all afternoon. no problem.

9. Pink Age One Piece Wig Piece

Hair: ★★★★★

Smoothness: ★★★★★

Hair volume: ★★★★★

Recommendation: ★★★★★

This wig is really the best one of all the wig series I have ever bought. First of all, its price will be a little more expensive than the previous ones, but the quality is really good, it is not easy to frizz, and it is really close to my own hair. There is no difference! ! ! I used to wear a wig to go out with my sister. When I was leaving, I asked her to help me see if my wig would look awkward from the back. She asked me in shock where I was wearing a wig, and when I told her, she It feels amazing! Really can’t see it at all! If you have a bigger budget, I strongly recommend you to buy this!

This wig is a Korean brand, and the slightly curly hair is really like the hair of a Korean drama heroine. It looks lazy but carefully groomed! Really lore! The radian of the hair tail is also very natural, and the whole person exudes a gentle aura~

Finally, a warm tip:

1. All wigs should be combed before wearing

2. It is best to comb the wig with a steel tooth comb so that it will not be easy to frizz

3. When wearing, you can trim your own hair according to your own hair length to achieve the best results

4. When you take it off, you must also comb it smoothly. If you encounter knots, fake bangs and bangs , you can buy a care solution and spray it on the wig for a while and then comb it, it will be easier to comb it!

Wig cleaning:

1. Do not rub vigorously when shampooing. Be sure to rub the shampoo into the cheongsam in the palm of your hand first, then apply it evenly on the hair, and gently smooth it from top to bottom.

2. Wigs also need conditioner! It won’t get knotted easily

3. First use a dry towel to absorb the moisture, comb and press the wet hair in sections

4. Blow along the direction of the hair, try to maintain a constant temperature

If you master the above tips, a wig of dozens of dollars can also be used for a long time!

“Bald” sisters, if you haven’t felt what it is like to have a lot of hair, you must buy a wig and try it!

Although the hair is fake, the beauty is real! ! !

Sharing is over! I will come to fill the pit in the future, remember to give me a like and leave a message to discuss together!

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