Do Bald 20-year-olds And 45-year-olds Like To Wear Wigs?

Do bald 20-year-olds and 45-year-olds like to wear wigs ?

Today’s era can be said to be the era of beauty. Few people are willing to understand a person’s inner self through a sloppy appearance. Although it is wrong to judge a person by appearance, appearance does have a great impact on all aspects of us. Some people even said simply: “Like a person starts with appearance.”

There was once such a question survey: What do girls care about most about boys?

Unexpectedly, everyone put hair and height, figure, and appearance side by side. And below the question, a few comments about baldness have received thousands of likes, and many girls still left a message saying, baldness, forget it.

Even the big star Xu Zheng once said with emotion: Do you know the difference between baldness at the age of 20 and baldness at the age of 45? If you started going bald after age 45, you are still an elegant man, and you are bald and justified. But, being bald at 20, you’re a sneaky little guy.

When Xu Zheng was in college, his father’s sudden death caused him to lose a lot of hair. Premature hair loss has made him ridiculed, and his career in acting has also encountered many ups and downs. This experience has become his “nightmare” for a long time.

In fact, with the development of society and the convenience of shopping, many people have begun to accept and wear wig products. Let me share with you the relevant knowledge of wig products.

01. Why do more and more people like to wear wigs?

look young

In the past few days, everyone has been swiped by the recent photos of the 71-year-old “Queen of Wedding Dresses” Wang Weiwei. We all feel that she is well maintained. But everyone can imagine what Wang Weiwei’s photo will look like after removing her thick black hair?

After all, she is 71 years old now. No matter how she takes care of her skin and body, physical changes are inevitable, especially white hair and hair loss, and hairstyles have a great impact on our appearance. At this time, a suitable wig can come in handy. After wearing it, it can not only supplement the hair volume, but also cover the gray hair and achieve the effect of reducing age.


Variety of shapes

In order to pursue beauty and fashion, many friends always want to show a variety of styles. They often pay attention to every detail from head to toe, especially after wearing various styles of clothing, the hairstyle must be coordinated. Moreover, a suitable hairstyle can instantly improve their appearance and recognition.

Especially in recent years, the popularity of Hanfu has made wigs also popular. After all, our own hair is thin and soft, and the amount of hair is not necessarily enough. Instead of spending time and laboriously tossing our hair to make so many hairstyles, it is better to buy the finished wigs made by merchants directly online, which is simple and beautiful.

Such a beautiful wig for less than 100 yuan

does not hurt the body

In order to pursue fashion, many friends have their hair permed for fun, promotion, and even change their hairstyles after falling in love. They also euphemistically say that this is starting from scratch. Moreover, not only young people have a demand for hair dyeing, but many middle-aged and elderly people also need to dye their hair frequently because of the problem of white hair.

According to the survey, among the more than 2,600 people, more than 90% of them have dyed their hair, and those who started dyeing their hair before the age of 30 accounted for about half of the respondents.

However, while dyeing hair makes everyone beautiful, it also does great harm to hair. Frequent dyeing will not only make money, but also lead to hair loss and hair loss, which is more likely to cause cancer. And hair dyes generally contain the substance p-phenylenediamine. Experts say p-phenylenediamine is a colorant that must be used in hair dyes. It is an internationally recognized carcinogen for male wigs . The attitude can be said to be a love-hate relationship.

Therefore, under this circumstance, more and more people start to save the country by curves, and they choose wigs as an alternative, so that they do not need to dye their hair frequently, and they can also take into account the beauty and fashion while ensuring their health.

02. Classification and characteristics of wigs?

Wigs are divided into chemical fiber wigs and human hair wigs according to materials:


1. As the name suggests, chemical fiber wigs are made of chemical fiber raw materials. The advantage is that the price is cheap. The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause skin allergies after wearing, the fidelity is poor, the wearing life is relatively short, and the gloss looks fake and not too Suitable for everyday wear.

2. The real hair wigs are made of real human hair. They have high fidelity and are not easy to knot. They can also be dyed, permed and trimmed, which is very convenient for everyone to change their hairstyles. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively small. expensive.

Wig products can be divided into wigs and wigs according to size:

The wig cover is like a hat. After wearing it, you can cover all your hair. It is easy to wear, and the wig for boys is firm and covers a large area. Friends who want to change their hairstyles or lose large areas of hair are more suitable for buying a whole wig.


The wig pieces are more flexible and can be made into different shapes and sizes according to different needs. They can be worn wherever there is a lack of hair, with high fidelity and good air permeability. Friends who have more white hair but do not want to dye their hair frequently, and need to partially cover their white hair and increase their hair volume locally, are very suitable for buying wigs.

Partially increasing hair volume

It is especially recommended that you buy wig products made of real human hair. After all, you get what you pay for every penny. It seems that you spend more money. In fact, you get a better wearing experience, and wig products made of real human hair have a longer wearing life. In general, with the advancement of wig technology, the current wig products are easy to wear and have high fidelity, which is a very useful product.

After choosing a wig, how should we wear and wash it?

Wearing wig products:

1. First, comb your hair through with a comb;


2. Align the hairline of the wig with our own hairline;

3. Use the clip on the wig product to fix the wig;

4. Finally comb the wig with our own real hair with a comb;

5. Done.

How to clean and care for wigs?

Washing frequency: If you wear it more frequently, it is recommended to wash it about once a week. After all, if you wear it for a long time, there will be a lot of dust and the gloss will be affected.

Washing requirements: It is recommended to wash with warm water. The temperature of the water and the temperature of washing your hair is about the same. When washing, you should also use shampoo. After washing, rinse with water, then use conditioner, and finally rinse with water.

Drying requirements: Put it on the stand and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

When buying wigs, merchants will give them brackets. When we don’t wear them, we should also hang the wigs on the brackets. The advantage of this is to prevent deformation and increase the life of wig products.


Friends often ask me, is it easy to choose a suitable wig? In my opinion, it is not so easy to choose. If you want to buy a wig that you like, you must first fully understand the characteristics of the wig. Only by taking the right medicine can you buy the most suitable wig.

If you want a more realistic wearing effect, you need to fully understand how to wear a wig and practice it a few times. When choosing and wearing a wig, as long as you choose a wig reasonably according to the above characteristics, your image will be improved a lot.

Once upon a time, each of us had our own pursuits in our hearts, but as we grew up, work and life became increasingly busy, and pressure from all sides made us forget those pursuits. However, there is one thing that cannot be forgotten, and that is the pursuit of beauty. As we grow older, we will suffer from hair loss, hair loss or gray hair, but each of us has the right to pursue beauty and health, and to clean up ourselves in a decent manner is not only responsible for ourselves, but also respect for others.

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